Maverick This or That ft. CHLOE X HALLE, BROOKLYN & BAILEY and more!

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[music playing] – Oh, Instagram or YouTube? – YouTube. – Instagram. – Instagram. – No, actually, YouTube. – YouTube. That’s where we got our start. Yep. – Instagram. – YouTube. – Instagram. – YouTube, for sure. I spend way too much
time on YouTube. – Cake decorating
or slime videos? – Oh my gosh. Is that even a question? – I’m going to have to
go with slime videos. I love watching Dr. Pimple
Popper and dentist visits gone bad. – What? – Cake decorating. – Cake Decorating. – Cake decorating videos. – Slime videos. – Obviously, cake decorating. – Cake decorating videos. – Cake decorating. – Cake decorating videos– so satisfying. – VidCon or Beautycon? – VidCon. – Beautycon. – Beautycon. – You know what’s crazy? I haven’t been to
VidCon or Beautycon. I haven’t been to
any “Cons” really. – VidCon, because I am
a huge fan of comedy. – VidCon is wonderful. But I’m a girl and I
love me some beauty. – Beautycon. – Beautycon. – Beautycon is popping. – VidCon. – Vidcon. – They both sound pretty
intense and fabulous. – Night in or night out? – Night out. – Night out. – Night in. I would say night in. – A night out. – See, I’m split with this. I love being home,
especially after, you know, performing a lot and traveling. So night ins are
great, but sometimes I like having night
outs with my friends. – The thing with me– always a night inner. – Uh, depends on the night. – A night in. – Night in. I love spending time with
my friends and having them– eat chips and ice cream
and all that kind of stuff. – A night in. – Night out. – A night in. I’m a really big homebody. – I definitely need those
nights in where it’s just me with a book. – Spring break,
because of my birthday. – Summer break. – Summer. – Longer. – It’s longer. – Hm. – Spring break. – Summer break– no need
to worry about school. – Spring break,
because it’s cooler. – Summer is literally
the only season I like. – Summer break. – Summer break. – I would love to get a good
classic vacation where I just lay on a beach and do nothing. – Ooh. – Sweet. – Sweet. – Same. Sweet. – Sweet. – Savory snacks, because I
love all that chips and dip and all that kind of stuff. And popcorn– love popcorn. – Sweet snacks. – Sweet snacks. – Sweet snacks. – I am definitely
a savory person. – Sweet. – Sweet. – Savory snacks. – Sweet. Oh my goodness, sweet snacks. – Both. Love me some snacks– all
about that snack life. [music playing]


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