Manhattan Shenanigans (ft. Spiderman)

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jess: we’re in a library kims: hi guys together: hi guys right now it’s july 27 10:57am on a saturday asmr roleplay we’re at a library shhh *tapping nails*
ಠ_ಠ kims: oh hii are we lost? kims: hii hii rishi: no, not really. are you sure?
kims: right now it’s… kim: what time is it? kims: right time… right time kims: I mean one… kims: I mean now it’s like 1:30 rishi: it’s inside the building apparently kims: saturday kims: we’re walking to try to find a chipotle kims: but we’re not there (are you good?) kims: yeah jessie just ran rishi: it should be in this building (this one?)
kims: oh it’s right there (is it?) we found it ( ^o^)ノ *jess burps* kims: starts crying
jess: she’s getting that on camera kims: oh (wha- what did I just…) nothing to see here folks how was your lunch? rolfo: it was alright
how was your lunch? it was alright how was your-
half of your lunch? kims: it was good until my shoes got a taste of it [this is not a sponsored video] kims: ahem kims: ah kims: ♪ Coca Cola taste the feeling ♬ jess: (what) what? jess: she was like angry
she was like “bleh
Coca Cola” “taste the feeling ♪” ahh I’m the shortest one here but I have to go like this for all of you guys (ಥ益ಥ) what’s your opinion on horses? jess: smelly (that’s it?) but they’re kinda cute tho so jess: *falls* jessie ヽ(°□°ヽ) jess: ow my
c a l f how are you doing? we’re almost there
jess: eHGhGhGh rolfo: you know
instead of taking pictures WITH him rolfo: why not take pictures OF him (. ❛ ᴗ ❛.) spooder boi jess: thank you together: bye spiderman kims: I like how he said “I’ll just swing by” bYe KimBerLy
together: byeee


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