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How many people have you taught over the years? I think [is] a few hundred thousand people We always talk about yin yang negative positive Hit you don’t have to do anything Angry you don’t have to do anything like [we] they grow everywhere of Electro they grow faster than [flour] you just have to keep the good energy growth and balancing with the negative So now when we find a balance is the key so now this very simple [is] my to the heart This [minus] I is the number one most important practice in your town, you [know] excel People have to started to turn More inwardly now now the brain are so busy outside [of] why we are so sick here The image might put the people right back into the body first She actually very simple its life force our so in spirit energy intelligent Energy and How you knew is how well with energy? So if you work with energy you never wrong And that is I stickley This week on the show we have Master Mantak, Chia Who is a 73 year old spiritual healer Chinese born to Thai parents? He spent his whole [life]? talking about energy [chi] gong and how we can maximize it? He’s also the author of two Extremely famous books one is the multi orgasm man, and the Multi orgasm woman trust me master Chia challenged all aspects of my [American] Puritanism he got me uncomfortable on camera. He got me rubbing my body in places I never had before [he] taught me a lot of very interesting things you can learn a lot here including how to smile at your body on the inside how to go ahead and rub and manipulate all of your organs and How has a male to have multiple orgasms? Without ejaculation there’s a lot of good stuff in here and this guy has been teaching in London for thirty years He was teaching in Berlin before the wall went down I really love having this perspective of Eastern medicine his western purist ism I think you’re really going to enjoy our time with master xie also, you can download his success secrets on the Website click on the link below log in and you get those absolutely for free also follow us on Instagram Twitter Facebook YouTube for all of our behind the scenes my blogs My instagram stories and everything and if you want to put some of these things into practice go to London Real TV Go inside the academy we’ve got our broadcast yourself course coming up soon where you can learn how to start your very own london real have guys like Master Chia come over to your house and hang out with you and show you how to touch yourself. [it’s] all good I’m going to be [see] how to do that in a week program our courses are extremely impressive People have gotten London real tattoos after taking our life accelerator. So we know what we’re doing here So check that out the academy, but now I leave you, Master, [Chia] This is London real. I am brian [rose] my guest today is Mantequilla the Towers Master author and healer who teaches people how to empower themselves through the cultivation of their chi energy Born in thailand to Chinese parents you were taught by Buddhist monks [at] age six to still your mind And you’ve been on a journey of discovery Ever since you run tao centers around the world and have written over 50 books the most popular ones on sexual energy with titles of the multi-orgasmic man and the multi-orgasmic woman I can’t wait to learn from you today, Master, [Chia] welcome to London real. Thank you It’s a pleasure having you first tell me how does London feel how is the Chi in London You just came from Paris [you’re] going to go to New York and Los angeles. You’ve been touring the world What do you feel when you come to the city? [I] tell you this is amazing city and all you have mmM nearly everything here Everywhere we place to go you have something just just pet in here Just um I have my kid with me and they [light] a car, and they see all the roads roy or the other But all the expensive kinds of [McCArthy’s] Everything one on streak So this is an amazing place that the kids did they like haim and see everything running you know like that and I’m an interesting places that we take them here, and I wanted to see this it linden. They Heard so much about that right and you’ve been coming here for 30 years Teachings yes the idea and we were talking about some the other cities you were teaching in Berlin You know when the war we [fought] [a] wall before the wall came. Yeah, so you’ve been around all right teaching these techniques Yes, okay? And I want to learn I know today you [promised] [that] you’re actually going to teach some of these breathing exercises To me and everyone listening, and they can really get some practical exercise Yes That can help them in all aspects of their health energy very very Very clear very definitely they will learn and they can use them in your daily life And you can’t do don’t do you don’t have to get sick tasting [mates] of us okay? And you don’t get sick, [too] You know a long time okay, and you’re 73 years old, and you barely look 53. [thank] [you] Um before we get to the techniques and [everything]. I was wanted you to tell me a bit about you because you chinese parents But you’re born in thailand, and that must have affected you growing up in that culture Possibly as opposed to say China and other places What was your childhood like and what was it like learning all these things. How did you get to where you are today? [you] know my my my father passed away in the second world war Okay, I’m born in the second world War ural 1844 yeah, and after [that] um so um my mother raised me up, but she Want me to learn more Chinese, so in the great school I learn Chinese and later on she sent me to hong kong you know there’s only time you can learn Chinese more it’s in Hong Kong the Mainland China, you cannot go So I study chinese and English in the hong Kong Okay, yeah, so I submit education mostly if time is English Okay, you went to New York City in 1979 yes. I’ve been in New York for nearly 20 years, okay? what would you what was that like New York in 1979 oh It’s too long to remember that is um I Start in Chinatown. Oh Gandhi, and I started teaching the the meditation and energy flow and this is my expert and I met many chinese people so at that time I only teach to Chinese people Okay, we got China. How is big there, so I teach Outside I taught there Five years only Chinese people Until I started to teach to the wesen okay? Yeah, why the westerners didn’t know about you I know The middle class I promised my master When it is me [he] know that one day. I will be in in um in in in America because I talked to him so he said if you [go] they teach in foreigner You must teach the Chinese people first Until you think that okay, they’re having aid they don’t want to learn so I see the promise [that] I posted my master, so I take them out of five years at that time and When I opened the westerner, I wrote the I wrote the first book Awakening healing light okay. Yeah. There’s like a timeless [a] [35-Year] [Forty] Years ago book at that time the Westerner come Okay, how many people [have] you taught over the years? [oh]? I don’t know how to I think it’s a few hundred thousand people wow and you have six thousand people that are actually licensed practitioners right of yours around the world yes, okay, and what are they teaching and maybe you can tell me what is chi Chi, actually very simple is the life force All we say by all electromagnetic power Butchy we call by all We have electromagnetic power in the space in around us everywhere. You can have this energy magnetic power But we also have the bio electromagnetic power so the only differences is the Electromagnetic power and by all by all means alive a living cell can use energy so [that’s] [what] bio energetic [energy] Now the chicken is you use your own chi they have Intelligence and you draw the energy from outside so you have more energy to use so called chicken [okay], yeah, [okay], [so] you need a biological element, but there’s energy around you and you found [many] channeling that energy because Outside entity is we call Randleman they are not alignment but we [buy] all When we have bio electromagnetic power is more alignment negative negative positive Negative positive negative positive like that, but outside is negative negative positive positive They’re not random They’re not alignment, but if you have good energy you are lie and you move they follow you and They studied a line negative positive negative positive Now the energy are close to you now. You can take that Chi, and you use them That’s what the chip Gonna okay, okay, and The breathing also when you allow the energy around you it just like when you go to the sea go to the ocean [go] to the Forest there [are] more alignment energy And that’s why we find peace peace [through] time and if you take more also more energy we feel that okay but Actually everywhere of us have energy Okay, now the [west] now ask very quickly in how can we take the energy in a space and use that right this is? Unaccessible energy And that’s what all the system in the world they discover them So in Chinese we call Chi in India called prana. [I] mean in a many system They have different name for that okay, and what is it? What are the [west] [caller]? What are the Americans [guy] require energy energy or bio it? [electoral] Magnetic power okay, and we are electrical main we have electricity in science We need that esp to run our life, okay? Now. You study western science as well, you did [western] science doesn’t believe in this do you find that Americans and people like that at first are like I don’t know what this chi is this is an eastern thing And I does it take them a while to accept or understand no now Because when I [explained] to them I would give them a little bit what the west Western Term say Okay, and not delight the Cardigans They can relating that it not mysterious thing like that like with how Chi is the energy we have bio Electromagnetic energy, but we never focus it. So people energy aware, so people are success because they they know how to focus and Concentrate the energy so we call your energy and more focused and concentrate When people are not success the energy the micro one way the I go one way the hardcore one way So energy very scared and you lose energy okay, now the first step you focus and Not when focus you have a higher energy immediately so so the [Dao] discover that [four] thousand years at least written down and tap on the wall two thousand five years at abdominal area Where you can store energy? Abdominal area here, okay, now. You cannot store any see in the brain You cannot store energy in half human is a very Important Bio battery that can be charged can charge can store and get energy and that is a domino? So the western I discovered that intestinal Intestine has no here the structure of intestinal is like a battery negative positive negative positive You can chat energy they discover that but then they will go on what to do it, okay? and these days [you] see all these books about guts and intelligence and the gut and trust your gut and that your body has all this intelligence that Growing up in the Western World in America Yeah, I’m pretty much taught that everything is up here Right all the success knowledge learning Lalala the body is used for Olympics and things like that But you’re not taught in America that there’s intelligence or energy here correct. Yes But that’s causing the west and let me london the mean in British the [scientists] they discover the second brain hundred years ago until Now they still don’t know what to do. But now they just have 100 years they have a breakthrough Now they discover that we have another organs in the abdominal They called a multi motion theory this organ actually control all the digestion absorption and elimination So they have one like conductor it’s a big authors [covered] the spleen the stomach the Pancreas deliver the the small intestine the large intestine The Tower and they dialect them Okay now so now I understand all this what dow will talk about this the center of this New organ is in the center [of] the navel right here right in here Okay, actually about this big a big organ But they are on the back cover all the digestion [x] because you see digestion you have Liver [Gallbladder] stomach thank you spleen also part of the dow we live that and this big and Including the stomach they are doing so many job in digestion and everybody doing different job. [okay], if you don’t have [a] director control them like the brain So the the [British] scientists discovered that we have a second brain and this second brain on amazing they’re conducting everything and The dow discovered that if you keep this second brain here Warm and memo and this also a battery can store energy People are draining the end so all what we do now the other people now is Exhausted, okay, we cut the by the battery the bio battery run out, okay now your mobile telephone when your body When your battery don’t charge Mills Okay, we’re not charging up our abdomen Which is where I growl is [alright] And we’re using our stomach really to just consume things right but but now we know [that] this is more than just digestion Okay, they can remember they can stall so now the doll [talked] about this one store emotional Negative and positive stores emotions. Yeah now they let know that look in a half right right and what happened the other autumn yes, so Love joy. Happy in the heart, but also hatred impatient customers is in the heart okay, so the negative positive now you have to fire balance some of them is too extreme when [too] [extreme] [you] hate people hate people and Q people So now love and hate have to be fire balance So no negative in no, sin And no evil or goodness because you have to fire balance everything [in] the world have to fire balance You can say no I this is very good [like] this is very bad – Extreme – – extreme into way So these two [x] [will] have to bring [two] in the middle now we have We can talk okay if you are too extreme one way we cannot talk okay, so the heart has those emotions Yeah, and the liver [have] angry Jealousy Angry frustration It’s a lot of emotion. How do we know that in the liver? How do we lost the dow or we talked this [for] thousand years? So which we know yeah the hot [store] look and why not the [other] organs? I don’t know. We always say how I don’t know [I] Don’t know. How we know just like you say trust your gut yes I don’t know where that came from [I] got because we’ve idealized important. Yeah when people shouted you boom [do] feel like [something] hitting in your stomach because The liver actually take the angry and [star] in here okay, so that’s why the dow say hey If you don’t clean out this one, you only you cannot clean up on the ring right? Okay the brain People think that everything Emotionally is the brain no It negative emotional like recording record out in the oven Organ by Organ like Kidney now the [West] [discovered] that also the fear in the kidney clears in the kidney [here] Okay, and just let me ask quickly This is why when I do a yoga practice over an hour and do all these body positions that maybe I release emotions and feelings That are in my environment, okay, because that happens that’s real right, okay, [alright] So the body has intelligence the body stores emotions It has charge you mentioned liver kidneys your vet said kidneys kidneys Mafia Phobia Trauma okay, so people consult on something so it’s not only here, but When you hear something your kidney connecting with the years and year connect Now when you hear something equating your fear you see something creating [this] fear the kidney stall or the fear and it come up so if we clear out the kidney now the kidney Cfo, okay, but if I’m a doctor And I look at that kidney all it does is take out the toxins in the blood and then secrete them in the urine Right like if I cut it open I can’t find any feeder because ramos. You know is energy, okay, [all] [right] but you must have doctors that say Master Chia this isn’t this can’t be true. [there] is no science there. Oh, they’re more and more believe that now that’s true the scientist now more and more believe energy now and the pSychology before they know we don’t talk about energy and You’re in the in the in [us] in the six seven years of training in psychology They don’t talk about energy, right? But where this [show] ended on say hey you have angry energy you have lived and it love is energy. Yes I love you happiness is one energy and Hatred is very strong. Energy is energy From a normal life force that we have it chained to very angry energy Now their machine can be pack the angry Okay, they can put the hey angry is one energy by the way come from not come from the brain because organ like hardware Okay, like I’m a big hardware that stole all the information and the brain only access it will be Okay, [alright]. So we have to start paying more attention to our bodies. Yes, you’re not just our biceps and our other things like Viens the internal part one into my master told me that if you take care of your five major [organs] The [five-minute] [out] [major] of them strong it can take out a million Problem a million problems right and those organs are the abdomen the heart [about] the heart go with the small testing Right and the spleen thank your stomach. They all one pay the lung and last [and] testing is one pay and the kidney and blood is one pair and the liver and Gallbladder this one pair So they are five week of five meter of organs five have organs actually that Eleven now we have [12] [okay], we can now do this guy so now this five major parts of organs if you can take care exercise em Make them healthy they stick meat. They solve your million problem, but we don’t do that We have in these five major pair Or can we have many expert you have hot expert if your liver expert your kidney expert you have stomach Expert you have in testing expert just [these] five majors, and you maybe have more than ten or twenty expert on it Okay, so in a dowser if you don’t take care of them you [need] a million way to try to fix this files and problem, okay, all right So that’s the first step recognizing these organs are important What’s the next step in the Master Chia process the whole key that you have to learn how [sit]? When you put the energy the organ in the right position they multiply Okay, so then why the fact that the chinese we say the [dog] we always talk about five Elements, okay, so you say the fire? hot fire Living fire compassion fire is [fire] anger fire Anger hate fire Hatred five of Strongest one okay, hit is fight is Destroy, I think okay so now living fire and The small intestine they creating when the fire burn you become ashes Ashes become Earth and The Earth when you have been a big earth they condense and have metal so we said fire creating Earth Earth creating metal you have big metal it condemns and draw more water down and Now we have more water [now]. [we] have wood elements so the if you put water into the feet that grow to be three blossom bear fruit and now you have more seed to grow Eventually you have more water more Earth. Now. You called whole forest okay, cool So we have five major organ if you multiply the organ you have more energy Because they [coat] together as a team okay, so they cannot work alone if they work alone. You don’t have energy okay, so the whole world is a The whole kodou look at the firemen. They are moving right then that creating each other okay, and this is the five elements Theory or the five elements is the practice okay? All right now. We haven’t talked about sexual energy yet we’re going to say that right there’s a lot of people are tuning in because that’s probably your most popular thing that’s actually in [the] [next] [book] if you’re an expert right and all the humans want to know about the sex right but for you They should maybe focus on the organs first. There’s no blame in that when we talk about health yeah, because sex so much in what would health also, okay The [whole] [key] if you understand sexuality can be healed so we call healing love So my my most important part is my teaching is Sex or sexuality if you use them right they have most powerful healing power, okay? All right are we going to go into that now, okay? [now] you usually do just tell me when also we did the organs We did the five [element] right is there something else? We should talk about before we talk about the power of the sexual energy you tell me [for] me. You know, it’s good to be just do some simple Exercise okay in the sitting position [right] because we are a very simple if we understand a simple way is that? We are 70% water the same thing like Earth or the 70% of Ocean water and 30% of Earth that we stay on now. We have [70%] so the Earth the whole Key is the ball the fluid is Laia body so one body Five major Ocean is one body [so] when you have a wave from [here], go forever It’s in line timeless keep on and now high tide low tide It can be a 10,000 mile way I Try with it and loti here, so the water are moving [like] this. We have the same So we have the fluid inside and everything is a fluid floating so the first step in the dowser hate The most is foot Step we have the spinal cord free-floating in the spine okay, and when we sit. We sit on a pump So [that] we have a second pump and cranium okay today. It’s a major part, okay, very simple exercise We say moving the spine of a fluid and the brain fluid Okay, so what we do with inhale. We call [it]. We in how you expand your chest, okay? You expand your stomach and your next goal ready Okay, you can go now okay, and now when you exhale you clip down So you hope editing now? inhale exhale cook enough that you [feel] because we have a To tendon then when you clip them we act with the pump ok inhale exhale you know my breathing in Golden light into your spy and your brain and exhale Cloudy and greater than [owl] sometimes we just let go all the emotion or everything down to the [cloud] so you know exhale you know exhale Now when you do for a while you rub your head warm and you cover the sacrum and you cranium, so [now] when you when you rest for [y], you can really feel like You feel that warm your second one and your cranium. This is the clean your pump So we have a ton because we stand up so the [dow] [say] when we stand up we last [24] [story] high So people live on the top floor or on the [tenth] floor or 20 floor the most important ice water or now [from] no water. We finish it okay electricity water everything so when you feel that when you move them something move and Now when you can feel them Okay, conscious feel about some something moving and if you’re moving we call the beginning practicing the chi Okay, the energy the cheaper. Which is yours so chi flow so when you feel that warm light and your host and your [rag] [bumble] when you smile And you feel your [hosts] fine nice and warm and you Know that’s how the food co-op when you inhale the free coop when yourself the three cool down now So you’re just your [circum] and lumbar have to move because the doubt [that] we have seven tons Very important because we are pumped if we sit too long. We sit on a pump okay, and the time to work, okay? We don’t work what we do with high it exhausting okay, and we depending on coffee Or some people depending on a smoke to stimulate the body To keep up before the body to keep us energy okay, okay? There’s no [tea] okay, and now this is the flow now We have two third of the fluid in here two thirds of food, so we started with the spinal [fluid] [and] that breathing technique was to get the spinal fluid going, okay? You would do that longer normally we not [relaxed] [whew] the energy flow another nine nine, I’m going to do nine nine eighteen or Twenty or Thirty six that’s a good number of you So you would do it and you rat you feel the flow that that is how we call energy okay? You feel qi flow okay, and you warm your heads and you put it here afterwards I’ll just record a loop am I can I propose to warm them up Okay, so one them up and you feel there’s something moving okay? And you do this sitting down or you can [do] that standing up to landing OBvi the best is the best for that exercise Okay, okay. I am exact but the next one we derive here because this is the fluid right this is the most important part I’m important part because two-third of the fluid coming here, okay? because we have all the odds and we have the Leeward takes almost what a blood kidney takes so much blood that makes more Interesting when we eat so much blood coming to [pick] nutrition everything it’s a so much blood right and the whole Key is The sickness it comes from the signals come from that when the fluid don’t flow Okay, okay, and if that let now every sickness come oh, and we take so many million and million of Met thoughts hard to seek this organ problem when you walk through like a western hospital, and you see all these sick [people] Do you just think? Then why don’t they just get breathing get the fluid moving and they would have them would be out of the hospital they see all Of them with yeah, I have so many student that come to me. They so sick like in France this time They say I’m came here two days only they say I feel so much better just By this breathing by the fluid flow aware of the free flow and aware the tangent can [scorch] [it] and not have Because they drain them cell and victim you keep on using your mobile telephone And you don’t you don’t talk them and [it] kind of gone okay, okay? So now you’re a student all happen in here We said we we have lower abdominal yeah middle okay up okay, so lower part We have sexual organ okay, and we have Elimination there is a life in testing in here. We have small intestine The exception and kidney and here we have all the digestion People don’t care about that okay, and People so stressful stress we [call] now the western day the definition Is that stress is when you in stress we call fight and fire expose your photo wall Or [you’re] running [ok] fight-or-flight response or stress okay? And now when you are in them When you in the resting mode we call Paula somatic mode you’re in rack and detention, okay? but when you stress The I dashing merely slow down or not digestion. Okay? Now. No, no food supply We’re going to we’re going to lose the wall okay, and there’s a couple people then so people Business is war Okay, yeah in the olden time when we live wall when we have wall if you have to finish But business, we never finish We after one wall But they finished next year and budget more budget more sell more pushing muscle new product music We are keep on pushing note non-stop Okay When we person on stop your fight and 5x pawn now what you’re going to do? you slow down the digestion you sold out the extraction and You slow down all the elimination big trouble the number one elimination is the lung The number two elimination is the kidney the manometry [invasion] is a large intestine Long if we don’t breathe few minutes we die Kidney if Don’t Filter three day we die Three or four days also learn up, and we die and last interesting maybe one week or blow up also but breathing and The Fluid flow free flow involved with the breathing But so if we put the hand here yes, hello A lower up your lower abdominal I cut that is the sexual organ, and it’s a lower ocean it’s a lower Pam Okay, if this one don’t move nothing move okay, [okay]? [it’s] the lower half so you really simple except you [except] [shutting] down the stomach in how you push your finger And some people in a warmer place that can use the mouth And when you light [on] your ass you see and you feel the trip going be after you exercise your rack you feel the energy and you Learn how to control and you learn how [to] guide the [energy] and the free flow and it will flow win when wind Blow The wave go [when] knowing no way, okay. We know we’re all icons you in the seaside [oh] my gosh, so hot and the fish and everything cannot grow also, okay? No wind no cheese No, nothing flow okay. Energy and what am I doing there? I’m breathing what you should say short breaths and are you in now? Yeah, [excel] pushing it button by pushing in pushing yeah, and if you can learn how slowly to squeeze the organ because This one in the dow we said this is the second and the third heart Okay, okay. They got heart pumping but if you’re doing this one here pumping so now in the middle is a big one, okay? And oh yes, so you know the same same thing, okay now [emphasized] [Escrita] squeeze in And you rest and you wrap your ravi one wow Wow, wow wow? now when you want energy flow when many people The blood the Chi the fluid flow [see] everything studied for food that [stuff] also flow okay? Yeah now digestion also, so now elimination also started to flow okay everything The whole Key is like a hammer like like the water pipe Okay Anything stuck nothing flows all falling all coming with the big coming is it right Nina very big funding okay? Now when you read with the time you can feel the energy Okay, yeah now we come up to the upper part yeah, [there] is all the digestion People have all the digestion like blow up not digestion and the problem cannot digest food well No, [you’re] [not] energy. You are no resupply digestion of food you have no resupply No, raise up high you get weak and sick now you get Everything gone okay, so the same if you put your hand your lever on the right hand side right hand side but meat on the left and this pencast show you in now when you say nighttime you rest and you just Away warm nice. Energy gather the energy collect the energy and focus on energy now you start to say hey, I feel warm inside now you would learn how to Recall focus the Cheek and [later] on you learn how to move the chi weaker with the mind and The focus my [I] hat we call focusing focus concentration and and Just focus on it now, you can move the energy and the black follow, okay? That is the we called the big fruit okay now that how long would you do that? So the lower ones how many breaths would you do nine nice. Good nine, okay? And you after you rest you feel something you do another [ninth] of an effect and the step so tea set a four set is 36 okay, it’s good number. Okay, if you can do that I don’t know how people want to get sick, okay? And that’s not that’s four sets of nine on the bottom Right four sets of nine in the middle right for sitting on the top and how hard are you pushing in? 35 says you can as hard as you can low no okay? [greatly] increase the whole key like you squeeze something out of it that yes Okay, now [with] the next one is that the cardinal line is the rib cage okay? And this one? We call actually the heart in what with the heart, so we call the heart is the communication Because heart is connecting so hard when you really [now] love the one connection a Lot of people will catch a block so the heart cannot open okay, so when you eat when you excel You cook in [your] case You know Expand and you fill the heart the lung open excel [club] in in out Expand pull the Scapula together on the back open your chest exhale Sings free the lung and I have very small inhale Expand My ski case my okay [2x] out inhale Exhale And your eyes and you just feel your heart open lovejoy happy When if your little happy everything started to move [ha] ha pam? So you know that [believe] that when you do this you’re increasing to hot Drink it 3 hot Including four hands all right? [one] two three [and] four okay, you have mohawk to duty, okay? And now now I might think I’m not able to love because of my past and problems in my brain. Yeah But that could be trapped here because here block okay, you cannot breathe [when] you cannot hear a lot of people [painful] [here] to cut the rib cage unlock, okay? I make Emma breathe and we turn ugly and but hit it turn up everything hate turns everything off, okay Do you need a lot of your students that have hate I? Mean everybody have that everyone I say it isn’t bad right now. Not bad know that when you’re not extreme. It’s okay, okay You don’t like I hate these people. It’s okay and long as you don’t go extreme When you’re so hatred, I want to destroy you Let’s go so the thing that the [holdup] [acts] every day, you’re walking in a balancing a path Balancing I get angry I get frustration. I hate you It’s okay as long as I know that hey. I have hit. Oh my God today. My head. Go beyond my control now I need to bring it down. [I] need [to] grow more love Joy happiness kindness Generosity [I] need to grow good energy [through] balancing with the negative energy that lets order Do you don’t have to be holy man? You only say do some good to balancing [you] some bad, okay? Does that mean if I’m having a really happy Joyous day? Downside offer some hate as well We hit you don’t have to be do anything Angry you don’t have to do anything like wheat they grow everywhere, [okay]? They grow they grow faster than flower Okay, they’re vegetable okay because we’re human. Yeah, you just have to keep the good energy grow and Balancing with the negative, okay, don’t let them go why if you pick if you work with [them] every day like okay? You’ve grown too much, I pull you out a little bit and let the vegetable grow a little bit now. We’re balancing the class the weeds and the vegetable and the flower and the tree Okay, we need weeks Okay, everywhere all right okay? So that’s done They I have to minister on the heart everyone’s waiting for the sexual energy, but we can wait Or is there anything else to do now that is the basic thing since oh, but we have the illness might? But there is a little bit longer [okay]. [I] got the end of my only [whatever] smile the [inner] [smile] Is that you learn how to smile inwardly and smiling to your organs by Organs by Organs? like We said our body our organs like in Bible [teacher] said our body the temple of God But in a dow say the same thing but more specified [our] organs is the temple of the soul and our soul and spirit? God is spirit. You might keep my organ healthy now The speed come to stay with the [Akhaten] come to stay in my temple but if your own tempo are broken and leaking and All Kyrie in coming down nobody want standing Continue watching this fascinating conversation for free by clicking on the link below to visit our website, and I’ll see you on [the] inside men [eight] to five Okay, we’re fast then we head in Making love [sometime] we pull fast and ejaculation Okay, and there’s the key so now in that with my multi orgasm [motivation] [many] men have to able to Hope the exaggeration longer okay, the [dow] says that the mean now We know everybody knows okay? So we call learn how to prolong or learn how to stop not ejaculation every time

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