Manhattan Home Design’s Top-quality Eames Eiffel Chair Replica

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This is the Eames Eiffel Chair. An iconic piece of modern design. Originally designed by Charles and Ray Eames
with comfort and usability in mind. This chair is manufactured with fiberglass
and stainless steel and is available in a variety of colors.


  1. I really like effile chair a simple, gracious form that fits any body and every place. pretty happy to buy it for such a reasonable price.

  2. Ugh this eames eiffel chair is so comfortable! I remember going to the doctors office as a kid and he had one of these in his waiting room. Now I see them in almost every blog post I draw inspo to arrange my office from and it’s so cool! Buying it right now! Thanks Manhattan Home Design

  3. I used these Eames Eiffel Chairs replicas to furnish my dining room and so far every guest that I've had have loved them and asked where did I get them, there's little to no difference with the original Eames Eiffel Chairs, they're very comfortable, durable, easy to clean but above all, they're very very beautiful! Another job from the folks at Manhattan Home Design!

  4. These replicas of the Eames Eiffel chairs look amazing! If they're like the rest of the pieces I've seen from Manhattan Home Design. I'm sure these Eames Eiffel Chairs replicas will be durable, comfortable and very well made!

  5. I actually saw these Eames Eifeel Chairs in a friend's house while visiting! I loved them and when I asked him about them he told me he got them from Manhattan Home Design. They look great and seemed very durable. Ever since, I've wanted some for myself!

  6. The Eames Eiffel Chair is one of those chairs that you seem to see everywhere without having any idea of how much history there's behind it. It's amazing how versatile that Eames Eifeel Chair is, I have seen in in countless colors and models and materials!

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