1. good he's dead, hope fully the next killer does the same, otherwise we the people must make sure that all killers are killed, no second chance for a killer under any circumstances, mentally disturbed is not a license to kill and we the citizens must stand up and make sure that every killer that we have 100% proof that he did it is dead, (if the jury decided that he did it that's not counted as proof, proof means we have video of the story and face is clear to be him, a jury can't decide if they weren't there at the time of crime, jury is American baloney) jail is not for killers, all killers that were released into the streets and they again killed, we must make sure to have the judge arrested and thrown into jail for life, you have no right according to human justice to jeopardize our lives, be rather nice to light traffic violators, we cannot be good hearted to killers,

  2. Wife should have took the kid to Grandma or a relative, her family.

    Then mail husband divorce papers.

    She made a huge mistake by announcing
    divorce in front of this loser.

    Never do that. Rejection drive loser's insane and they overreact.
    In this case murder.

    Safe distance always.
    Poor little girl.

    Hope he roast in Hell🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  3. Truly horrifying rest in peace to the mother and the little precious baby the father is a coward you should have lived so they could have given him the death penalty

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