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People come to my firm, and
they’re anxious, they’re upset. And the first thing we do is I say,
“Relax, it’s going to be okay. Life goes on. Let me here your issues.”
And we give you a full consultation. You come to us, it’s not a sales pitch. We
listen. We take notes. Based on what you say, we give advice. I
mean, that’s what we’re selling. We’re selling advice. And when people get
the right advice, they calm down, they feel a little better. I hear too often from potential clients
that come in is they met with a lawyer, and he just start talking about the price.
It’s not about the price. I want our clients to be happy. I want our
clients to be informed. Sometimes I’m not delivering the best news
in the world, but I’m delivering the truth. And if people have the truth and
have an understanding, they’re generally less anxious. A divorce in New York, it’s not the end of
your life. It’s actually the beginning of a new life, and sometimes it’s really
exciting. So people come into my office, and they’re sad that their marriage is
breaking up, and they should be sad. But you can get excited about it, because
it’s a new chapter in your life, and it’s a new beginning. And maybe you’re
going to be forced to take a new job, or move to a new place, or live on your
own for the first time. I see the smile in some people’s faces.
It’s going to be okay. If you’re going through a divorce in New
York, I urge you to come into our office for a free consultation. We’ll develop a
plan and a strategy that works best for you, and we’ll give you the best new start
to your new life.

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