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This is Sunny. She organized this rally on
behalf of police relatives. More than three months
of unrest have transformed the city. These Hong Kongers say
they’re defending their freedoms from China. Confronting them are also Hong Kongers in uniform. Clashes mark almost every demonstration, no matter
how peaceful it begins. And many Hong Kongers
don’t blame protesters for
the violence. They blame the police. As protesters scattered,
ordinary people stepped in from the sidelines. The tension you witnessed
doesn’t end here on the streets. It’s permeating
neighborhoods, homes and the most intimate
corners of society. We’re back with Sunny. She participates
in the protests. But her husband is a cop
who confronts demonstrators. Even though Sunny
supports the movement, she sympathizes
with the police. She says they’ve become
stand-ins for a government that is unwilling to compromise. Sunny is putting up fliers
for an activist group, people like herself, who have police
officers in their families. The members of Sunny’s group
are walking a fine line. They’re calling on the cops
to tone down the aggression and at the same time,
they want protesters to remember that the police
are their neighbors, stuck in the middle. Many officers who feel
conflicted don’t dare speak out They fear losing their jobs
or being ostracized. Their only real
choice is to quit. Cathy Yau was sworn in
as a Hong Kong police officer in 2008. But in July as
tensions escalated, and officers continued
to use excessive force against protesters,
she resigned. She has since decided to
go public with her story. Now she’s announcing her
campaign for City Council. If elected, she wouldn’t be able to grant
protesters their demands. But her hope is that
in her new position, she can better encourage others
to heal their divided city. Sunny is organizing
an upcoming rally with other police relatives. Sunny’s group
leads the rally, marching new demands to
police headquarters. [Protesters chanting] They’re calling for an
independent inquiry into police misconduct and they’re insisting
that the government take responsibility for the
violence in the streets. No one here is
under the illusion that their demands
will be answered. But they hope they’re
creating a space where people will come to listen.


  1. Being a Chinese lived in HK; I know those are actors and actresses for the camera! People of HK do not want anything to do with violent or with the laws and it is not because we do not trust the police but as a good citizen; no one wants to be seen with the police (it will be an indication someone is breaking the laws)! So all these so called innocent locals who came down to stop the police for firing tear gas is unreal; they will want the police to get rid of all the violent and disturbance ASAP if they are real!

  2. Joshua Hong is Hero to Hong Kong people and the world as he said:
    Carrie Lam repeated failure in understanding situation has made this
    announcement out of touch-She needs to address ALL Five demands: STOP

  3. Joshua Hong is Hero to Hong Kong people and the world as he said:
    Carrie Lam repeated failure in understanding situation has made this
    announcement out of touch-She needs to address ALL Five demands: STOP

  4. Joshua Hong is Hero to Hong Kong people and the world as he said:
    Carrie Lam repeated failure in understanding situation has made this
    announcement out of touch-She needs to address ALL Five demands: STOP

  5. Joshua Hong is Hero to Hong Kong people and the world as he said:
    Carrie Lam repeated failure in understanding situation has made this
    announcement out of touch-She needs to address ALL Five demands: STOP

  6. Joshua Hong is Hero to Hong Kong people and the world as he said:
    Carrie Lam repeated failure in understanding situation has made this
    announcement out of touch-She needs to address ALL Five demands: STOP

  7. search the UK parliament . watch democracy in action . All the wealth that being plundered by the west were being used up by democracy slow discussion of policy oppose is a must for the sake of opposing. Democracy only could success in a small population large land country with citizen mostly above average education and have a good amount of natural resource . Democracy is quite time consuming & expensive well not really suitable for most country . If u think U.S is successful because of democracy well it's not without the wealth it got from other 3rd world country and maybe could ask the large population who don't vote do they still believe the government can get things done. Why is that well good policy is a must to oppose if I am from different party so in the end citizen suffer because of politic power grabbing .

  8. Funny how there's more coverage about Hong Kong in a day by the US mainstream media than there is of the entirety of the Yellow Vest movement, since both are fighting injustice and oppression by their governments.

  9. Hong Kong used to be a wonderful city. Chinese communist regime manipulate Hong Kong political system. Anyone now can be disappear. Hong Kong people have no choice. They need to unify to fight for their own Freedom Democracy.

  10. If your husband is a Hong Kong policeman leave him. If your father is a Hong Kong policeman disown him. Hong Kong policeman are pure evil scum.

  11. Police r normally in a tough situation. It's not about what they like/dislike or what's their personal views on issues. Their job is to keep the peace n follow orders. When you put yourself in their shoes, then you can understand.. Their job is to protect the nation disregard of their personal views, and they have a family to look after and feed.

  12. The HK cops are nice. Try to approach any police officer on duty at any protest in US, they would escort the reporter and her crews out immediately.

  13. NYT is an insult to journalism! They got notorious records of distorting facts and stories! Look at what they did on Iraq, they said Iraq had Weapons of Mass Destruction, yet the whole world knew later this was big blatant lies. Shame on you! W trash liars!!

  14. Hong Kong people don't give up until your demand is fulfilled. China economics is high but for their rudeness and disrespectful manners many nations are restarted Chinese tourist to visit their nation..


  16. These people are just too well, that's why they cause problems. The human brain is designed to solve problems. And if there are no problems then they are self-made.

  17. 3:11 "he can't express his stance" wtf? then maybe he should not be a police officer if he is this weak beta male you say he is. A male unable to do what is right, when faced with a problem.
    What made he think he could be a police officer if he can't do what's right? That Government picked only weak beta males for police to follow their order like the good sheeps they are ?

  18. you want the police to be sissies! You want them to coddle you? Seriously? That’s the social workers. Go cry to the social workers.

  19. What do you expect to achieve, independence, freedom, britain and america invading china for you. If that was promised to you by your leaders, you are stupid to belueve them, because they dont believe that, in fact, they already fled to safety, leaving you to harm. You will be imprisoned, violently attacjed, teargassed and worse shot by the police or crushed by your violent peers. Whatever good life you had, will be gone, abd you will be sent to te provinces for re education. Hongkobg wealth and influence is going to disappear, china will move all businesses there to other more peaceful sites by the mainland shore.

  20. I do not know any of them.
    I think they are posing as fake police families.
    Those two opinions are totally different. BUT, your NYT reporters/journalists are so eager to draw a equals mark in between an unequal statements and put into HK police mouth. DID YOU SEE MY FRIENDS IN USA, UK, EUROPE?

  21. With the pro-democracy demonstrators being met with an increasingly violent state response, I cannot help but notice implied threats via news-media of eventual violent intervention by the Chinese military, which is (considering its reputation for brutal repression against its own people) rather ironically referred to as the People’s Liberation Army. As a result, there are annoyingly tiresome blatant-misnomer references to everyone powerful in China as being politically and ideologically “communist.” The only notable characteristic of the People’s Republic of China’s Communist Party, which theoretically is supposed to be based upon Marxist socialism, that may be truly communist is its governing practice of physically-brutal authoritarian, if not totalitarian, rule over its populace and especially that of Tibet. Almost everything else practiced by China’s government is based upon capitalism, smug wealth and iron fist control. Really, eliminate the terminological anachronism—it’s long overdue. (Frank Sterle Jr.)

  22. sigh you sometimes can't help but feel bad for the police as well. I mean, they're Hongkonger's as well. They just so happen to work for the government and don't have a say in what they do for the most part as the front lines of the government. It's either follow orders or lose their livelihoods. The police officer that quit was probably only able to do so because she had less to consider financially (i.e. dependents). It also doesn't help when they don't have support from their family and or friends. And when they're facing "some" violent protestors, what can they do? When some of their families information is being posted to the public eye in a threatening manner, what to do? sigh I understand the need for the protests, the strikes, etc (even though in the end nobody knows if it'll be all for naught)….I just wish it was all done in a peaceful manner. But it truly begs the question, where did all the weapons and resources come from? And exactly how many Hongkonger's are actually in support of "violent" protests?

    And there seems to be so many differing conspiracy theories mucking about….*sigh* 

    I honestly wish the best for HK.

  23. People don't realize it, but the norm of Police culture all over Asia are corrupt and excessively violent. In Japan, police psychologically abuse suspects to give false confessions just to make the case easy for themselves. In the Philippines, an incompetent president letting the Police take charge of an anti-drug campaign resulted in thousands of deaths, many of whom were informat rub-outs and extortion of innocents. Whether you're in a developed or developing Asian country, the way police are conditioned to do their job is far from the idealizations of movies and TV shows. Hong Kongers shouldn't be surprised whatsoever that their police are authoritarian and use excessive force, especially in a culture that prides itself in its continuity with neoconfucian values that overidealize social harmony and authority.

  24. Do they ask for advanced warfare tatcits? A welcome answer is fairness. May those who are blessed bless those who oppose them. I'll keep your memory in an e-mail. Always straight forward, our Presiden,t will win. Buy some silver and let me know in a week.

  25. Go have look what those teenage to do, you will know, why cop want take them. And go have look USA cop. Hongkong cop good job.

  26. How about the uprising in middle east that killed hundreds of thousands people. Syria, yemen, libya, iraq. Now U. S provoking Iran and Valenzuela. Interfering in other country is normal to U. S or U. K' this 2 ciuntry love wars.

  27. I'm just curious. How would police suppress people if protesters are not involved in violance? You guys are just reversing cause and effect.

  28. karma will get to those rioters! Not the polices! They are doing their job just like other countries’ forces!

  29. New York Times…your fake organization and your rubbish reporters have hidden agendas to bring problems to China. Look forward to another bomb going off in New York so that you know what karma is

  30. I don't know which side resorted to violence first, but I think the HK police have been very restraint. In any other country, there would already be deaths among the protesters/rioters. Witness the Yellow Vests peaceful protests in France and the Bloody Sunday massacre of Irish peaceful protesters in Britain and Kent State University peaceful protest.
    If there were no constant interference from foreign interest, these protests would not have even started if people were given a chance to understand what the bill actually stood for.
    Nathan explains this very well.
    And an example of CIA interference.
    How would you feel if you were the parents of the girl who was murdered by her HK boyfriend in Taiwan and the dropping of this extradition bill means he escapes justice for her murder. Do you want HK to be known as a refuge for criminals?
    You really think that the majority of HKongers support the rioters and not the police?
    Don't forget everybody has to pay higher taxes to replace these damages.
    The counter protests are not given the same amount of publicity., only when the white shirted residents of Yuen Long district chased the trouble making "protesters" out of their district. They did not want to see their property and businesses laid waste. As usual the media twists this to say they were mafia thugs paid by China.
    Wake up HKongers, wake up, don't let manipulated narcissists blind you with lies and get you BLINDED.

  31. If these thugs did what they did in the US they would all be dead by now. Throwing bricks, petrol bombs, firing metal balls catapults at the police and they are still trying to convince the world that they are right.

  32. Normal citizens in Hong Kong are frighten to see the police than protesters as no one will hurt by the protesters but will by the brutal and cowardly attack of police

  33. Why didn't you show videos of the police being beaten up by rioters, stabbed, rioters throwing petrol bombs to let ur viewers get a better idea

  34. When you are young your mum told you the true that police is justice, now you are become evil so you think police are bad guy because police will arrest the mobs.

  35. So New York Times …always look standing for justice ,but always come with prejudice lens. All the western media turn the camera towards to police ,but no one see how they hit police …so Americans style, so sick of this double standard. In the end , its all about democracy…

  36. You don’t know that these police officers are not from Hong Kong but they wear the HK police uniforms but FROM COMMUNIST CHINA !

  37. Hong Kong citizens should realize since 1997 they're Chinese again, they're NOT British. The solution? To start an independence war from China, or to start behaving as Chinese citizens, wihout freedom, without internet, without democracy, without free press… Am I right? (gilberto lehrer from brazil)

  38. To all Chinese in Malaysia..please show this video. Compare Malay-Muslim Government and your ethnic when to be government. We Malay-Muslim still give u "democracy". One day, Dap can give u this problem.

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