Manhattan College enhances student and faculty support with Google Cloud

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(upbeat music) – Manhattan College is somewhat unique. We’re a small school, but
we’re located in a big city. We have a liberal arts curriculum as well as professional schools in
engineering and business. – It’s really exciting to work
there because everybody gets to try out a lot of new things. – I like to say we wear a lot of hats. Google Cloud has really
empowered us with the tools to really facilitate digital
transformation on our campus. – We made a decision that we weren’t going to keep putting hardware
in the data center, buying expensive hardware, using it for a relatively small life cycle, and then it would end up in a junk yard. We made the decision that
we could actually operate not only more cheaply but more effectively with the Cloud strategy. – We’ve been able to achieve a lot of different things recently
thanks to our Cloud adoption. – Our college uses the IT, uses it for pretty much
everything right now. Most of our stuff runs on the Cloud. My group does a lot of development work. It’s great. – Google Cloud has
really helped us get out of the data center and interact more with our faculty and students. – Oh, yeah. And I’ve made the joke, which
isn’t really a joke anymore, in two years I’m gonna have a data center with almost no hardware in it. And I’m actually really
excited about that. – Made here together really speaks to the democratization of Google’s tools. The very complex tools that the big companies are
using, we can use too. – It’s amazing how quickly you’re able to evolve the products. – There’s been so many instances
where we’ve hit a wall, and we look around the corner, and there’s always another tool available to us in Google Cloud
to solve that problem. (upbeat music)

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