Meet a Childhood & Special Education Major: Isabel Quinones

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Hi I’m Isabel Quinones and I am a childhood/special
education major. I have always loved teaching. I have always found a passion for learning. I have always wanted to be a life-long learner. I think education is one of the most important
fields because it teaches other fields. At Manhattan I am a performing arts scholarship
student so, I am in singers where I am the treasurer this year, and I am in music ministry
where we sing and perform for mass on sundays. I am also involved in student government. So I am in Kappa Delta Pi which is the national
education honor society and this year I was elected as co-president. We do a lot of programs that help impact the
local Kingsbridge & Riverdale community. We do this event called safe halloween, which
is really fun. We have kids from the local community come
in and they are able to dress up, they can do all the activities and they get an experience
of what Manhattan College is. The location also allows me the chance to
experience the city, the department of education, knowing the diverse populations of the students
that I will be teaching in the future. My ultimate goal is to get a doctorate in
educational policy, whether that be as a superintendent of a district, working in educational law
or policy in a local, state or federal level. The benefit of the five year program I think
is saving time. You are saving money and also the five year
program accelerates you so that you can get your childhood education degree for grades
1 through 6 and also special education. Something special about the people here is
that they really care. Everyone around you wants to help you. They want the best for you. They want you to succeed. The professors, they continuously go back,
do research, they study. So they are giving us accurate information,
which is cool because education is a field that changes every day. I think you should join the education program
at Manhattan because it is unique. No where else are you going to be able to
experience working with the Department of Education in this way. We have amazing partnerships with different
schools, different faculty and I think it is important because you can experience things
you’ve never experienced before. Ready to start your Manhattan College story? Visit

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