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Young knew the truth since I was a small little boy, I am a product of the system, I was called to destroy The rebel poet going against the dominant power of the time that kind of drove me to shout from the highest rooftops Realize that we have a economic system Which alienates human beings from each other you have to find a way to change it even in small ways Your home was raided by the police to make you angry Obviously it makes you uncomfortable because the purpose of it is is repression during Interrogation William said to me well when we don’t feel you’re talking or a doer Is a government watching you it’s watching you is watching all of us Why is your idea of religious extremism synonymous with terrorism Far more Iraqis and Pakistanis died in suicide bombing than anyone in this country or in the United States how to the society so absolutely rich in its contribution to human history somehow be defined by the violence that’s been imposed upon it I Had a forceful spirit my spirits tired now because of the brutality of the moment Curiosity is your greatest gift foster that curiosity and eternally remain curious When they put it on me, I tell about me They say that the human race is doomed that we have lost touch with our true nature but the media has corrupted us and that the planet has the future I Disagree I believe that humanity is full of hope and That our salvation lies within each one of us My name is Brian rose and my job is to listen the oldest method of learning known to man Each week, I seek out individuals that are changing the world People who are living and thinking in a different way Their stories will challenge your beliefs make you question your choices and perhaps inspire you to change I Never planned on doing any of this but now I Can’t stop Join me on this mission and make humanity something we can all be proud of for Years we waited to speak to the hip-hop artist named Loki you asked for him And he finally made it to London real studios and this gentleman does not Disappoint highly articulate highly intelligent porn to an Iraqi mother and a British father He’s been blowing up the scene here in hip-hop since his 2010 fire in the boot performance and his more recent one in 2017 those dates are so different because he took four years Completely removed himself from the music business out of social media. He’s now getting his PhD in history we spoke about Neoliberalism we spoke about the Grenfell tower fire We spoke about how corporations and the government are constantly running games on us that we’re not really here to observe and we focus on Trump isms and Terrorism’s when we should really focus on. What is happening behind the scenes. I treasure my times with Loki He really went off at an incredible explanation when I talked to him about Terrorist events in the media, and I really appreciate his insight his thoughtfulness And I hope we hear from him again in the future here at London real Behind the scenes in the Academy, I’m teaching people how to set up their very own London real It’s an eight week course called broadcast yourself where I show you how to create an award-winning podcast where you can interview people like Loki IDO portal Dorian Yates, and I show you how to build a business out of it So you can make it grow so check that out inside London real academy, and here’s a little bit more about that London real doesn’t stop when the conversation ends you see that’s the leakage started Because everything begins with a thought and then comes the action The London real Academy is our global transformation platform here. We bring together thousands of students from over 75 countries Whether you want to build a profitable business from your passion Or learn to speak to inspire or broadcast yourself with your very own Podcasts or accelerate your life to become a high-performance person we have the online Accountability course and personal mentoring program that will make your dream a reality Join us and we’ll take your life to the next level together Our next accelerate of course is starting soon This is London real I am Brian rose my guest today is the london-based hip hop artist loki Born to an iraqi mother and a british father you began rapping at 12 years old and soon after released mixtapes Which gained critical acclaim for their politically charged lyrics and smooth flow? You would go on to play Glastonbury and be featured on the BBC and become well-known for your political Activism you then took a four-year hiatus Completely removing yourself from music in order to focus on your education in 2016 you returned to the scene by dropping tracks addressing the European refugee crisis police brutality and the Grenville tower fire in London that killed 71 people right across the street from your home Loki welcome to London real It’s a pleasure to have you here and now After four years people are gonna stop asking me to have Loki on the show so thank you so much for your time, No Thank you very much, and also. Thank you You know for sharing your journey, which I think is one from moving from and I hope you don’t mind me Articulating it in this way from selfishness to selflessness in terms of your previous life And I think that sharing that process with a huge amount of people is Must be a daunting thing it also must take a large amount of perseverance but also a large amount generosity in order to open yourself in that way and kind of expose your Vulnerability in that way and so I thank you for sharing that journey, and it’s something I have enjoyed kind of discovering okay? Well, I think you were saying that appreciate it I find that they’re more vulnerable. I am the more human connections I make and the more my life is enriched so Yeah, and I encourage all of the people I meet and the people that watch the show and our students that vulnerability can be one Of their greatest assets, and I agree, and I think also one of the most ultimate acts of selflessness is the act of listening? And I think that that is really the birth of so many wonderful things And it’s something that I think as we’ve spoken about a little bit before we went on air is so under Emphasized the value of listening Within a society where everything seems to be our fingertips where we have an omnipotent like relationship with information the act of listening the act of humbling oneself in front of another human being and hearing their story and their perception is Deeply deeply undervalued. Yeah, I say that we’re teaching the art of listening here mm-hm We’ve got a lot to talk about and I want to hear about your history And how you started music and what’s been going on for the last 20 years, but I? Just finished watching a video of you that was filmed on June 15th and It wasn’t a music video And it was a video where you had these these dark circles under your eyes And I think it’s because you had been up until 9:00 in the morning And it was it was the day after grenfell happened, and I didn’t realize that that was right across the street from where you live and I was wondering especially to people in North America in the US and other countries that Probably really don’t know much about this. Not as much as they should I was wondering if you could tell me about that day What would that was like and and what this whole process has been like for you well? I think firstly it’s important to contextualize Grenfell as a tragedy of regulatory bodies that were penetrated by captains of industry so when we look at the Refurbishment that took place on Grenfell and the draping of it with Celotex The Celotex cladding which was the equivalent according to studies of 30,000 litres of? petrol draped on the side of the building It took place at a time when the area in general was really under the microscope in terms of potentially being sacrificed the construction companies, it’s not a process which is unique to the area but it is a process which is particularly vicious in that specific area you’re talking about a neighborhood which exists on the doorstep of global capital a neighborhood that exists within a stone’s throw of Roman Abramovich is 125 million pound Mansion so what that means is that? You have this attempt to extend global capital and encroach upon the social housing within the area, so According to one fullest philosophical way of perceiving the area It’s a gold mine That’s being prevented from being mined the gold by people that live there on social housing so the important thing is for the area to be Regenerated and so this was something people were active against the regeneration of the area however the the refurbishment we believed at the time was going to keep forever safe from the regeneration and so the way we Perceived it is that all of the rest of the homes were under threat but grenfell wasn’t now Where that came from? this Situation where you have this poisonous cladding? Which is flammable, but not just on a building like groennfell, but also Buildings hospitals and schools all over the country was Originally Kyoto agreements the this government came out of that Committing to lowering their carbon emissions now what they looked at as one of the ideal ways to do that was to insulate buildings because they saw it that if we insulate buildings Then the energy consumption within the rooms will be less because people will have to Consume less heat therefore carbon emissions will go down slightly so what that meant was at that point that you had companies I Celotex who a subsidiary of Sanger, ban Which is a massive French construction company? They saw opportunity to come in and sell this type of cladding this foam cladding to the British government, but in this period they also They also were able to penetrate The regulatory bodies, and it was something that they were even boasting about you had Rob Warren an employee of Celotex post on their website in 2011 with a blog titled Celotex now enters government and in the exact quote from the post which was taken down Celotex is now shaping building regulations in this country to maximize profits for our Company and so what that meant was is you also had on top of that bre which is? the regulations authority previously was privatized in 97 and they became partly reliant on funding from the Foam Manufacturing insulation industry shall we say and so you had all of these Incestuous relationships between big business and government you had mark Island who up until today is actually an advisor for Sajid Javid on building regulations, so what that meant is near of 2014 you had the refurbishment that included the demolishing of a green space by grenfell and the replacing of that area with a new school in the Academy and also the Demolishing of the carpark which was outside grow and fell, which you know the fire Services said look. This is going to prevent us being able to have access to the building in the in the situation of a fire you had The cladding put on there you know and this is post lacking fire Which is in Camberwell in 2009 in which six people died and the coroner’s report afterwards said look you need to address this issue of? flammable cladding on buildings and also you need to retroactively leafit sprinklers in In these big buildings that have this cladding on it would have cost around a hundred and thirty thousand pounds For them to retroactively leaf it the sprinklers in the building bear in mind. This is in the same borough when they’ve just announced their 317 million pound refurbishment of Buckingham Palace You can kind of see the underlying issues which are here yeah So last time you thought the cladding might Save grenfell because this is one of the richest boroughs in the country and the goldmine you’re referring to is the real estate yeah and the value of yeah so Obviously it looks as if the developers would want to get all the social housing out to build and at the time you’re thinking wow Maybe this will actually keep the social housing here and the community here No We were thinking it would keep grim fo Specifically tower was safe from being demolished because the rest of the place the only reason the council have backed off on Demolishing the rest of the blocks now is because grenfell happened. It’s the same is the only reason they’ve backed off on Selling off the library they’ve made a concession of that they were going to do that before they sold off the youth center They’ve sold off the college The only reason they’ve done a few concessions which are only temporary and that’s quite important that people are aware of that that this Situation is is Something that’s going to come up again and again and again But what will be different is whether the community has the visibility that we’ve had for the last six seven months Okay, so the point is is that on that night? I looked out the window Around 1:30 a.m.. And saw that the building was on fire and the fire was Spreading in an unnaturally fast way and went down onto the street And you know none of us really slept properly for the next few days we had bits of the cladding in our hair The smell was everywhere and death Was and is ubiquitous actually in the area now from that day Was it very difficult me on the streets and watch that happen and know that you didn’t know? What was happening there, but you had to assume that people were dying And we saw them we saw people calling to us from the windows I think this is one of the interesting things about London is it has a history of fires in in to it to an extent which is Some would say and some perceived to be unnatural moreover the extent to which say during the Blitz when the Germans were bombing under the Nazis were born in London of the areas they bombed la bocca was included you had this phenomena of People coming and watching the spectacle, and I think that within that spectatorship of suffering There is a full esophageal dilemma and the dilemma is When you know that human beings are dying in front of you is the right thing to do to continue watching it or? To turn away when you know that you’re lost in a state of paralysis and even if you wanted to you can’t get near there To change things there were people who saved lives that night by calling up to the windows Advising in terms of running the baths You know there were a million not a million, but there were many many unsung heroes that night But the point is is that in that situation we came out onto the street and were in a way oblivious to the wider Superstructure that had created this problem. We knew that there was something desperately wrong you know and it has several several Situations, you know one of them is what neoliberalism has done to regulatory bodies In a way making them tools of captain of captains of industry to sell their their their products Another point is the philosophical basis with which? Specific figures in the council view social housing of something this is a direct quote from the New York Times something which embeds Disempowerment and dependency upon the state, this is a certain perception that is had by people in the council the other side of it is the the Culture really has been of austerity whereby you had According to Lucy Mercer Oh London represented with the Fire Brigades Union a hundred million pounds cut from fire funding you had ten Ten thousand jobs cut from the fire service despite the fact that fire deaths have gone up 20 percent in London You had 29 fire engines lost you had 10 fire station such shut down in You know in the city and so all of these things like a confluence of issues that are not immediately apparent Which come together to cause? absolute devastation Over those those following weeks and months afterwards like for you and and for the community well I mean I can’t speak everyone and it’s not that I want to atomize the community But everyone has a different proximity So it also you know our proximity is not that of somebody whose Family member died in it the people that I loved that died, but it’s not the same as family members It’s it’s truly truly harrowing and horrifying But at the same time I think that we need to Directly combat the forces which brought this into This situation into existence rather than us focusing on flagellation or Platitudes or seeing this is something as horrifying as it was yes. We’re in agreement There is consensus about that however. What were the? Direct policies that brought this into being that there needs to be that level of Interrogation on a societal level rather than us just leave me on the sides You know we have hospitals and schools all over the country that are draped in this stuff And people that are sleeping in death traps So you you don’t want to just get angry and get emotional you want to systematically go after What what created this thing yeah, and I mean the point is is that you’ve got an inquiry that has access to? between 240 to 270 thousand documents, but you’ve got a police investigation which is employing? 184 officers working on it and has access to 31 million documents You know you are looking at five layers of outsourcing on that building this is You know the problem is systemic and this will go up to a very very high level I find it absolutely ridiculous that Sajid Javid has not really issued a coherent statement on the fact that the technical director of Celotex the company that was the last lay the last layer of the Outsourcing on the building that were responsible for this cladding a company that were bringing Liable cases against people that had gone on the internet as early as 2007 and said look at this cladding burns There’s a company called Rock Hall who do cladding? Which is not flammable who put something out saying look this Celotex cutting is flammable And they’ve been this is back in 2007 and they were dealing with a liable case about it How is it that such a Javid can come to the front? Row of the memorial, but yet he cannot actually Issue a coherent statement upon his relationship with Mark Allen. That’s what needs to be interrogated within this situation You said there’s been some temporary measures. What do you mean by that in? Azan they’ve done this temporarily they’ve decided to not sell the library, but you’re implying that five years from now Yeah, maybe there won’t be These changes that are considered the march of industry you know Sooner or later. They’re gonna sacrifice that area to construction companies the same as they have sacrificed Potentially hundreds of different areas in London two construction companies. It’s big business That we are Rendered ants in this equation as people that live there, but at the same time and do have collective power So it’s it’s ways in which we can kind of negotiate and Contradict those waves of power. Why is that community important? Why are the people that live there in the history? Why is that important and important to London? well I mean Labrador has a really exceptional history you have just a stone’s throw from grenfell and Ellington place where a killer called John Christie in post Second World War era murdered many people and Stored them in the floorboards and in the walls of his house and even in the garden. He even used a bone as a doorstop In his garden after that and the discovery of all these bodies that house was completely demolished and has nothing has been built upon that place and that’s literally a stone’s throw from Grenfell you have on the other side a stone’s throw from Grenfell the Freshman road, which was there where the movement of fruss tonyia was formed who actually called for Independence of the United Nations as their own state and Largely a squatters movement you of course have the massive legacy of the Notting Hill Carnival Which itself comes out of you know four days of? Race riots at the behest of oswald mosley on the road, which is overlooked by Grenfell in which houses of People that come from the Caribbean in Windrush and afterwards their houses were firebombed By these people, but that was resisted kalsekar crane a plumber from Antigua was murdered in lab grove and nobody was ever held accountable for his murder despite the fact that the racist their gangs were quite well known and Out of that out of that violence and out of that projection of a presence of people that you know had roots It’s being you know colonies of the British You know Antigua for instance the British? Cut off people’s feet and castrated them you know despite this rejection of this presence within their society there came this massive assertion assert assertion of Caribbean presence in London, which is denying your carnival so it has a Legacy of turning tragedy to triumph of turning personal tragedy into collective power and And so I think for that reason that growth has a really unique place in In the history of this country and also the history of this city So we need to keep it around to mind ourselves of our culture of the history and that if we turn this place into You know a Canary Wharf and just mow it all down and build buildings, and we’re gonna lose part of ourselves I mean it already has largely. You look at say the mangrove nine is a very Frank Critchlow a very Well known case in this interaction between the newcomers and the state and you know in the place of The mangrove restaurant you now have a bloom burger Which is you know an example of? Appropriation by the people from here of a culture of people coming in from outside You have falafel king next to it, which is owned by an Israeli you know and this is Palestinian Arabic food, so this the culture of appropriation of building on top of it another version and Homogenizing the population. This is a process which has already taken place and it’s been taking place in the Brooklyn for at least the past few decades I Agree it’s something that we should mobilize around defending but unfortunately, I think it’s more a case of us historicizing and narrative izing that process then really necessarily being able to Stop it in a major way Your song goes of grenfell What were how did that happen and the video and what were you what was your thinking behind? That well really the process that I went through afterwards was Trying to find a way to you know on an individual level do something that was cathartic, but at the same time I wanted to forge a a coherence and a cohesiveness Within the community In a modest way But also it was my contribution to a wider trend which was the pushback to what happened? so where you have public space being privatized you actually have a Counterculture of space claiming going on in the area as we speak And so I would view that song as kind of a part of it and attempt to bring distant decision makers directly the face with In some way those afflicted by their decisions because I think as a society becomes Increasingly complex as our society does you know it’s probably the most complex society that has ever existed What there then comes is big gaps between human beings and the results of their actions? So you can make a decision today? And it can affect someone a year later in very very in a very drastic way and so it leaves more space to obfuscate Responsibilities now through the song we’re attempting to achieve something which you know in the physical realm is possible but to a lesser extent and so really that’s what the song was about you know and now we’re in a situation where Seventeen conservative Councillors have resigned or been deselected and not gonna stand in May so I think that if you look at the song if you look At and that’s not to attribute That to the song, but it’s the song is part of something else which is a cultural movement which encompasses many different elements And you specifically put the victims right in front their faces right throughout that video Yeah, I mean you run a risk You know in some way that can be seen as a kind of pornographic ation of trauma And this is something that I kind of deal with I think we in this era Have increasingly increasingly Pornography almost everything whether it’s violence whether it’s crime, whether it’s wealth whether it’s poverty especially on Where you’re vying for People’s viewership on YouTube is there is this tendency to pornography things, and so I’m quite a conscious of The potential pitfalls of doing something like that you also run the risk of you know People don’t necessarily want that done with their loved ones they don’t necessarily want those pictures But you know they wish it never happened in the first place so anything you do with it is Could you know not necessarily be in the best way, so I think it’s it’s hard And it’s important to try and be as sensitive as you can with a situation like that were you happy with how it turned out I Would change some of the lyrics so I will change the lyric where say this corporate manslaughter? Particularly will haunt you now hear them scream because corporate manslaughter entered the lexicon of This tragedy early on when David Lammy ass so jet suggested that this is what had happened necessarily disagree with him, but the point is is that legally corporate manslaughter would give impunity to individuals And it would just be the corporation in this case that would pay a fine so in the case of RB Casey being considered the corporation and then paying a fine what that would be is the money of the citizenry Being paid to the government and nobody would be held accountable for it. You’d have people like Robert black people like Rockford and Mellon you know these people would would would get away scot-free when that’s Definitely definitely no semblance of justice and that’s definitely not something that people in the community Would be receptive of so when putting the word corporate manslaughter in there. I was thinking about it conceptually I wasn’t thinking about it legally about the legal implications, so I would change that hmm You are missing from their video. You know it says a lot about your whole career That’s what it says to me a lot of things. Why aren’t you in there? Several reasons, I can’t just simply say it was an artistic aesthetic choice I was actually not in the country at that time. I was in Jordan You know and the people behind the video film pill. They work very hard to make it happen people look mean II worked hard To make it happen, but I do think there’s also something to be said for V On one hand the death of the ego the death of the self the perception of in in a way I think low key the name low key is in a way part of that because I think it’s In this age where pedalled the idea that there is a permanent version of ourselves within us, and I think I’m more subscribe to You could say the Buddhist Conception of the self as something which is not a permanent set in stone ego based being And so I think the more you can do things which kind of especially in this age Where visibility is you know young people are having it drummed into their heads that visibility equals self-worth I? think that finding ways in which to make your points and to not necessarily Feed this sort of self-consciousness that comes with all of this stuff and The investment in the big I am you know to be kind of cognizant of that process and feed it as little as possible Yeah, it made sense that you weren’t in there, and I thought it was very powerful that you weren’t drink What do you think when? The Queen and the royal family come by Grenfell like days afterwards. What do you make of that because I’m sure you have Various feelings about that Well In the immediacy I was thinking about it from a perspective that the royal family are Sent all over the world as courtiers of BAE Systems and the things that BAE system self You know not to mention the fact that the taxpayer its defense company being it subsidizes BAE Systems the tune of about 1 billion pounds per year That’s what BAE Systems does that other homes in other places in Yemen for existence as we speak That’s what this company is doing and you have a royal family which is in service to The interests of that company, you know I made remark afterwards that seems to have been kind of commented on on the internet But I do think that you know you have a difference in life expectancy of 20 years between the area of the borough Which houses Harrods and between North Kensington? Microphallus difference in life expectancy in 20 years you have as I said before a refurbishment of Buckingham Palace which will cost the taxpayer and 370 million pounds in comparison to Retroactive leafing sprinklers into a building like gravel towel, which would have cost around 130,000 pounds You know that juxtaposition is obscene that juxtaposition is obscene Didn’t make you angry of course. Yeah, okay, and everyone else no I can’t I can’t speak for you know kind of people there were people that that we’re happy to see them and welcomed them Okay, that’s fair right neoliberalism you mentioned that earlier no no you have a Song by that name as well, how would you define that to people listening who might not understand exactly what you’re talking about okay? So neoliberalism is the product of thought that took place in Paris in the 30s, and it was based around The contradiction of totalitarian ideas and collectivist ideas Originally it was not what it came to be in the 70s as peddled by Milton Friedman two receptive politicians like Reagan and Thatcher In its original inception it left some space for Social Security ie benefits as we now call them But the way that it was translated by the 70s was it became The tyranny of the free market as they call it But essentially we know it’s not a free market when we see that those people are bailed out with Government subsidies taxpayer subsidies. We actually see it is the domination the market domination of the government. It’s the subjugating of the government to the interests of corporate power and so when we look at The IMF really as an instrument of this You know in 76 the Callaghan government took a 3.9 at 9 billion dollar loan from the IMF It wasn’t the first time the British government went to the I am you had Anthony Eden in 56 after the debacle in Egypt and Eisenhower who you know himself it’s worth noting Was responsible for the coup against democracy in Iran he was responsible for the coup against democracy in Guatemala in the 50s But he at that point Came to Eden at the time of the tripartite aggression. I guess I’m the nossas Egypt and said To Britain that they have to pull out, and if they don’t pull out then Britain won’t be able to get the loan from the IMF that they need to stop the collapse of the pound and so When Callaghan if we fast foods in 76 took the loan from the IMF what that meant is that the IMF? Whenever a state takes loans from it. They come forward and have these si P so these structural Adjustment projects whereby they say okay? this Element of your state function needs to be privatized this element of state function needs to be privatized and so what happened was you had You know while? Thatcher and Reagan were the implementers of neoliberalism from the political class the harbingers of doom where Jimmy Carter and Callaghan in this regard because they paved the way for those decisions by Reagan and Thatcher and you know with Thatcher it led to the selling off of gas selling off of the railway selling off of water selling off of world mail Selling off all of the traditional functions of the state to transnational corporate interest and so what that means is that the transnational corporate interest doesn’t have the same obligations to the citizenry that the state does and It was a kind of neoliberal counter-revolution against Keynesian economics as you know represented in rusev rusev arts New Deal and You know in a way the state committed suicide is so emotional, and I think that that’s the development that we’ve seen him That’s what neoliberalism represents and grenfell is a product of that precisely right because the corporates pushed the agenda the Blair Administration wanted to promote building and the regulations were lowered and all of this happens And we get evidence of it ten years later 20 years later with you know 70 some-odd people dying and now we’ve got this you know Sarcophagus there that we have to look at every day well So people die in silent ways on a daily basis as well if you’re in a situation where because the government austerity they’ve cut for since disability benefits so they’ve made benefits subject to sanctions, and so if you’re a human being that your direct relation to material reality to your ability to Sustain yourself sustenance and stuff like that people die everyday in silent ways You know and and on the other hand of it you have what is called You’d by some to be the manage declare social housing But also to manage decline of the NHS whereby you’re opening up for Richard Branson to come in there Subjugate it in that way, and you know this is the process that we’ve seen we were born into it You know people of my generation, but it’s a a process that we see play out in front of our eyes And it’s about recognizing the way power operates over human beings, you know it’s it’s not just something that Is a kind of abstract thing you know power operates through our bodies through our tongues over our head and under our feet and so it’s about identifying those ways in which that happens and Keeping an eye on it and trying to check it and raising your voice and what it means is that we absolutely Continuously have to keep checking corporate power And keeping tabs on it. You know you look at Karelian for example you had them Selling our profit warnings to their shareholders many of their shareholders leaving But yet at the same time the government were giving them billion dollar contracts for essential functions of state so you’re talking Railways to the hospitals you’re talking about prisons you’re talking about even the military They were still giving them billion pound contract. Sorry even while a lot of the shareholders were leaving you had Philip Green as a adviser Theresa May and David Cameron on corporate responsibility It’s about an incestuous relationship between Corporate power and the state and it’s one of the things that you know Eisenhower for his sins in his exit speech he actually mentioned the domination of the military-industrial complex Being you know he coined the phrase the military-industrial complex Originally he wanted to say the military-industrial Congress congressional complex, but he took out the congressional complex part of it in and you know but the The fact that he wanted to include it in the sentence was an acknowledgement of the extent to which Members of Congress were also as the political class kind of involved in this subterfuge You know hmm I
Know these names of these companies you speak up because I used to work in the city as a banker and I know single man And I know BAE Systems because these are big companies yeah And so most people never heard of those and and this is the point is that within all of these stories there’s human beings whose Lives are lost by the wayside who you know the corporate media are not going to want to tell us their stories The corporate media are not want to focus on this micro example of somebody that has been harmed by British taxpayer money and And and the royal family being turned into coaches of This company what that means in a direct material way because this is the other thing with as I was saying when societies become more complex they also become more brittle, but it means that the the the gaps between action and the effects of the action are far wider than ever before and so I think that’s the place that the poet potentially can step in to To say well, actually let me introduce you to this person You know this is a human being that in someone has been harmed by something You’ve done meet this human being so I think it’s an interesting is a facilitator of that of that meeting That the poet can play is that what you consider yourself, I try to yeah, that’s what he’s a comment It’s a big question. I mean, I think I would place myself I choose to place myself upon the lineage of someone that has either D or someone like a Jawara T People that constantly saw their role as going against the dominant power of the time Because you also have the potential to be a sycophant as a poet you have the potential to be a court poet You know and I would rather die than do Can you take me back to Carnaby Street, yeah real-deal record still room Records were 12 years old. Oh, well. I wasn’t talking to first when I was 17 17. Okay, yeah Yeah, can you tell me a little bit about that guy I? think I was a product of a Narcissistic society I think I was hungry for validation I think I bought to some extent into what I consider a kind of gilgamesh complex where the story of Gilgamesh if you’re familiar with it after the death of his Friend and kido who you know when they first met they had death They had done battle physically but then they developed a friendship and when in Kido died he realized that kind of sorrow of mortality and so he took it upon himself to search for a way to Transcend that human mortality, and I think when you look at and you trace human thought so many of the things that Humans have done over thousands of years of existence Especially following the cognitive revolution and also following the invention of writing because writing Obviously the majority of human history is read through stone But writing opened up a new possibility for human existence Whereby you could commit yourself to a page that would exist longer than you in the physical realm. Shall we say and so I Was imbued I think in some way with this idea that to Immortalize myself was to kind of go beyond human hood. You know this is something of course I was in no way shape or form conscious of at the time But it’s something that now maybe I back projecting onto myself in my teens at that time, but I felt you know a hunger to To be heard and also for validation and so that kind of drove me to UM You know to shout from the highest rooftops About pretty much anything that came to mind with very little critical thinking you know It’s it’s actually something that I probably would warn young people against Because you the visibility there’s not equal worth. You know they say that The unexamined worth the unexamined life is not worth living, but at the same time I think that you should give yourself time to really think about what it is that you? That you think you know it’s like Confucius says Thinking without learning is is Thinking without learning is Is useless but learning without thinking is calamitous? You


  1. It's such a strange eery feeling to know all these truths about the oligarchical domination of society and the matrix of media created to distract us from it and yet be able to do little to change it.

  2. Everyone saying, "why haven't I seen this guy before.", "this guys is a legend", "we need more of him".

    And that's why we're being bent over and having that serrated dinosaur dildo slammed …..hard up our collective rear end.
    Lazy people playing PS4 waiting for someone to feed them information, which they use to feel informed……..for 20minutes, before they get back to "bussin choon', or watching britains got talent.

    Everything he has said is there for all to see/feel/know/share. But all we do is boost a hero and get back to being a hopeless slave.

    If they grabbed him……..none of you would shout loud to get him out. But he would….for you. Ask yourself…..how come?

    Yep….just like every other hero. The 'bewildered herd' just stand in the crowd and cheer, then rush back to the plantation……quietly.

  3. so it all starts with the almost collapse of the pound and the loan from the IMF. privatization the selling off of government.

  4. Whats with the imperialist UK flag in the background?…..a flag that cannot be bothered to represent Wales or the Welsh (one of the oldest colonies on the planet)

  5. Government selling assets will continue with the NHS "Naylor report" Where is the money going? Back pocket?

  6. I will listen to the whole thing as I am open minded, but honestly, at 1:01 I can tell I'm probably going to end this interview completely disagreeing with you on most things. More Iraqi's and Pakistani's dying to suicide bombings is not justification for us to not take further action to stop it in this country. Part of the reason more people in Iraq and Pakistan die from suicide bombings is because Islam and it's problems are so ingrained into their societies. That does NOT mean we should simply accept suicide bombings as part and parcel of everyday life over here. I have a duty to protect whomever I can. They are not the countries I live in and I have no say in what happens there.

    91% of us disagreed with the Iraq war and millions of us protested against it, yet I'm the one having to run up in the house of 2 Muslims as they kidnap my sister to rape her because "she was asking for it" based on how she dressed. They were refugees from conflict in the middle east. It's a difference of culture, yes it's that simple, however much people want to over-complicate it.

    I disagree with the intro here, there is a better way of learning that existed before listening, before language, and it's called experience. And experience is the reason this argument is losing. What more and more people are experiencing is brutal and horrible.

  7. You are blaming an economic system for the result of a world with limited resources. In a purely socialist regime where there are no elite and food is distributed 100% equally do you really think if a family of 5 can't feed their children the father or mother wouldn't try to take your food? People like to blame economic systems and money for their problems not realizing your lack of money isn't necessarily holding you back. If we had so much food or goods we were throwing stuff away you can bet the price would plummet for the product. The reality is you live in a world where the productive are completely outnumbered by the children, the old, the disabled, the lazy, and those who are devoted to things other than the acquisition of resources. This will always cause resource shortages.

  8. The way to change it is remove the blindfold of hypocrisy put on us as children encouraging the participation in a sadistic serial killer hypocrites slave mentalities society by consuming plant based aka vegan products!

  9. I cannot grasp how anyone (with a brain) could possible 'dislike' this upload.
    At current count, there certainly exists 64 morons who fail to be good human beings.

  10. I was held on remand and then had my material banned for five years for speaking out against racism and oppression. This was the first ban of it's kind in the UK…
    Instagram / Mr_Dunne_Poetry

  11. Lowkey is so humble and inspiring for the youth, he walks the talk unlike many rappers who have massive egos or are self righteous. not to mention some who just market their art solely for recognition cos they wanna get paid. dont we all, but there is sacrifice and he explains the way he has grown wanting to leave a mark on this earth.

  12. Listen to lowkey and Angelo John Gage. Wise freethinking voices against the system, one towards the left and the other towards the right.

  13. Just added around 70 complex words to my vocabulary. Need him to tutor me for english. Half of the words i didn't understand. Very interesting and gained tremendous knowledge through this interview. Thank you lowkey. Been listening to you since i was a young boy. Peace. Love. Respect.

  14. Fucking hell why does he have to use the most intelligent and biggest words in his vocabulary just to say a simple sentence??? Gassed up on his own knowledge!!! Dickhead fam!!

  15. Great music and great words Lowkey, but why do you pull your punches in supporting the Labour party ?? Since when are Corbyn and MC Donnell socialists ?? They believe in Capitalism , they believe in the market . Whats up bro ???

  16. In the rest of the interview (not this video), the interviewer bends ober backwards to justify the illegal occupation by Israel.

    Militarization is justified for survival – because the occupiers, not the occupied are under threat – and the occupation, annexations, war crimes are all good because hey, it sounds like the US and UK.

    Fuck this guy.

  17. Quran clearly promotes the killing of christians and jews and or if not to degrade them. The hadith also shows proof of the acceptable violence in the name of islam. Yes" islam also promotes peace and love but so did Hitler to his own people. Say no to contradictorial radical ideology and help save the human species through questioning ideas. Great interview.

  18. This is all fine and dandy but you have to realize that only when we are all on the same wavelength and fight together thinks might change. The powers that be will not let that happen. That is why they try so hard to keep us fighting against each other.

  19. Why does it say "72 people died in Grenfell" are you taking the piss? Is there some mantra that states you have to mention a figure everytime it's mentioned????

  20. I ain’t going to lie when he was using big words I didn’t understand ? but such an inspiration to this generation we need people like him to take us forward and end the hatred between races

  21. The oppressors will pay here after will see what there money gets them then or their nukes and political power.

  22. In a life now we forgot who we really are . Only does who know . Know whats really happing in this world we call home ain't home anymore since we were Born we get told what to do how to act how to eat how to do right what's not right what's this and that and the turth is thy took away our wisdom but does humans not people humen beings that know bless up and amen to all we us humanity need to sitck together and make our world grater but in a system that's systemised by one and only one is he evil one I hope I could meet spritual minded humen not judging anyone amen to all peace and love everybody

  23. Seriously. Lowkey is a truly great human being. When I first discovered his music I was overwhelmed at his messages, but to hear him talk like this just shows just how clever he is. He goes beyond articulate. He is an extremely intelligent man and we should listen to what he says. A great man.

  24. I just want to see a simple interview with Kareem. Cut out all the other shit! No offence but why should I give a fuck about "London Real"

  25. London Real who are the names of the men he chooses to place himself on the lineage of please Aziz Ali (41:28) or Juwah…..

  26. Mankind has created God Religion and money in the Animal kingdom, and the king is lion and lion eats animals daily, and the only one who can stop the lion is God…

  27. As I understand it Falafel King in Portobello Road nowhere near All Saints Road (Mangrove) was run by an ex-con who got the business for doing time and not turning queen's evidence (being a grass).

  28. Lowkey the man the rebel the truth teller and we love him in the eyes of god. England is addicted to taxes but broke

  29. The real trouble with Lowkey is he is TOO SMART. A wonderfully dangerous man.
    There is no hope for mankind because humans abuse EVERYTHING.
    If everyone in The US/CDN/WestEUR/AU/NZ stopped or cut back by 80%, the people in Asia and Africa will NOT.
    If there is no replacement for oil and we can't find a way to make cheap water and slow down the population growth there is NO WAY
    we will NOT be here in the way we are today within 150 years.

    Also, Brian is saying, "Help your business grow" meaning to make MORE Money. And, does he get a cut, yes.
    The main thing that keeps these "Humble" people is getting attention and making money and being "Teachers" All fine, but it is a
    GREAT EGO and NOT humble at all. The need for attention and to appear as an expert is their greatest need. Pity.

  30. To all my Muslim brothers around the world , 2pac is not a role model or in any way a example of a Muslim male , as for low-key is a good role model and his words are words of wisdom , we don't need guns and drugs and gangs ? we need to educate ourselves our children or we will remain in this mess alot of us are in ???

  31. Why does parliament have to be in London? Why does the City of London have different LAWS to the rest of the country, including London the city of? Let's have a parliament that's more central and accessible for all. Grenfell was a photograph in time about how people are being treated. The cladding, well someone got a massive backhander from that and we know it happens.

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