Manhattan Prep Online Course for the GMAT, GRE, and LSAT

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Let’s be honest. Online classes have a bad reputation. People think they’re not engaging or that you won’t learn as much.
But our online classes aren’t like that! They feel just like an in-person class,
but you happen to be able to access from your own home. Our platform can be
accessed anywhere! And it’s easy to use. Once you sign in, you’ll feel like you’re
actually in a room with everyone. Hey guys! How are you tonight? Hey, Brian! Hi, Izzy!
Welcome! Seeing all of my students on camera. I’m able to get to know them
individually, in the same way that I would in a physical classroom. Hey Izzy,
I know you’ve been working on word problems a lot. So, what answer did you
get for this one? I got 12. Nice! That’s right! This is definitely not a class
where you can just be a fly on the wall. You’re going to be participating a lot!
So here we have a geometry question and we know that our first step is
always to draw and label. So, everyone grab the pen. Label something on this
diagram. My favorite moments in class are when students answer each other’s
questions or offer each other support. We also use breakout rooms for more
focused group work. I’ve got it down to… Well, I eliminated enterprising and opinionated
because… This allows students with differing concerns to focus on the
material most challenging for them. Our classes are small, so I can shape them to suit my students’ needs. Alright, give me a thumbs up if you feel like you really
understood this passage. Awesome! Alright, that’s great! If you travel a lot, live far away from a prep center, or just don’t want to leave
your house after a long day of work; then an online class is a perfect fit for you!

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