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We’re following Kent.
On weekdays, he works a summer job
at a convenience store. On weekends, he protests. It’s been a summer of chaos. People here are enraged about
China’s growing influence. They have paralyzed the city. Staging strikes, barricading
streets and occupying the international airport. The government has
dug in its heels. The police have cracked
down with impunity. And in response,
protesters have embraced hardcore tactics. Leading the charge are young
men and women, many of them students on summer break. Some tell us they
would die for this movement. But now, the summer
is coming to an end. So we came to hear from the
voices behind the masks. Can they sustain the fight? And how far will
they go in the face of unyielding resistance? We meet up with a
young team of medics. They’re gathering at a hotel. It’s part of an underground
network of safe houses that open their
doors to people supporting the movement. Most protesters
don’t organize overtly. They worry they’ll
be arrested. But the medics take
the extra risk. The idea that this
is somehow a game and that they can opt in
and out begs the question, are they prepared to face
the real life consequences of standing up to China? We catch up with Kent as he makes his way
to a protest. This building houses a
pro-Beijing party. Frontline protesters,
like Kent, see some violence as
the only way to force change. That attitude could
undermine popular support for the movement. But as we cycled
through neighborhoods, we see residents on the
sidelines urging them on with water,
food and riot gear. And weeks after protests began,
hundreds of thousands are still coming out. As the day winds down,
protesters stand outside police and
government headquarters contemplating their
next move. The standoff in
Hong Kong continues. But this summer’s
fervor will be put to the test when
many of these protesters head back to school. People on the streets
disperse peacefully and Kent leaves with them,
a little deflated.


  1. Our young people in the United states would never leave their safe space to fight for freedom. They want socialism.

  2. They are oddly influenced overwhelmingly by predominantly western countries. No ones perfect, they shouldn’t follow but lead.

  3. really?for democracy?disgusting CIA organize riot overthrow governornment,like US aggressive middle east countries!all excuse are democracy!

  4. 2:43, People support the movement, Who funded those student?3:52 stand up to China? Hongkong is China, what do you mean stand up to China, why describe China as opposition to Hong Kong? All those radical protester are young simple minded student, they can’t think independently, perfect tool to be used by western influences to fight against China

  5. a giant asteroid could be heading to earth, and these Chinese people still gonna find something to sell, legendary.

  6. When they hoisted the HK colonial flags, they stopped being (peaceful) protesters and thus became local agents of foreign powers. How shameless of them to insult their elders and ancestors with a symbol of their national humiliation and subjugation.

  7. How hilarious, “u know GTA? We are playing a real GTA in Hong Kong” Hong Kong teens fight for freedom by treating the protests as a game series which is famous for “robbing banks, killing citizens and police officers, and trying out crimes” They are simply commuting the violences anonymously and enjoying their time disordering the society. Quote from a student from the video: “It’s gonna be fun today…”

  8. Why not further report the chaos they have thrown out in Hong Kong and their influence to the other 5 million citizens in Hong Kong?

  9. To the travelers : Avoid HK. All peoples are nowadays wearing a mask on the streets. You take pics and they don't like you,they will ask you to give them the phone. This place is becoming pretty hostile and weird.

  10. As a preteen in HK,I would want to talk to the police about being safe ps that teen is crazy for saying HK is a new place to play REAL LIFEgta,NO PLACE IS ALLOWED TO PLAY IRL GTA.Summer was not fun for me

  11. I wish the best for all the young people in Hong Kong. The youth should always challenge old belief systems (as we have for many generations). It is a life cycle, the past must continuously die.

  12. Gradually, we can't see your constructive proposes, but only your yelling for two abstract nouns. You are lost in the fight bro.

  13. The bill is withdrawn, period. Honestly, I don't understand what they are protesting against. They have freedom of speech, freedom of protest even using violence. They practically can do anything. Universal suffrage? I don't think so for this moment, because if Beijing approves that, and a HK separatist becomes Chief executive, HK will no longer be part of China. That will not happen. Go home, children, and stop vandalizing, restore order and law. Don't be fooled by western powers. Don't continue self-deceiving yourselves as if you are fighting for a big cause. Disrupting people's normal life is by no means a big cause.

  14. The young people mentioned "fun" several times. At their age, it seems they did this just for fun. When he was asked "when go back to school", the boy doesn't know how to answer. The young people even don't know what they want. I hope they can understand what they're doing, what target do they want and how to achieve their target, not just for fun.

  15. Whats point of fighting for temporary freedom? From what ive heard seems they only want the agreement that was made by china and britain respected and that agreememnt expires in 2047 i think why delay china invasion until a few more years if china will get all hong kong eventually? No point to go to jail or get killed for temporary freedom they might as well comply with china now.

  16. 17 years old..thinks he knows every thing… accepts money from god knows where… damages property… wants government to face them… these should be called "domestic stupid terorists" is violance the answer? then anyone with an issue could attack another you say! stop the violance!!!! you puppets…you bad people! accept your government and change it by votes!

  17. Naive kids being manipulated to engage in orchestrated demonstrations. Shame on the cynical manipulators! Same folks who brought you Ukraine and color revolutions. Check out American NGO's like NED – National Endowment for/against Democracy. Funded largely by CIA.

  18. Young kids and immature teenagers should be kept out of this whole thing, they are being used as tools by the media to provoke empathy and it's really disgusting. They don't seem to understand why they are doing this, they don't really know the consequences if the protests turned violent, they don't even have the knowledge to understand the concept of democracy. They are obviously just enjoying the thrills, secret meetings, fight against the "bad guys" and becoming hero, like they said it's a game. Why would you put yourself in danger without knowing the meanings behind it, without a comprehensive understanding of the world and different systems? Repeating big, empty words such as freedom is not going to magically make your life better, a good economy or a better housing system will, listen to your dad kid.

  19. To tell you the truth son even you have a tank you cannot win on the motherland because your parents was also a kids of China.
    There is no way Chinese PLA will intervene what happen in Berlin wall and group of Russia is a big mistake.
    By the way study hard make your parents proud.

  20. These kids moved by themselves. I just see the implusion. HK's issue is so complicate, don't be a chess. To politics, no wrong and right. Just benefit.

  21. they did all that and you (NYT)called them protestors ???? if you have this kind so called " peaceful protestors" causing carnage in the US what would Mr Trump do?? SHOOT EM

  22. while phineas and ferb were making rollercoasters and giant robots, these kids were fighting for their country

    ✊ respect

  23. You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time. Stop your bull crap color revolution.

  24. wow, the western has been working so hard for over 5 decades to spread propaganda. only stupid people will be totally brainwashed by them. Listening is clear, but partial belief is dark.

  25. Peter Sun

    How hilarious, “u know GTA? We are playing a real GTA in Hong Kong” Hong Kong teens fight for freedom by treating the protests as a game series which is famous for “robbing banks, killing citizens and police officers, and trying out crimes” They are simply commuting the violences anonymously and enjoying their time disordering the society. Quote from a student from the video: “It’s gonna be fun today…”

  26. Oooo they speak english how charming . American paid college kids that protest on demand . Its hong kongs country its up to them how they run their country . No need to try to rupture the place the 50 years is nearly over stop trying to keep hong kong from being themselves .

  27. I hope nobody dies, Hong Kong protestings are effecting the environment and people are becoming more aggressive with their actions. I really hope when school starts everything will go back to normal

  28. Listen to this young man
    "some violence is necessary in a protest"
    throwing eggs at others' properties, shouting coarse words.
    More like a rioter than protester, don't you think?
    Listen up young man, if you do something and expect being shot by a police officer, then you probably will get shot.
    I wouldn't even try to reach my pocket when facing a police officer here in North America. So be grateful to those police officers you have in Hong Kong, okay?

  29. So these protesters want people to escape to Hong Kong after committing a crime in China , and not be extradited? these losers should go to the Gaza border and protest with the Palestinians fighting for their freedom. children getting shot at their legs by the Israeli destruction force, and be crippled for life, Palestinian medics rushing to the border to save lives and be killed. How many of these kids breaking doors disrupting flights at the Hong Kong airport are willing to die for their cause? they think it's a game like they play on their cell phones then think they are heroes, and not realize they are manipulated by the Western agents? they make me sick.

  30. They are fighting for a noble cause. The freedom from communist rule. If China finally says enough is enough most of these kids probably will not survive.

  31. Please hide their faces and casual clothing NYTimes. The HK police are ruthless, these protesters could face up to 10 years in HK jail. Even if they'd agreed for you to take video of them, please remember they are children. Take this down now and re-upload, thank you.

  32. I see the spirits and souls of chinas tiananmen square student in them IT shows that their life wasn’t wasted Go hongkongers and possibly one day Hongkong will change the whole china system even if it where to be a last day in earth LETS GO HK PPPL

  33. 算了吧,港独废青们,别把自己包装成英雄一样,你们干了什么心里没点逼数吗?除了跪舔洋人,你们还能干嘛?

  34. Let's gear up the protesters in states too! Let the protesters disguise themselves and fight against the police for their freedom Trump!

  35. wow NYT plays it down to small student movement …gee i wonder how did those 1.7mil protesters last week in HK sneak out of their curfew without their parents noticing ?!?? wtf ?!??

  36. It is pretty sad when you have school kids comparing a protest to Grand theft auto. Wake up you are not little kids.

  37. These wolves (rioters) attempted to rebrand themselves as sheeps for two days! But the wolves instinct came back out and they are now back on the streets. Violence and vandalism back on!!! HK police, one of the world’s most professional and restraint police forces, just doing their job and they are your sons and daughters too. Which side uphold the rules of law? You decide!

  38. this is the same situation as venezuela many students over there have been brutally killed and the government goes and kills everyone this has been going on years please talk about venezuela

  39. Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same. – Ronald Reagan

  40. I think the New York Times should report about the "pro-china" protester around the world. that would be very interesting

  41. The awkward silence after “what abt when everybody goes back to school” had me!Lmao,sharp question coming from a liberal left-wing journalist. It is indeed a game, with an inevitable aftermath.

  42. At least these teens are backed, supported, instigated, financed and propped up by america…poor Palestinians especially little children are shot like target practice daily by the israeli regime and msm like nyt turn the other way…lol…..

  43. Two+ month protests and riots and not a single people die, this can only happen in HK, which has law and order, which will be destroyed by these young rioters.

  44. As much as I'd like to see China get a taste of its own medicine, these young folks should stay at school. At the end of the day, Hong Kong is part of China as an autonomous nation. If you want to make a protest, it should be everyone. Not just the young.

  45. Great job being an extreme hypocrit NYT. Remind me, when was the last time you report such law-breaking thugs in such fashion in the US? I doubt you ever had the chance, coz they would have been wiped out by the democratic bullets of the police before you have the chance and guts. Shame on you.

  46. i read some of the comments. some prayed and hope for peace in HK. WAKE UP! peace is uphold by everyone including those who did not participate in the rally or demonstration and not the responsibility of someone else here say the government. Do these people know what they are fighting for? How can they claim democracy when they themselves invade the rights of other HK residents including police and government officials, tourists, and whoever that is not in line with their fight. Vandalism is not and act of peace and democracy. Paralyzing operations of airports and public transport systems are barbaric acts ignoring the needs of others. If they think they are so right, why cannot tell their parents? Parents disagree? that is call freedom to an opinion. When you are living under one roof, there are house rules that applied. No one is above the law no matter how right you THINK you are.


  48. They have very strong determination for freedom. Godbless you all and may god always protect to all to everyone needs freedom.

  49. We support American police to use weapons recklessly to unarmed citizens! Gunshot should be everywhere in the U.S.!

  50. terrible NYT reporting because China´s AI enhanced cameras can easily spot the clothes the young protestors wear not just their face to track down down their identity and place of residence. There seems to be zero concern at New York Times to protect the identity of these teenagers.

  51. These people are risking their lives for democracy and freedom, to not get extradited and improsoned because they have an opinion that the Chinese government does not like. Hong Kong has always had freedom of speech.
    With this extradition bill, the Chinese government will be able to extradite and imprison Hong Kongers who speak out against it, against censorship and against Communism. These people here are fighting for their future.

  52. parents are working to breed children and building Hongkong. those media brain washed children? are trying to destroy Hongkong economy and their parent's jobs, even know want to let them know. too bad. don't take advantage of using children as negotiation bargain.

  53. If I go protesting on the street against the government, it maybe because it is hard to find a job, Meat is too expensive, my salary is too low, etc….If you don't commit crime, who cares about the extradition bill?

  54. so typical of youngsters nowadays they treat life as a game and now they get to play virtual reality game on the streets of HK

  55. NYT needs to stop promoting protestors, they are ruining Hong Kong and ruining the kids future. It's pointless and they won't accomplish anything. China would never yield to demands of teenagers, most people in HK just want a peaceful life

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