1. Brother Norman 3X and Brother Thomas 15X were both framed. Neither one of them were present the day Malcolm was killed. Most importantly, Messenger Muhammad gave his Ministers and Captains a direct order to leave Malcolm alone. That was in 1964. It is a matter of public record and it can be easily accessed on YouTube.

    This was a conspiracy to kill Malcolm and frame The Messenger of Allah, The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    Kill two birds with one stone. Today, the black man is carrying a purse and his woman, more often than not, is better educated and earns more than him. Our communities are rampant with violence, drugs, bastard children, a lack of education, improper foods, etc.

    It's very easy for devils to pander to us every election cycle and speak the rhetoric of racial equality but not speak of the destruction of literally, the greatest organization in the history of black America, and it's long term consequences. Black history month goes by every year and not one mumbling word about The Honorable Elijah Muhammad.

    You think you're the only ones who have a legal team?

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