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(phone ringing) (beep) – [Hebru] Hey Chicago it’s me, one of your favorite
children, Hebru Brantley. – [Trey] Hey Chicago, it’s Trey White. – [Melody] Hey Chicago,
it’s Melody Ehsani. – [Louis] Hey Chicago,
it’s Louis De Guzman. – [Ed Tinoco] Hey Chicago. – [Brandon Breaux] Hey Chicago. – [Ben] Yo, Chicago, it’s Ben Edgar – [Vic] What up Chicago, it’s me your very own, Vic Mensa. I just wanted to give you a call and tell you how much I appreciate you. – [Hebru] Thank you for being the city that taught me to pursue my dreams. – [Mario Smith] Thank you
for for introducing me to some of the greatest
artists in the world. – [Trey] Thank you for
everything that you provided me in all the young creators in the city. – [Brandon] Thank you for all of the love. Thank you for all the lessons. – [Vic] Your concrete, your
fire, your drive, your soul, there would be no me without you. – [Melody] You have
such an iconic heritage, of basketball and music. – [Hebru] Thank you for all the years of countless inspiration, from you architecture to
the views on the lake. – [Louis] For me, you
brought together a team that shows the same
passions and end goals. A group of people who taught me the true meaning of camaraderie. – [Ed] It’s not easy dealing with you, especially on your cold side,
but I’ve gotten used to it and I know you will
always be there for me. – [Hebru] Without you
Chicago, I’m nothing.


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