Maduro Is Losing Ground With Venezuela’s Poor. Here’s Why | NYT News

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Nivea Pizani’s 19-year-old
nephew Alixon was shot and killed
while protesting just minutes away from their home. It was just a day before mass anti-government
demonstrations in Venezuela. Alixon was killed while
protesting against President Nicolás Maduro in Catia, a poor area
west of Caracas. It was once a
Maduro stronghold. But not anymore. Under former
President Hugo Chavez, lower-income Venezuelans
thrived, mostly thanks to government support
and subsidies. But in recent
years under Maduro, their living standards
have declined along with the country’s economy. Since early January, a growing number
of people started to rally behind the
new opposition figure, Juan Guaidó. Maduro’s support has
dwindled in Venezuela. But not everyone
in these poor areas has come around
to Guaidó. Still, those protesting
in neighborhoods like Catia say they’re facing a swift
government crackdown. Witnesses told Nivea
that a specific group was behind her nephew’s death: the Special Actions Force,
or FAES. It’s an elite police unit
Maduro created in 2017 to fight crime. Human rights groups
inside Venezuela accuse FAES
of carrying out extrajudicial killings
to silence the political opposition
in this year’s protest. Marino’s group has
been tracking the deaths and says at least
35 people have been killed since Jan. 22, when
mass protests began. He says FAES mostly
targets poor young men. When asked about FAES,
Maduro’s government tried to skirt the issue. Residents in El Junquito, another poor area
west of Caracas, also say FAES showed up
to their demonstrations. This person asked
not to be identified. He says FAES shot
and killed his friend at a protest on Jan. 23. Despite the risks, he says he’ll keep protesting
against Maduro’s government. For some, the reported
FAES crackdown was the final straw to push
them away from Maduro. But people are
also fed up with the mounting economic crisis. Leonardo Guerrero
lives in Antímano, another Maduro stronghold
in the west of Caracas, with his family. In February, Leonardo
went out to protest against the government
for the first time. Since the protests started,
at least 800 people have been arrested
across the country. And it’s in these
poor neighborhoods where it’s the most
dangerous to oppose the government,
especially with security forces cracking down
on these communities.


  1. He was afraid because "they were throwing rocks, bottles and gunshots" and the police are repressive because they try to stop the demonstrators from "throwing GUNSHOTS" on public streets and directed at the police. What a brutal dictatorship!

  2. Western thieves have lost in Syria and will lose again in Venezuela. Stay strong brave Venezuelan people. All the US and it's western mafia acolytes want is your oil and riches.

  3. Is the NYT promoting Juan Guaido and regime change? Serious journalism? These are the same people who brought you the Iraq war and the White Helmets.

  4. What Venezuela is fighting for now is:
    Stop Maduro's usurpation.
    A transition government
    FREE elections!

    No US military intervention is required. As long as the international pressure continues the Venezuelan military will start turning back ti Maduro and defend our constitution instead of the usurper regime.

    Venezuela Libre!

  5. Newyork times you're not a responsible Media, you're just supporting coups, You're brainwashing people to believe lies………you sinner

  6. says a propganda outlite defending spending billions in killing other people in other countries instead of spending it to free healthcare for its people.


  8. Leave Venezuela alone. The law says maduro is the president. The law says they can only choose a new president every 6 years. The law is the absolute even if the president is incompetent. Law will make Venezuela great again. It is amazing that most people talk about law and don't realise law is useless unless it is carried out or enforced by human and abused to their own advantage. Since it is a democracy, let them choose maduro and suffer. It is their own choice. At the end, it is a law to enforce democracy even if they elect Hitler to be the leader because the assumption is that democracy is always the best and never wrong.

  9. The NYT is just like CNN. Find someone who has a genuine grievance, tell them you are going to pay them when they act according to script, record and edit footage…post it as Maduro supporter. Venezuela just like the US has young people dying at the hands of law enforcement.
    The NYT, this isn't a story!

  10. In Venezuela we are all mostly poor and we all hate Maduro. My family comes from a humble background but they never even voted for Chavez. Stop discriminating our poor population as socialist lovers, because the ones who still support Maduro, a few thousands, can barely speak Spanish and say things without even thinking. To all those privileged Americans and Europeans who like to play activists and hate on the US and capitalism through their US designed electronics and internet: You don’t know what you are talking about. We, the Venezuelan people, would like our foreign allies (Colombia, USA, Brazil) to intervene. You can’t stop comparing us to Arab nations with such a different background, but you fail to point that Panama, intervened by the US, and Chile, who’s dictator was supported by the American government, are the strongest Latin American economies to this day. Also, you fail to mention how Venezuela are more worse than Iraq, Iran, Cambodia, etc. And don’t forget Germany and Japan were both occupied by the Americans. Look at them now. We don’t love Trump, we don’t love his government and policies, but he’s outspoken about us and not a single politician before did that.

  11. Como NO Sr Cabello, usted habla pura"paja". Metele los ganchos a Guaido' para que en dos dias tienen el mundo encima con la fuerza brutal militar que tienen los USA y su aliados.Y luego ya no van a hacer falta sus declaraciones "chimbas" ya que desde Guantanamo , que sera' su proxima "casita", no tendra' mucha posibilidad de hacer o decir como esta' haciendo ahorita.Asi' que callese esa "jeta" maldito "meon", seria mejor que compres panales que pronto los vas a necesitar por segunda vez. La unica solucion es que te quites la vida junto a tu narco compinche criminal NICOLAS MADURO para evitar que te cuelguen en la Plaza Venezuela como hicieron con Mussolini en Italia, y darle al pueblo el gusto de escupirte y patear tu cara aun de muerto.Alli si todos nosotros vamos a gozar"una bola" maldito muerto en vida !!!

  12. The failure of Chavez and Maduro to build socialism lies at the very core why the counterrevolution is winning the support of the poor. With economic sabotages, capital flight and sanctions, the right-wing will sooner or later take back power, either by force or by democratic elections. Socialism has again been discredited by people who never build it.

  13. YOU ARE not objetive. usa wantto exploit Venezuela so provoke people against to maduro. I ma Turkish we have economic crisis too but we never left Erdoğan.. you sould protect yourleader maduro agains usa and Othre exploit country. be cleaver no one want to your wellness.

  14. If you would rather eat your starving Dog then pet a healthy one. Then keep Moduro..
    Viva la jente viva Freedom
    Thank you Trump. For helping the latino jente… unfortunately the Liberal democrats dont care about starving babies. Or political murders
    Latinos for Trump.

  15. Rampant corruption has existed in Latin America forever. The US is setting up these protests in order to get to their oil, sanctions only hurt the general population not the rich. When Venezuela was the “richest country in Latin America” only the rich profited, over 80% of the population lived under poverty level.

  16. If Venezuela have NO OIL, would be in troubles. Behind the problem is UK and USA who wants to establish regime of dictator Pinochet. We Europeans knows that USA set up problems to Nicolas Maduro and Venezuela too. Franco Nazi regime in Spain and Chilean bloody dictator Pinochet and Peron regime too were supported by USA and UK.

  17. Beware of USA propaganda machine with their spinning Technics. All people around the planet knows that behind any trouble in the world stay USA. DIVIDE AND RULE is their diplomacy.

  18. 90% of the population are below the poverty line.
    The rest 10% are the military that kiss the dictator feet. For them, it doesn't matter is people are dying on the streets, they will continue receiving their salary and if the fat, bloodshed, murder dictator step out, they will lose their job cos they are all incompetent to their core.
    That's why they are not allowing humanitarian aid to enter the country, strong people are hard to control.

  19. I absolutely hate all the ignorant comments towards the aid USA and other countries is giving Venezuela. I hope venezuela gets the effective help it needs to kick out the Cubans, Russians, Chinese, hezbola, and current the Narco government that has completely destroyed my country.

  20. I think US dont have right to talk about humainty after they doing since japan atomic bomb, more than 1 million civil death during Iraq invansion, and also syria, libya, palestine.. its very sad when UN had controlled by US..

  21. We in the USA have people living on the streets, children hungry, cold sick, and our government does not care. Do you think they care about the people of Venezuela, they just want to take your natural resources and pocket the profits. Your country will be much worse off, except for the plutocrats that own the businesses in Venezuela.

  22. All this terrorism is caused by foreign governments who first imposed economy sanctions against Venezuela citizens to force Venezuelan citizens to accept a puppet government the biggest hypocrisy of those hypocrites they are trying to make believe that they are worried about economic situation of the Venezuelan people if those hypocrites are really worried about Venezuelan citizens just stop financing terrorism in Venezuela and lifted the illegal economy sanctions

  23. That former President by the name Maduro has to step down,no more mafia government for Venezuela.they really need freedom of DEMOCRACY.don't you think so?can those communism countries like China,Russia,cuba,N-Korea,Iran you name it,are they willing to give aid??? I don't think so,in your dreams it won't happen

  24. Ora si pinche NYT mamón! periodico mentiroso! Estás a favor de quien te da dinero! pinche periódico de mierda, en USA pasa lo mismo, entrevista a la mama negra que perdio a su hijo a manos de la policía. Patrocinas el narco anunciando a la gente ver tus series de Netflix. Eres un hipócrita nyt. Porque no dices que USA esta en crisis, con mas el 5% de la poblacion mundial se toman el 20% de la produccion del petroleo mundial. No se puede vivir así, el planeta mismo no los aguanta. VETE AL CARAJO NYT AMARILLISTA Y FALCETE

  25. Still at this time of 21 century are people ignorant that television 📺 can washing their poor brain just with false propaganda financed by the governments and oil companies those ignorant people already forgotten about the false propaganda of the televisions that Iraq was a real threat to the world that they have massive destructive weapons when it was just the excuse to invade Iraq to steal their oil same thing in Libya Syria always looking to manipulate the ignorant people

  26. I’m not swayed by sob stories. Venezuela is where they are because of US sanctions. Unfortunately random people in Venezuela people don’t get this

  27. It's called an internal war. Everyone is fixated with formal opposition and demonstrations, but what really counts goes on behind the scenes. Assassinations, arms smuggling, intelligence gathering, and most importantly: defections.

  28. Yeez, the anti maduro machine is going full force the last couple of days…. What a coincidence…. I mean, you have to trick the goyim before supporting a leader that wasn't elected….


  30. I see the NYT is doing what it normally does…acting as a mouthpiece for US aggression overseas. We haven't forgiven or forgotten that the NYT pimped themselves out as cheerleaders for sanctions and war against Iraq. How did that work out for the US taxpayer? But US corporations made a killing….so that's OK. And here we go again….

  31. So you are still talking about Maduro but since about the Yellow vests and act 13 an extremely Violent responce from the French government where the POLICE IS USING LIVE GRENADES AGAINST CIVILIANS

  32. Hugo Chavez didn't do anything wrong all he did is nationalize oil and Maduro is following Hugo's footsteps the ones responcible for the crisis is the US and their blockade and sanctions against Venezuela because they don't want the oil to be nationalized they want all the oil for themselves because they failed at taking the Syrian oil so now they want Maduro's oil

  33. This is the natural nature of socialism. Eventually there is no one to take from to give crumbs to someone else. The Russians and Chinese planted these seeds a long time ago. It’s always “nice” at first, until the riches runs out. Then it’s unthinkable. So sad for what was once a thriving country. Tourism should actually be a Huge moneymaker for these people

  34. Maduro is the elected president of Venezuela no matter what the Americans say, the Americans are withholding billions of dollars of Venezuelan money in American banks controlled by the Zionest Jews from Israel, it's the American sanctions that are harming the Venezuelan people not Maduro

  35. I feel sorry for brainless idiots who actually think the US is trying to help Venezuela. Let me guess, the same people also think Assad is an evil dictator and that the moon is made out of cheese ? Too much cnn and fox news or whatever mainstream media outlet is not good for your brain folks

  36. All i see is western press in full blown propaganda mode, done with Assad are we ? There are other big players on the field now and about time. Your bullying days are over

  37. You would think that most governments/people would of learned from what happened in Iraq, or Libya, or Yemen or or or.or ….but judging from some of the comments, most people want Venezuela to be destroyed… Not a fan of Maduro, but removing him will have terrible consequences,

  38. Arms being shipped.  A Boeing 767 owned by a company called 21 Air based in Greensboro, North Carolina was found shipping guns into the country. Every journalist is lying about Venezuela. If this starts, the blood will pour for 20 years.  Every media outlet will be responsible for every death.

  39. La gente y el gobierno siempre deben mantener la calma, la alerta y los "pasos correctos y razonables". Y siempre mantener el equilibrio. Tener una mirada más profunda y sentir. Hacia cosas significativas y "proteger" las cosas correctas.

  40. La gente y el gobierno siempre deben mantener la calma, la alerta y los "pasos correctos y razonables". Y siempre mantener el equilibrio. Hay "una mirada y una sensación más profundas". Hacia cosas significativas y "proteger" las cosas correctas.

  41. Now that youtube has become a source of news and information, the same major media that the people rejected, and that were not on youtube before, now have top billing on youtube, very interestring!

  42. – El objetivo común del socialismo es garantizar que las personas no discriminen contra la raza y el origen de la libertad, la igualdad, la caridad, la solidaridad, la prosperidad, el empleo para las personas y la alegría y la paz. , felicidad para todos.
    – Cuando "realmente" hacia esos objetivos, habrá pensamientos y acciones para apoyarse y ayudarse mutuamente a cambiar los pensamientos egoístas, el estigma, la discriminación, la inserción … Y la dirección a la justicia para el conjunto.

  43. Yemen has a much more and urgent crisis, people children really do not have anything to eat and suni terrorist are killing civilians. If US really wants to help, go help Yemen. There is a real war, thousands dying. It's not a matter of whether an economic model is good or bad, it's people being killed.

  44. Maybe if Venezuelan rushed the vans , they could actually outnumber the officers and hold them at their mercy ,80% of the military wants to even go against Marudo , they just are too afraid to do so

  45. Socialism: the same social, economic, political doctrine that has brought us, Mao, Kim jung Un, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Hitler (National Socialist, NAZI) Mussolini.. hundreds of million lives lost, ruined and the world is none the smarter. Fight the scourge.

  46. Maduro is making a deal with Raul Castro to send all the new generation to Venezuela to support him. If that happens Venezuela is never going to be free. It is a fact everyone in Cuba knows that Raul wants to support Maduro…. Maduro este haciendo un trato con Raul Castro para que le mande todos los jovenes para Venezuela para que lo apoyen. Si eso llega a pasar Venezuela nunca va a ser libre. Todos en Cuba saben que Raul quiere apoyar a Maduro….

  47. Lol everyone blaming chavez and maduro where it was the USA whos had it out for Venezuala for more than half a century …… countless sanctions after sanctions ….. just cuz they dont bend over and spread em like brazil and columbia

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