Maternity Leave and Why the United States is the Only Developed Nation Without It

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  1. If you’re irreplaceable your employer will want to keep you happy. In America, there are plenty of people to replace you. Companies don’t see why they have to help you accomplish an optional personal goal that has nothing to do with them. And America is the number one destination for immigrants: we don’t have to worry about a declining population. Side note: “Having It All” was a book written by Helen Gurley Brown, the editor of Cosmo…who never had kids.

  2. I wish i lived in sweden?. I live in Wisconsin. I have a 17 day old baby girl. Im so depressed i must go back to work in 6 more weeks. Those people are so blessed to have a year to bond and care for their children.

  3. I dont know where they got those stats from but Latvia (north europe) has:
    1year 60%
    1.5year 43%

    & a lot of moms think leaving your child in the daycare at 1.8years is crazy. Most women go back to work, but give their kids to nannys or grandmas, til the kids get older, then at 2/3years of age are given to kindegartens

  4. Male politicians want us, women, to have more children and then they slap us into our faces with not paing us for the hardest work: giving birth and raising children. I wonder when those so smart male politicians start to think with theire brains instead with theire dicks…Oh and by the way, men can stay at home, too. You don't need a vagina to clean, cook and raise a child. I believe, there are many men who would be happy for a little time-out from work and be hundred per cent there for theire children. These are not only american problems. But anyway, I think the world is overpopulated and it is actually a good thing NOT to have children at all.

  5. I don't understand how a nation can literally be so cruel to it's mothers. And some people here actually saying it's a "choice"?! What choices? – To go back to work when her caesarean stitches haven't even healed vs quitting her job that helps feed her family or… don't have children to begin with? Great choices ?! America, please you can do better for your families, for the kids and for the strong women who wish to raise healthier families. It's possible to have a better standard of living than what you have currently, just look north of your border.

  6. To the people here who hate America because there is not mandated free healthcare, free college, free time off nothing is free. Someone has to pay. Think of how you earn your money (assuming you do). Go to work and tell your boss or your customers that payment isn’t necessary, from now on you work for free.

  7. Americans should be ashamed of themselves. I live in a supposedly third world country and I am entitled to 4 months of maternity leave, add to that 6 weeks of paid annual leave, so basically return to work when your kid started eating solids, plus 2 hours off of your work day which is dedicated for breastfeeding. Also, I have medical insurance from my company which gives me free maternal health care, but the free government healthcare insurance which any expat can get upon paying 27 dollars a year is very generous, basically you pay 8 dollars for each doctor appointment, 42 dollars per sonogram, and the delivery is free and you only pay 55 dollars per day for your private hospital room and thats it. Also GP visits are free, emergency room visits are free, vaccinations are free, children's dental care is free, and basic adult dental care is also free under the government insurance. All public hospitals are sparkly clean and you don't go bankrupt for getting sick or giving birth. America should take lessons.

  8. They don't even separate puppies from their mother's until 8 weeks. The U.S needs to reform maternity leave and childcare.

  9. Having and raising a child is not a hobby, get a grip 17:17 . I have never seen a nation of people so wilfully ignorant of their shortcomings. Having a problem in your country is fine, every country does, but the fact that you are choosing to ignore it and are putting it down to, laziness or blaming women who literally populate your country so that you don't have an ageing population is ridiculous.

  10. I count my lucky stars that I have been blessed to be able to stay home with my three children my oldest is 13 and my youngest will be date the end of this month. It really does make a difference when your kids have you all the time

  11. What's crazy is living a lifestyle where you think having a stranger raising your child in a crowded, noisy, overrun day care is the norm. Children belong at home with their families, period*. You think getting a year off is going to change anything? You think dumping a one year old baby into a daycare is somehow superior and makes you a better mother? Your place is with your children. They're *your children. You raise them. The problem is not with the U.S.'s policies on maternity leave; it's the culture that treats babies and toddlers like puppies that you can shove into a kennel. Whether you abandon your child at six weeks or six months or a year old; it's still wrong.

  12. Age 35 is the age of women's child bearing years? Most women will start saying they only a few more year and that they are running out of time by 35.

  13. I find it so hypocritical that CPC's use tax payers money to convince women to carry children to term, and then don't accomodate them after birth, no maternity leave is fucking crazy and it's disgusting, mysogynistic male driven government

  14. I don't think any company should be forced to pay for maternity leave not when you're not allowed to discriminate based on sex. You shouldn't be able to have it both ways, unless you're going to offer the exact same thing to men, because forcing maternity leave and it be full time pay seriously disadvantages companies that have mostly women and it will raise costs. If a mother wants to be with her child and not work, she needs to quit her job, if she can't afford that, she needs to go to work. months on end with full pay when you're doing no work is not ok.

  15. Total situation of
    "You are damned if you do and damned if you don't …"
    Does anybody knows if anything changed since 2016 in the USA and in PNG?

  16. ANCIENT FUCKING SPARTA: Only soldiers who died in battle and mothers who died during childbirth are worth of being remembered as heroes.

    USA #1 USA#1: No maternity leave OMEGALUL

  17. Government: save the children. Ban abortion
    Also government: let's not support women who decide to have children

  18. You really want to make America great again?
    Fight rich corporations.
    And fight for your right to help and support each other.
    Other countries do it.
    And it makes them great.
    We are social creatures.. We are supposed to support each other and work together.
    Kids have a right to their parents…

  19. Also.
    … If your workplace isn't letting you have leave to look after a baby..
    Take it with you.
    Strap the baby into one of those wraps..
    And bring it to work.

  20. The Heritage Foundation are a bunch of greedy, controlling ideologues intent on forcing women to stay home. They were among the think tanks that distributed "voter information guides" on Democratic and Republican candidates at my church. They were thinly-disguided propaganda brochures steering people toward Republican candidates. They claim to be the guardians of so-called "family values." Yeah, right.

  21. This is so sad!!! I have a 6 month old. I came back to work after 3 months of maternity leave. I am working from home. I feel babies (3 month olds) are so small to be left without mom. This got to change !!

  22. I'm confused by the info graphic that says Germany has 14 weeks paid maternity leave, cause in my office there's a woman who just came back from 2 years of maternity leave. My cousin is going to return to work next month after 1.5 years. Maybe their companies provide more than they have to.

  23. what's even more jacked up, if you work some law enforcement jobs in california they offer NO LIGHT DUTY for women who are pregnant, they'd rather see a pregnant woman risk it all until a few days before giving birth.

  24. Many Americans who have the means are leaving the country, it's just not what it used to be and hasn't been for a very long time. In some ways, it never was what it claimed to be. People are waking up.

  25. Wow she had to go on disability leave because she was pregnant! I didn't realize pregnancy was a disability?

  26. Watching this while I'm currently on my third year of maternity leave ? (it ends in December) move to Europe people

  27. Oh my gosh!!! This has been my worst fear!????? I had my baby last March and I chose not to go back to work with the fear of my child not being safe in the world we live in. I honestly don’t think I could keep living on if my child died because I wasn’t there with him.

    No my job didn’t want to extend my leave, no I’m not making the money I wish I could(or even should) but I’m so happy to be with my child and knowing he’s safe with me. The only time I have to trust he’s going to be ok and safe is when I’m asleep. Even then I sleep so lightly and only sleep about 4 1/2 hours but that’s not unusual either because of my sleep insomnia. ??‍♀️

  28. good doc, just wish she pushed back on the heritage rep's comments on it affecting wages and hurting companies where earlier in the show they highlighted the fact that the mandate did none of the above. Allowing that narrative to persist is one of the reasons why many issues become so partisan.

  29. 16:12 I think she means, "a choice women should be FORCED to make." Paid leave doesn't prevent a woman from deciding to take time off to be with her family. It prevents her from HAVING to choose between career and family. If she decides not to return to the workforce later, or to take a lower paying position when she returns, no problem. Paid leave doesn't take those options away from her. It just means she isn't forced into those options, or otherwise forced into leaving her child earlier than she feels ready to in order to not suffer economically. This is so obvious, the Heritage Foundation woman must know it. It isn't a different perspective. It's just cruelty.

  30. I'm a SAHM because it actually is BETTER for us financially if I don't work. Without me working, we are elligible for SNAP, energy assistance, and State Insurance but are quite literally right under the cut off. If I were to go back to work, EVERY penny I made would go to childcare but because it isn't considered a "household expense" by government agencies my income would count toward the household and we would LOSE everything. The whole system is fucked. I WOULD KILL to go back to work somedays.

  31. The UK offers 90% of your pay for 6 weeks. The other 33 weeks is "statutory pay". Current "statutory pay" is calculated at about £400 a month. Average rent in London is £900 for a one bedroom flat / apartment. Makes me wonder what the "real" maternity pay is for all the other countries listed at 6:45

  32. The Family Act is again going through Congress was predicted to go through the House in 2/2019 but I doubt it will make/has made it through the Republican controlled Senate.

  33. Whatever they parrot about the greatness of America, it is just BIG not great and impossible to civilize.

  34. Kuwait: 3 months full pay before giving birth. 6 months full pay after giving birth and another 6 months half pay.

  35. wow the lady from the heritage foundation what a total clueless bitch, you can see she has 0 experience in the real world. Lives in her richi btichy bubble where they are all able to afford nannies. well about that, every other country is doing it better than the USA darling(America is the continent baby get a map)

  36. This comment section is stupid. Y'all are saying this isn't the greatest country in the world. I'll tell you why it is, we have the first amendment and many other freedoms. Most of y'all are super privileged because you can insult your government and vote people into the government and have people represent you.

  37. I'm also sure that is is also the reason why women and men are holding off on having kids. If you don't offer a meaningful way for prospective parents to take time off without damaging their ability to earn a living then what's the incentive to have children of the burdens are huge especially in your finances. Only those with tons of money and from extremely affluent families have those benefits but the majority of us do not and I'm sure I'm not the only one saying this, having a child may be nice but a tough call to say if it's worth the mental, emotional and financial strain. If you have a broken system with no support then no, I won't be having kids anytime soon, maybe never.

  38. USA equals profits over people. Prison industrial system, private jail, bail bonds system, predatory lending, outrageous student tuition costs, outrageous healthcare costs and uncontrolled prescription medication prices, crackdown on natural cures and alternative medicines, greedy and corrupt pharmaceutical corporations and medical institutions, poisonous chemicals in food and GMOs, military industrial complex, tax cuts and tax shelters for the rich, no single payer healthcare for all,

  39. As someone from the UK I was absolutely astonished when I found out the US doesn't have paid maternity leave. It seems like such a basic right.

  40. No one does it better than the US?? My God. Maternity Leave has a direct link to the gender pay gap. How willfully ignorant do you have to be. Iceland has excellent maternity and paternity policies

  41. Andrew yang would give a substantial leave and the freedom dividend will allow mothers to stay home without facing financial ruin. Yang2020 #yanggang

  42. Does anybody else notice any high-pitched test tones in the background? It sounds like sonar on a submarine? Journalism doesn't usually require people to listen to tones.

  43. 17:06 Yes there are many countries where it is organized much better ? Stop with that America bullshit. America is a shithole! Poverty, racism and discrimination, obesity (fast food prices are lower) ,gun violence etc and a president who is a racist bigot! Even in Papua New Guinea they get maternity leave. Well may god bless America ?????

  44. Why the hell should a woman who cannot bear children pay to support the lifestyle of the breeders? Or any man who has been sterilized?
    Everyone, parent and non-breeder, believes that children are to be cared for. That's not the focus of the debate. The focus should be about who's going to pay for it? Articles and posts like this do nothing to advance the interests of the human race. You may as well post about the sadness of women who want boob lifts.

  45. The comments are equally eye opening as the video. As a mum who sacrificed a career for 2 kids i have no regrets. .have every memory of them growing up…..doing a phd to get back on track now. Children will grow up once, career many times over …My heart goes out to these women on the USA

  46. My work offered 6 months. Lucky too because I was pulled about 3 months before the birth due to complications. The first day back at work was the worst day of my life. I’m just glad my boss let me call and check on him every hour and his sitter constantly sends me videos and pictures through the day. He is now 18 months old but I missed his first steps his first word and his first laugh

  47. The government has no business interfering in the rights of workers. This is one area where the US is doing it right. Forced maternity leave clauses are simply a reduction of worker rights.

  48. In Canada, (Most provinces I believe.) we have 18 months for maternity leave for women! This video was a huge shock to me!

  49. the woman in the red shirt is just absolutely ignorant. “it’s a choice.” like wow, yes it is a choice to have a child, but to have to choose between your off spring or your career so that you can afford to raise that child. like.

  50. This video is bullshit. I'm constantly dealing with employees taking off time for maternity leave. It's so bad that I try to avoid hiring women of child bearing age, because they're more trouble than they're worth. I'd much rather hire an older worker who's past that age, because I won't have to deal with managing the absence of someone who's going to take off for maternity leave.

  51. For Germany there were just 14 weeks of maternity leave shown. That is not right. You leave 6 weeks before your predicted delivery and you have 8 weeks after giving birth. For those 14 weeks your employer has to pay your salary. But you can apply for parental leave for up to 3 years and you can take them up to the 8th birthday of your child. That time will be paid by the nation. What most people do, is to have one year of with two or three shared months, when both parents stay at home. In that time yo'll get approximately 66% of your pre-tax income. In Germany that means, that it is just a bit lower, what you'll get after tax. If you take more time off, your income paid by taxes will become very low. All these regulations also apply on students, pupils and even unemployed. In these cases, you just get minimum payment.

  52. What was the point of going to Papua New Guinea? I think we all can agree, regards less of gender is a pretty shitty place to live… That had nothing to do with the maternity leave?

  53. Republican Heritage Foundation is full of shite. All other industrialized countries with paid maternity leave do not have those problems.

  54. Well the US is the most inhumane country in the world… What did you expect when the damn country was built on the backs of Slaves and poor immigrants sweat and blood??? You think time makes progress happen…it doesnt… Today in US there is no slavery on a legal basis, but there is REAL slavery stemming from ECONOMIC and MONETARY policy… Today people are slaves to the DOLLAR…

    Anyway, paid family leave must be a legal right, BUT people also need to leverage their family connections, like everywhere else in the world…
    In US family ties are very loose… thats another reason why young parents have to depend on day-care and other PAID forms of child rearing… In Europe and Asia, grandparent and the rest of the family all pitch in, as much as they can…
    I myself babysit my brothers daughter whenever the situation occurs that im the LAST option… Im not the best babysitter nor am i the worst… BUT i absolutely dont mind babysitting if i am able to… sure, that means i may have to cancel some of my plans related to meeting friends or whatnot…
    In reality, MOST OF THE TIME, you can move some things around and be a baby sitter and also be able to get things done…
    Sometimes i need to do work for emergency situations and i may be the designated baby sitter… Im a software engineer and sometimes i need to do complicated work quickly… as you can imagine it is difficult where there is a child to look after and the child may be very distracting…
    I have a secret weapon === CARTOONS… I simply put on cartoon on the TV, give the child a small tablet with GAMES that the child is already familiar with and thats it… I put my headphones on and get to work… Most of the emergency issues are fixed within an hour… and guess what, while im doing the work, all i need to do is switch my attention for a couple of seconds and look at the kid to make sure all is good…
    Is it simple??? No, but its NOT insanely difficult…
    And YES, i understand that situations vary and Work requirements are different for everyone, BUT my point here is that you NEED to leverage your family and friends (REAL FRIENDS, not Friend in the American understanding of people you enjoy to spend free time together).
    In order to leverage your Family and Friends you NEED to maintain a close relationship with Family and Friends… Yes, its difficult, and YES it takes a lot of time… but guess what, its like any other investment… If you dont invest in your Family and Friends HOW can you expect any help from them when you need it… AND THAT IS MY POINT… in American, individualism is doing more harm than good… people are completely disconnected from the real world… There is a very old and very good saying "It takes a village to raise a child", guess what, IT STILL DOES…even though most of us live in CITIES, you still NEED a large support group to successfully raise a child…

  55. So a woman gets paid leave. Then I want it too. Why should I be discriminated against because I'm not pregnant? Sorry. But you're not more important than me.
    See how it works?
    Therefore, how would an employer give EVERYONE leave? How is a company supposed to afford that???
    If you want children, its your problem. Not the problem of your employer. And these boo hoo videos are based on emotion. The idea of " I deserve money based on my emotion" not based on reality of business and economics is ridiculous. Europe does it? Okay. Little European countries where nobody really works anyhow is where you belong.
    Your personal life shouldn't impose upon your employer. Don't like it? Go somewhere else. Or be a stay at home mom. Or get married and have your husband work. Or don't get pregnant. Bottom Line: Your fertility is not a company's concern or problem. Get reality. Boo hoo.

  56. So typical of the left to only focus on the visible benefits while ignoring the invisible costs. If you give women paid maternity leave, then you are paying them not to work. If you pay someone not to work, then you have to pull funding from other sources to do so. Mandated paid maternity leave results in fewer women hired, lower pay for staff and fewer jobs. That's why so many European countries have shit employment numbers. That money does not appear out of thin air. Thank fuck the U.S. doesn't buy into this bullshit.

  57. Maternity leave in the United States is regulated by US labor law. The Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 requires 12 weeks of unpaid leave annually for mothers of newborn or newly adopted children if they work for a company with 50 or more employees.

  58. This is stupid. Even right-wing people in Europe wouldn’t THINK about questionning maternity leave.
    That conservative lady’s reasoning doesn’t make any goddamn sense.

  59. @6:42 the chart shows Canada only provides 17 weeks of maternity leave which is technically correct but that doesn't take into account the 37 weeks of PARENTAL leave that Canadian moms also receive immediately following their 'maternity leave'

  60. The mom is talking about her baby dying on the fist day of daycare and she is SMILING! To the most normal people in the world it would MAKE NO SENSE!

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