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New York City in the summertime, there’s so much to love
about this place. It’s got 100% humidity
so you don’t need to shower. If you get too hot, you can
always go to the beach and swim in a sea
of syringes. And love is in the air because of all
the subway masturbators. But just when I thought New York couldn’t
get any better, this happened: NEWSMAN:
The blackout mystery. A major section
of New York City grinding to a halt
as 40 blocks go dark. NEWSWOMAN:
Mass confusion in Manhattan minutes after a power outage
flipped the off switch on the city’s bright lights. From above, you could see
the shadows of the skyline. In Times Square, the usually vibrant billboards
went black. That’s right,
one of America’s largest cities was cast into darkness. Even Times Square
went completely black. And I don’t know if you’ve seen
a dark Times Square, but it is terrifying. I saw it,
and I-I felt like at any second, a face was gonna show up
on the screens like, “Citizens of Earth, prepare to be probed!” (laughter and applause) Like, it was really,
really creepy. Now, for me, this blackout
was double terrifying, okay? Because for the Fourth of July,
I went to California, and then while I was there,
an earthquake hit, okay? And then I was like,
“Whoa, that was scary.” Then, a few days later,
another earthquake hit. And, like, one earthquake
is bad enough. The second one feels like it’s
trying to finish you off. Yeah? I was just shaking like,
“I’m sorry, Mother Earth. I’ll recycle more.” So, after that, I was like, “You
know what? I can’t do this.” I can’t…
Like, I can’t do earthquakes. I’m flying back to New York,
and then the blackout hit. At that point, I was like,
“Yeah, Trump must tell me to come…
go back to where I came from.” I’ll leave. I’m fine.
I’m-I’m ready. I’ll go. And the worst part,
the worst part was when the power went out,
Mayor Bill de Blasio wasn’t here because he was off in Iowa
campaigning to be president. Which is a shame, because we
could have used him in New York. Not as mayor
but just as, like, a lighthouse just to help us see everything. (laughter) And, you know,
what’s great about New York is even though the mayor
wasn’t there, everyday New Yorkers stepped up
to do their part. NEWSWOMAN:
After the sun set this evening, Manhattan’s West Side
was just about pitch-black. People with pets
kept their flashlights close. Businesses and apartments
were in the dark. NEWSWOMAN 2:
Some delis and restaurants were trying to serve customers
with flashlights, and Hell’s Kitchen residents passed the time
on their stoops, too hot to be
in their apartments without AC. NEWSWOMAN 3: Stoplights
at some busy intersections off, leaving pedestrians to step in
to direct traffic. Hey, you see? That’s what New Yorkers do,
baby. -(cheering and applause)
-They help out during a crisis. Huh? Basically, New Yorkers were
doing every policeman’s job. They were directing traffic. They were checking in
on old people. It was inspiring.
Except for the one person who probably tried to take over
a hostage negotiation. He was like, “Don’t worry,
everybody! I got this! “All right, tough guy, shoot one
of them to know you’re serious! Come on, let’s see!” And it wasn’t just
the pedestrians stepping up. No, even Broadway actors made
the best out of the blackout. NEWSMAN:
How do you handle things when the lights go out
on Broadway? Well, the cast
of several musicals took their act to the streets during Saturday night’s
blackout here in Manhattan. ♪ I’m an islander,
I am an islander ♪ ♪ I’m an islander ♪ ♪ I am an islander. ♪ See? You got to love
Broadway, man, huh? You got to love Broadway.
The show must go on. (cheering and applause) Think about…
That’s real talent. ‘Cause the power also went out
at the movie theaters, huh? At AMC. Yeah,
but you didn’t see John Wick come out of the screen and kick
people’s asses in real life. No. But even a blackout
couldn’t stop Broadway. Everyone came out. The singers carried on
their musicals on the sidewalk. The thespians
“thespianed” outside, huh? And the cast of The Lion King brought their performance
to life in the streets by mauling seven people
to death. It was really inspiring. Plus, I will say,
we all got a new life hack. All of us people
who live in New York and people who visit, if you can’t afford tickets
to a show like Hamilton, just cut the power.
You get a show for free. Yeah. -Everyone just comes outside.
-(laughter and applause) Now everywhere’s
the room where it happens. And, thankfully,
after three hours, the power came back on. But even though no one was hurt,
this blackout might be a sign of something a lot more ominous. NEWSWOMAN: While investigators
don’t believe foul play was involved
in Saturday, national security experts
say the blackout should serve as a wake-up call. NEWSMAN: National security
experts are very concerned that this country’s power grid is vulnerable
to a cyber attack. Complex systems
that have been put in place and built upon over many years, there are going to be
vulnerabilities. Our adversaries know
what those vulnerabilities are, and they will look
to exploit them. That’s right.
This is another reminder that America’s power grid
is vulnerable. And we don’t know if that’s
what caused this blackout, but it is a little suspicious
that it was on the anniversary of the 1977 major blackout. Like, maybe this was just
a coincidence, a malfunction, or maybe a hostile foreign power
was trying to hack America. We’ll never know. Yeah. And if they’ve done it once,
they can do it again and again. So, Russia, if you’re listening, I’ll be outside Hamilton
next Thursday. (laughter) You guys know what to do.


  1. Lol. Only three hours? The last ice storm we had half my state was out of power for weeks. Neighbors stayed with those that had wood stoves and we used the snow to keep our food from going bad. That’s survival baby. 😂

  2. Let's face it everything bad happens in New York I'm sorry 911 blackout there was a shooting in Boston but that was that was about it and that'll ever happen to or three times before but it wasn't bad. 2001 was no disrespect I'm just keeping it real

  3. Trevor, what do u think of the Crown Act that was passed in New York?
    It prevents discrimination against black hair styles.

  4. Come on!!! In puerto rico 🇵🇷 when hurricane maria hit we were jn a blackout for months!!!! We are a island!!! NY is a city!!

  5. With all the scented candles we buy in this city am sure nobody was worried about not having any lights in their apartments.

  6. Back here in Zimbabwe it is now our daily bread. If we see electricity for 2 consecutive days, people will start to think that the guy who switches off electricity has lost the keys to the switch

  7. We have blackouts in my country 🇹🇿 a lot! Such that I find it weird to see it being labeld as a crisis in other countries. 😅

  8. If the intelligence community finds reason to suspect a hostile intent because of the blackout happening on an anniversary of a previous major blackout – then I have no qualms thinking it deliberate that the event of 9/11 happened as an emergency call to arms on behalf of a reduced and undercut defense sector.

  9. I m not against it but nowadays he seems like to do more justice to comedy than to news. I mean why is he even there.

  10. What are you talking about ? there is no canicule in US. I've heard heard about it all the time but it's freezing !! Winter is coming so we need global warming !!! that's because of freezing that lights went out, they freezed, of course !! Don't be fool, that unbelievable how a stable genius and a smart good looking woman I could be !!! I love myself so much. I think I will propose to myself. (before the Nadia Murad gate I didn t lake him, now that open war, you'd better flee away you and you hair YOU SHALL NOT PASS !!!)

  11. If it falls on the anniversary of the 1979 black out. That's beyond way to coincidental, you should look to your government. I mean we're not talking about the brightest bunch of people these days.

  12. Global warming means hotter summers, which means more aircon, which means the worn out power grid starts collapsing. That's why this always seems to happen over summer vacation.

  13. What if the South America blackout was really a black out by Russian by mistake and this was the main attack

  14. Straight from Tanzania here in Africa blackouts are normal longest one went upto 3 days soooooooooo……..

  15. New York blackout: Life completely disrupted, shit grinds to a halt.

    Nigeria blackout: "You mean at one point we actually HAD electricity? It's a lie."

  16. Just when you thought the clip was dope. The closing remarks get you even higher than a jumbo size 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. OMG!!😯
    You know what I just realized?…
    Russia has been terrorizing the city of Johannesburg for decades.

  18. The Broadway performers weren't going to let a blackout keep them from performing!
    It's what they live for!

  19. ohh I'm in Tanzania…Africa.. sometimes we feel like electricity is not yet discovered cause it's day 9 now and full of darkness around the city

  20. Sorry Trevor we are very busy, but in meantime download face app it is very legit application to see future self and is safe as eating a turnip.

  21. Me: see's title
    Me: Omg Moe Othman was right all along next thing you know the next president will be a woman

  22. BLACKout, WTF, that is like so RACIST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG WTF racist America all over the news, Even the Daily Show!!!!!!!

  23. I wold love a American black out something where the whole country gose dark run up on dem cops with a AR wit a hundred round drum talk dat shit now

  24. I read it as major black out, I expected it to be for 10 hours or something, but when trevor said 3 hours I was like wow 😑😑 a 3 hrs power cut has made it into news and here in India we have power cuts upto 5 hours daily in summers and 8 hours in villages. Yet we never make it into news. It's funny to see people panicking over just a 3 hour power cut.

  25. Americans and Europeans after going only 5 hours without electricity: Ugh, this is torture!

    Third world countries in Africa and Asia after going 24 hours straight without a blackout:

  26. Here in midmichigan they shut power off for repairs in the middle of the night when it was extremely cold. Which kinda felt like a "time to make them remember who holds the power" moment.

  27. 1:03 killed me 😂😂 "Citizens of earth…" The honesty in that realization is almost concerning 😂

  28. If a foreign country Is gonna attack the e power grid they should attack where the Pentagon that's the belly of the beast not NYC.

  29. I was in a hotel manhattan until the blackout happen,after that I was ranting about killing all the electricians if they don't fix the power

  30. I didn't know wtf a stoop was until "Hey Arnold" came out. I still havent seen many in person lmao! We have porches out west lol.

  31. Did they never have any black outs before that they don't have any generators as backups? Because if there were, then people will definitely flock at their store….

  32. Gotta love first world problems. Im Puertorrican we still had places withouth electricity a year after Hurricane Maria.

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