Making Tracks: Chicago Footwork

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  1. Alot of these moves are from bboying, old school tapping, older jazz, and many other street dances. I hope they pay homage.

  2. Hey good stuff, glad it's all positive (that shit talking though lol), but did any Bboys come watch this with the only face? Lmao

  3. Really? Chicago is claiming this? This is just some weird combination of Irish dancing style and Flamenco dancing intensity. Some touches of break dance technique thrown in but it just makes it into wack break dancing…

    One question, is this serious?

  4. that comment by schtals is completely racist and not accurate or correct. so irrational some people are. i fucking love juke/footwork music and can't wait to find more mixes to download online of this futuristic sounding genre. it blends all genres at the same time as well.  more!

  5. Yo does anyone have a link or something to that Rashad/Spinn track "Sunshine" I'm tryna find it but Im coming up empty.

  6. very nice. what he said about the future is correct. the dance speed, track tempo, movement, everything is so crazy and definitely what i'd expect the future to sound like

  7. Dam shame how race is brought into almost everything by some idiots.

    All of us are created equal….some can just shuffle better than others tbh

  8. anybody know where i can find that dj rashad flip of everybody loves the sunshine? i heard it in a mix once then tried to find it later and found machinedrum, dj manny, everybodys version but his. I heard it just now at 4:08 and it reminded me i still havent found it! i need it! plzzz

  9. This is great. I feel like we're so lucky to have these glimpses at Rashad after he's passed, very grateful for these videos being shot when they were. RIP never forget you.

  10. Look people.. Footwork is nothing new Music is new .. dance isnt…Type in Electric Ballroom London Jazz dancers , Horseshoe Club Jazz Dancers London, all in the 1980's as early as 1983..I was part of that scene when I was a teenager.. Love Footwork all the same though 🙂

  11. They crazy on this!!

  12. guys, really intriguing! Also, I love how you included the tracklist, but I don't see a way to access these tracks online. Does anybody know a valuable resource?

  13. DJ EARL – "ONE TWO" / RP BOO – "GET BACK" / TRAXMAN – "SPACESTAR" / DJ EARL – "THE ZONE (WEEKND REMIX)" / DJ RASHAD – "IN YO LYFE " . unable to find these tracks anywhere, either the name is wrong or unreleased. someone can help me?

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