MARRIAGE STORY | The May Fair Hotel Gala | BFI London Film Festival 2019

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I love London, I love being here
here and it’s an incredible gift to be here with a film you love so much. Well, it’s a love story. It’s about a family that breaks up
but finds a new way to come together. I think what’s most beautiful about how the film
portrays marriage is that he tackles the question of divorce through a love story and
I think that might summarise it best for everyone. Noah’s great, he’s a really, really good director. He wrote the script which is always nice
when the director writes the script because they really know the material,
so I really love working with him. It’s kind of a love story centred around a divorce. It’s about a couple who’s trying to process
that and how love transitions. Noah is the dream come true for any actor. He is the most extraordinary and prolific writer
and he’s given me such a gift in this character. She’s always in control, she’s deeply complicated,
and it’s beautifully written

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and it has an opportunity to find humour
in really bizarre and disturbing places. It’s going to be really interesting after the
movie is over and people are going home with their mates or date night, or whatever it is,
and it could definitely spark a lot of conversations.


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