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Hi, I’m April Kettelle, owner of Automated
Shading & Lighting Control. And Welcome to ASI TV! Today we are talking about Lutron’s solution
to the LiteTouch product change happening in many of the homes we are working in right
now. To give you a brief background, LiteTouch,
a manufacturer of residential and commercial lighting control systems for more than three
decades – was acquired in 2012 by home automation company Savant, and then abruptly discontinued
just 3 years later. With an estimated tens of thousands of systems
installed worldwide, the end of LiteTouch means that many homeowners and buildings have
found themselves in real need of another solution. Not long after – Lutron, was being recommended
as their preferred solution for a UL-rated wired lighting control system. Let’s take a brief look at Lutron’s solution
by upgrading to the Homeworks QS lighting control system. Lutron’s Homeworks QS and Clear Connect
Technology components provide both options needed to successfully upgrade your system
regardless of the original wiring in place. How? First, by utilizing an existing 4 wire infrastructure
– to connect the new control modules, QS Processor and wired keypads, – this is the
closest match to a replacement system available. Or, if working with a 3 wire solution, a Hybrid
Repeater can tap into Lutron’s broad range of components using the RF technology to communicate
to wireless keypads installed in place of the existing LiteTouch keypads. April on Camera? Pretty great huh? What does that mean to you? The Lutron solution uses the existing wire
in the building or home with no major re-wiring costs or messy construction. A retrofit subplate can be mounted within
the existing Litetouch enclosure to eliminate having to cut in a new panel and deal with
space limitations and drywall repair. The QS Software easily allows our programmer
to add the new panel to the system, now giving the homeowner added control with the Lutron
Home App allowing them to change and save their own settings and scenes, as well as
give them access to add new wireless products they may not have had previously, including
table lamps, motorized shading and HVAC control. The Lutron Adaptive Control Modules can be
used for the new technology of dimming LED lamps. The Keypads have larger engraving and backlighting. And you have Programmable timeclock features
– So no more resetting timers every few months. You Litetouch users know what I mean 🙂 Finally, the new upgraded system is fully
warrantied by Lutron’s 8 year warranty and you have a new reliable system for years to
come. If you have an existing LiteTouch system and
are looking for a reliable solution, let an ASI qualified system designer oversee your
project and ensure your system meets all the requirements necessary to have a successful
upgrade to
a new Lutron lighting experience.

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