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  1. It's such a strange eery feeling to know all these truths about the oligarchical domination of society and the matrix of media created to distract us from it and yet be able to do little to change it.

  2. Everyone saying, "why haven't I seen this guy before.", "this guys is a legend", "we need more of him".

    And that's why we're being bent over and having that serrated dinosaur dildo slammed …..hard up our collective rear end.
    Lazy people playing PS4 waiting for someone to feed them information, which they use to feel informed……..for 20minutes, before they get back to "bussin choon', or watching britains got talent.

    Everything he has said is there for all to see/feel/know/share. But all we do is boost a hero and get back to being a hopeless slave.

    If they grabbed him……..none of you would shout loud to get him out. But he would….for you. Ask yourself…..how come?

    Yep….just like every other hero. The 'bewildered herd' just stand in the crowd and cheer, then rush back to the plantation……quietly.

  3. May Allah give lowkey a long life and the strength to keep going and speaking the truth in sha Allah 🙏

  4. so it all starts with the almost collapse of the pound and the loan from the IMF. privatization the selling off of government.

  5. Whats with the imperialist UK flag in the background?…..a flag that cannot be bothered to represent Wales or the Welsh (one of the oldest colonies on the planet)

  6. Government selling assets will continue with the NHS "Naylor report" Where is the money going? Back pocket?

  7. I will listen to the whole thing as I am open minded, but honestly, at 1:01 I can tell I'm probably going to end this interview completely disagreeing with you on most things. More Iraqi's and Pakistani's dying to suicide bombings is not justification for us to not take further action to stop it in this country. Part of the reason more people in Iraq and Pakistan die from suicide bombings is because Islam and it's problems are so ingrained into their societies. That does NOT mean we should simply accept suicide bombings as part and parcel of everyday life over here. I have a duty to protect whomever I can. They are not the countries I live in and I have no say in what happens there.

    91% of us disagreed with the Iraq war and millions of us protested against it, yet I'm the one having to run up in the house of 2 Muslims as they kidnap my sister to rape her because "she was asking for it" based on how she dressed. They were refugees from conflict in the middle east. It's a difference of culture, yes it's that simple, however much people want to over-complicate it.

    I disagree with the intro here, there is a better way of learning that existed before listening, before language, and it's called experience. And experience is the reason this argument is losing. What more and more people are experiencing is brutal and horrible.

  8. You are blaming an economic system for the result of a world with limited resources. In a purely socialist regime where there are no elite and food is distributed 100% equally do you really think if a family of 5 can't feed their children the father or mother wouldn't try to take your food? People like to blame economic systems and money for their problems not realizing your lack of money isn't necessarily holding you back. If we had so much food or goods we were throwing stuff away you can bet the price would plummet for the product. The reality is you live in a world where the productive are completely outnumbered by the children, the old, the disabled, the lazy, and those who are devoted to things other than the acquisition of resources. This will always cause resource shortages.

  9. The way to change it is remove the blindfold of hypocrisy put on us as children encouraging the participation in a sadistic serial killer hypocrites slave mentalities society by consuming plant based aka vegan products!

  10. I cannot grasp how anyone (with a brain) could possible 'dislike' this upload.
    At current count, there certainly exists 64 morons who fail to be good human beings.

  11. I was held on remand and then had my material banned for five years for speaking out against racism and oppression. This was the first ban of it's kind in the UK…
    Instagram / Mr_Dunne_Poetry

  12. Lowkey is so humble and inspiring for the youth, he walks the talk unlike many rappers who have massive egos or are self righteous. not to mention some who just market their art solely for recognition cos they wanna get paid. dont we all, but there is sacrifice and he explains the way he has grown wanting to leave a mark on this earth.

  13. Listen to lowkey and Angelo John Gage. Wise freethinking voices against the system, one towards the left and the other towards the right.

  14. Just added around 70 complex words to my vocabulary. Need him to tutor me for english. Half of the words i didn't understand. Very interesting and gained tremendous knowledge through this interview. Thank you lowkey. Been listening to you since i was a young boy. Peace. Love. Respect.

  15. Fucking hell why does he have to use the most intelligent and biggest words in his vocabulary just to say a simple sentence??? Gassed up on his own knowledge!!! Dickhead fam!!

  16. Great music and great words Lowkey, but why do you pull your punches in supporting the Labour party ?? Since when are Corbyn and MC Donnell socialists ?? They believe in Capitalism , they believe in the market . Whats up bro ???

  17. In the rest of the interview (not this video), the interviewer bends ober backwards to justify the illegal occupation by Israel.

    Militarization is justified for survival – because the occupiers, not the occupied are under threat – and the occupation, annexations, war crimes are all good because hey, it sounds like the US and UK.

    Fuck this guy.

  18. Quran clearly promotes the killing of christians and jews and or if not to degrade them. The hadith also shows proof of the acceptable violence in the name of islam. Yes" islam also promotes peace and love but so did Hitler to his own people. Say no to contradictorial radical ideology and help save the human species through questioning ideas. Great interview.

  19. This is all fine and dandy but you have to realize that only when we are all on the same wavelength and fight together thinks might change. The powers that be will not let that happen. That is why they try so hard to keep us fighting against each other.

  20. Why does it say "72 people died in Grenfell" are you taking the piss? Is there some mantra that states you have to mention a figure everytime it's mentioned????

  21. I ain’t going to lie when he was using big words I didn’t understand 😂 but such an inspiration to this generation we need people like him to take us forward and end the hatred between races

  22. The oppressors will pay here after will see what there money gets them then or their nukes and political power.

  23. In a life now we forgot who we really are . Only does who know . Know whats really happing in this world we call home ain't home anymore since we were Born we get told what to do how to act how to eat how to do right what's not right what's this and that and the turth is thy took away our wisdom but does humans not people humen beings that know bless up and amen to all we us humanity need to sitck together and make our world grater but in a system that's systemised by one and only one is he evil one I hope I could meet spritual minded humen not judging anyone amen to all peace and love everybody

  24. Seriously. Lowkey is a truly great human being. When I first discovered his music I was overwhelmed at his messages, but to hear him talk like this just shows just how clever he is. He goes beyond articulate. He is an extremely intelligent man and we should listen to what he says. A great man.

  25. I just want to see a simple interview with Kareem. Cut out all the other shit! No offence but why should I give a fuck about "London Real"

  26. London Real who are the names of the men he chooses to place himself on the lineage of please Aziz Ali (41:28) or Juwah…..

  27. If lowkey and akala had control of the world for a week i think they would do a better job then god 😂😂😂💯

  28. Lowkey ❤️ His music brings literal tears to my eyes, can’t say that about many others. ✌🏻 🇵🇸

  29. Mankind has created God Religion and money in the Animal kingdom, and the king is lion and lion eats animals daily, and the only one who can stop the lion is God…

  30. As I understand it Falafel King in Portobello Road nowhere near All Saints Road (Mangrove) was run by an ex-con who got the business for doing time and not turning queen's evidence (being a grass).

  31. Lowkey the man the rebel the truth teller and we love him in the eyes of god. England is addicted to taxes but broke

  32. The real trouble with Lowkey is he is TOO SMART. A wonderfully dangerous man.
    There is no hope for mankind because humans abuse EVERYTHING.
    If everyone in The US/CDN/WestEUR/AU/NZ stopped or cut back by 80%, the people in Asia and Africa will NOT.
    If there is no replacement for oil and we can't find a way to make cheap water and slow down the population growth there is NO WAY
    we will NOT be here in the way we are today within 150 years.

    Also, Brian is saying, "Help your business grow" meaning to make MORE Money. And, does he get a cut, yes.
    The main thing that keeps these "Humble" people is getting attention and making money and being "Teachers" All fine, but it is a
    GREAT EGO and NOT humble at all. The need for attention and to appear as an expert is their greatest need. Pity.

  33. To all my Muslim brothers around the world , 2pac is not a role model or in any way a example of a Muslim male , as for low-key is a good role model and his words are words of wisdom , we don't need guns and drugs and gangs 😑 we need to educate ourselves our children or we will remain in this mess alot of us are in 😣😣😣

  34. Why does parliament have to be in London? Why does the City of London have different LAWS to the rest of the country, including London the city of? Let's have a parliament that's more central and accessible for all. Grenfell was a photograph in time about how people are being treated. The cladding, well someone got a massive backhander from that and we know it happens.

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