Men’s Basketball: Queensborough vs. Dutchess CC (12/11/2014)

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(buzzer) – [Announcer] Good evening
and welcome to the second game of our double-header today. Our second game is the Dutchess
Community College Falcons and the Queensborough
Community College Tigers The National Junior College
Athletic Association, Region 15 and Queensborough promote good sportsmanship
by student-athletes, coaches and spectators. We request your cooperation
by supporting the participants and officials in a positive manner. Negative comments,
profanity, racial, sexist, or other actions directed at
officials, student-athletes, coaches or team representatives
will not be tolerated. Queensborough thanks you for your support and your cooperation Now, the starting lineup for the Dutchess
Community College Falcons: Number 13, Noah Morton Number 24, Marquis Smith number 33, Carl Stanback number 34, James Relyea number 40, Lamar Langhorn The assistant coaches for
the Falcons Ron Darsch and Tyreek Gale. Head coach and a happy
birthday to Mark LaFaro. Now, the starting lineup for your very own Queensborough
Community College Tigers: From Civil Rights High School, number one, Patrick Brown. From Owens High School, number 23, Jordan Chateau From Benjamin Cardozo High School, number 33, Sven Hunt From Benjamin Cardozo High School, number two, Joshua Lee. And from Forest Hills High School, number 20, Eric Leite Assistant coaches for the Tigers, Ronald Williams, Baron
Nichols, Tiraj Simpson and head coach Clarence Emengo. – [David] This is QCC alum
David Russell with Joe Masi, Queensborough Tigers about to
take on the Dutchess Falcons, Queensborough starting five, Patrick Brown, Joshua Lee, Eric Leite, Jordan Chateau and Sven Hunt The Tigers are coached by Clarence Emengo Dutchess County Community
College’s starting five Noah Morton, Marquis Smith, Carl Stanback James Relyea, Lamar Langhorn. And they are coached by the
birthday boy, Mark Lafaro. hoping his team can win tonight. They have one win in
the region on the year, that was their first game against Ulster. But they’ve played a lot of close games, Queensborough has two wins in the region, not playing a lot of close games, they got blown out by Nassau And then they blew out Suffolk at Suffolk, then lost a few blowouts in CUNY. The last game was here against Ulster which they won by 14. – [Joe] Three and seven overall and will have the big guy
Sven Hunt jump center here. – [David] No surprise, the
Tigers won the opening tip Eric Leite, the pull-up jumper is no good. And rebounded by Noah Morton. So Dutchess looking for the
first points of the game, good defense inside, forcing a turnover. And there’s another turnover. 30 seconds in, scoreless game. – [Joe] They’re playing zone
defense with the two big fellas Hunt and Chateau. – [David] Patrick Brown with the steal and Brown will go in with the layup. Man who’s leading the Region
in points per game with 17. Putting the Tigers up two nothing. – [Joe] That’s a nice area to lead (laughs) the whole Region. – [David] A jumper for the tie which is no good and rebounded by Hunt. – [Joe] Talking to assistant coach Tiraj Simpson for a little bit, – [David] Eric Leite makes it four nothing Good start for the Tigers – [Joe] Tiraj said he would like on the bench with Carl Emengo they would like the Tigers
to show more intensity, be more intense out on the court. – [David] There’s a
three-pointer which is no good and rebounded by Hunt. – [Joe] Showing their share right now as they got a good start here. – [David] Chateau spin move
shot off-glass no good, tipped and Dutchess with the rebound. Dutchess a team that does not want to run. – [Joe] Just like the ladies,
they did not want to run in the first game. – [David] Coach LaFaro
says a good game for them would be in the 60’s If it gets out of hand
and ends up in the 80’s that would not favor them at all. Nice pass inside – [Joe] Extra steps – [David] Relyea took a step too many. Two minutes in, Tigers lead four nothing. Inside to Chateau, the spin
move wall shot it’s good. Six nothing QCC. – [Joe] That’s the way you do
it, just the way he did it. And back into that zone again. A time out will be taken
by Dutchess as they try to get the motor going here tonight. – [David] Time out called by Mark LaFaro, today’s his birthday if the game keeps going like
this he may age five years by the time the game is over. – [Joe] And if I sing
happy birthday to him he’ll age another five years. (laughs) So, I’m not gonna go it. Six nothing is the score. You don’t want to get off
to that type of start in the other team’s building, on
not exactly a warm night. – [David] No, certainly not. You weren’t here for the
men’s game here last year, Dutchess came in, that
was a very ugly game. There were 45 fouls committed. You know how they have those
copyrights during games? You could wave that out for that game because no one would want it. (laughs) Very ugly game. Queensborough won, so there’s that. – [Joe] Probably show it
at like five in the morning or something like that. (laughs) Anyway, you know, Dave, it didn’t turn out to be such
an awful day weather wise as it could have been. – [David] No, they were
saying a Nor’easter this week but didn’t happen though. The weather people were wrong again. – [Joe] Thought maybe we’d be trekking up here in the snow today, at least a little bit anyway. – [David] Would you have trekked up or would you have called in sick? – [Joe] Oh, I would have been here. – [David] Okay – [Joe] I was ready for the trek. Got my boots on here. (laughs) – [David] For nothing. – [Joe] My shovel, I feel like Frosty. – [David] Dutchess looking
to get on the scoreboard, the three-pointer is no good. Hunt with the rebound. – [Joe] He gets up there, Hunt, even with his size he gets up there. – [David] Eric Leite going baseline, nice pass to Hunt who was fouled. – [Joe] Eric making a nice pass there. He went up, found Hunt
behind him, gave him the ball and have to like what you’re seeing early on here from the Tigers going to their big men. – [David] First one is good. Seven nothing – [Joe] Course, remember
when they had Leo Asano here Gregory Steeley who got
them to the final one year. – [David] Seven nothing Queensborough, Dutchess still looking
to get on the board. Morton a long three is no good. They are just hoisting them up. They don’t have a lot of size. – [Joe] And with the zone being played, they’re not going to
get inside, obviously. They have to do something,
hit a few jump shots, get that zone loosened up. – [David] They’re going
to have to play a game like the Westchester women
played against Queensborough – [Joe] Move the ball, hit a shot, which they haven’t been
able to do to this point. – [David] No, three and a half minutes in and Dutchess has as many
points as you and I do. Which is zero. Chateau couldn’t get the rebound, nice box out by Langhorn. – [Joe] Yeah, Langhorn just moved them back with his derriere, – [David] Morton, being guarded by Leite – [Joe] Gotta keep moving that
ball, find some open shots. – [David] Stanback calls it out, now they’re down to 10 nine, eight making his move is Smith Kickout Down to three, two puts it up. A tough shot is no good. There’s an offensive
rebound though by Langhorn The jumper by Smith is no good. – [Joe] They are ice cold. – [David] Seven nothing. Chateau lost it on the
way up, got it back. Couldn’t put it in off-glass
and the Falcons have it. Four and a half minutes in. – [Joe] That would have made
it nine nothing right there. Let’s see if Dutchess
can steady the ship here, it’s really rockin’. – [David] There’s another
three-pointer and that’s no good. – [Joe] Their shots
haven’t even been close. – [David] Not a lot of
ball movement either. They just kind of get it and chuck it. And Leite, a blocking foul is called and Leite will go to the line for two. – [Joe] Leite taking full
advantage of the fact that they didn’t get back
after missing that shot and getting to the basket. Getting knocked to the floor, it’s a hard way to get to
the line but he’ll take it. – [David] And Relyea,
how do you like that? He gets knocked down and
gets called for the foul. Then gets called to the bench. (buzzer) – [Joe] Well, just as in the first game, the Tigers have been
the more athletic team. The team been able to get up court and Dutchess just
treading in mud right now. – [David] Eight nothing Queensborough Nine nothing. Now a little pressure being
put on and traveling is called. – [Joe] Nine nothing
here in the first inning. (laughs) and the Tigers will
throw in from the side. Another travel there on Dutchess, they really didn’t get off the bus yet. (laughs) – [David] Hunt, double team
comes over and there’s a tie-up. And the ball will go to Dutchess. Five minutes in,
Queensborough nine nothing. – [Joe] You know what it is, they’re trying to give a
good present to their coach for his birthday and they’re putting a little too much pressure on themsevles. – [David] Think he would be happy with one basket at this point. And there’s a turnover,
it’s Brown who took it away. Lee back to Brown and
Brown tough shot, no good. Chateau swooped in for the rebound and then lost the handle on it. Missed opportunity there by the Tigers, they could have gone up by 11. Hope that doesn’t come back
to hurt them at any point. Xavier Boyd with the ball. – [Joe] Somebody’s gotta
get hot for Dutchess but nobody is really doing it. – [David] I think this point
hot means hitting one shot. – [Joe] Yeah – [David] That goes out of bounds. It will stay with Dutchess
with 18 on the shot clock. – [Joe] Poked away from behind as Langhorn was looking for an opening. – [David] Boyd above the three, Down to 15 on the shot clock. – [Joe] What did you say? Ball on the three? Oh. – [David] Down to five on the shot clock, the three-pointer – [Joe] there ya are. – [David] Is no good. – [Joe] Short. (laughs) That was a good look, just wouldn’t go. – [David] No good, Hunt the rebound and Hunt is fouled on the way up. – [Joe] Somebody with an exclamation quite imperatively there but the rebound was gotten to
and free throws will be taken. – [David] Wonder how many
people picked that up? No points in the first six minutes. – [Joe] He said, “My, I
got beat on that play.” – [David] Ten nothing. – [Joe] Is that what he said?
(laughs) – [David] No.
(laughs) – [Joe] On Hunt, makes one of two he’s done that twice on the line but it’s 10-0, Queensborough
here in the first quarter. – [David] Time out taken by Mark LaFaro. – [Joe] It’s really the first half but it’s more like the first
quarter with that score. They need that time out because
where have we gone so far? They’ve gone without a field goal. – [David] Missed three pointers. – [Joe] Another football term there. (laughs) Even if they can buy one free throw they’d be happy right now. This has been a rough stretch
for Dutchess and the coach is trying to draw something
out of the bag there. Get them a little inspired, anyway. What was coach saying
to you before the game? – [David] Just said he
wants to score in the 60s – [Joe] Yeah (laughs) – [Joe] Maybe the 30s the way it’s going. (laughs) – [David] Traveling is called. That’s probably not what
he drew up in the huddle. – [Joe] Wow. – [David] As he shakes his
head by the Gatorade cooler. – [Joe] This has been about
as rough a half of basketball as we’ve seen a team have, – [David] Gotta pull out one
of those Al McGuire tricks, start pouring water on the
court and get a time out. halt the momentum. Hunt going to the basket and
there’s a nice move by Hunt. 12-0 Queensborough – [Joe] Now they’re pressing (laughs) – [David] Nice fake and
the jumper is blocked, and there’s a turnover
– [Joe] Good effort. There ya go! – [David] So almost seven
minutes into the game, Marquis Smith with the
first points for Dutchess and Coach LaFaro said, Smith is much improved since last season, as a foul is called away from the ball. – [Joe] He had a cup over there
drinking water and he said, “That was my best gulp of the night” to this point. 12-2 It’ll be thrown in from underneath. And it’s not like Queensborough is knocking down the doors, either. – [David] Leite misses,
there’s an offensive rebound. Boles put it on the floor; Dutchess ball. 12:40 to go in the first half 12-2 Queensborough facing the two-three zone
they reverse the ball, over-pursuing is Paul, going inside the wall shot is good. Nice touch for Smith. – [Joe] All four points, by the way. – Yeah
– They found something, anyway they’re down by eight. – [David] Karyme Paul Paul going to the basket and a foul called – Blocked
– Yep, before the shot. – [Joe] Number 12, Garcia – [David] That’s number three on Robey. Hunt, nice pass to Wells and
Wells puts it in off-glass. That was a nice little play
off the in-bounds, it’s 14-4. – [Joe] Yeah Queensborough needed that because Dutchess is not scoring, at all, but they haven’t been
filling it up either. There’s a foul going after the
balls, they’re pressing now. – [David] The intensity, and also yelling when they don’t get a turnover. They’re upset when Dutchess
even gets it across half-court. – [Joe] Now they’re in the
zone against Dutchess again, after pressing. Trying to make it really
tough on these guys to get anything going. – [David] And traveling is called. – [Joe] He was cut off in the lane and took the extra step as the Tigers’ Wills met him in there. So credit James Will with the play. Although Dutchess has played
a very flustered first half. – [David] Free throw up by 10, Hunt takes a jumper and it’s good. Nice half for Sven Hunt
he has six points now to go along with a few
rebounds it’s 16-4 Tigers – [Joe] If you’re wondering
where flustered is, it’s just south of shaky. (laughs) Look at that. That was a look-one-way
throw-it-the-other-way but nobody-was-looking-that-way pass. – [David] The ref was
looking and he caught it but that’s why it’s a turnover. – [Joe] And you know, coach just put his index finger on his temple as if to say, “We’re not doing anything well,
don’t get fancy right now.” – [David] No. Queensborough up by 12, Karyme Paul, Hunt there’s another jumper for Hunt that one is short, loose ball Wills gets it and Wills puts it in
off-glass, left-handed. 18-4 – [David] Well, when there’s
a Wills there’s a way, I had to say that, I’m sorry. – [Joe] There’s another
turnover by the Falcons – [David] 18-4 Queensborough Queensborough has four players
in their second season, Chateau, Lee, Leite and
Shrestha, who’s not out there. – [Joe] Remember Chateau
and Leite were there for the Holford year, two years ago and it’s Chateau who hits the ground. – [David] “The Holford
Year” it was like a century. That was some story that year. That’s how good a coach Bob is though. You’ll talk about the Parcel’s years or this one’s years but with Holford, you
just say the Holford year. – [David] Ball went up with
one hand and got it blocked. Whistle is blown. – [Joe] 10:20 to go in the first half. The other thing you always
attach to the Holford career is the word intensity – [David] Yes. – [Joe] And it’s matter of
whether that will last through a few seasons and that’s not a knock on Bob
– No. – [Joe] that’s what a
coach like that brings. – [David] I never saw a coach
so beaten up after a loss. Not like a post-season
loss, just any loss. – [Joe] I’ve come across a
few like that in the CUNY. They were terrific but they
kind of wore out their welcome. – [David] How would Holford be taking a 18 to four deficit like this? – [Joe] And by the way,
they were the nicest guys but it’s just the other people
couldn’t keep up with them after a while. Here’s a drive down the
lane and we have a foul. And that’s going Dutchess’s way. – [David] Good job by
Chateau to take the charge First foul on Noah Morton – [Joe] I’d say the two
most energetic coaches I’ve come in contact with in
the entire CUNY are Bob Holford and a guy named Brown who
coached at Hunter and John Jay, and Bob Denardo would be last. And Chateau with the dunk!
– OH! – [David] 20-4 – [Joe] Fella named Mike Brown by the way – [David] There’s a
three-pointer it’s no good. Rebounded by Queensborough it was Kyle Reed who came down with it. Tigers coming back the other way, Joshua Lee puts it in off-glass Queensborough putting on a
clinic right now, it’s 22-4. – [Joe] By the way,
Brown, who I talked about, who coached Hunter to a championship he came over from Seton
Hall and West Virginia as an assistant coach. – [David] Chateau fouled. – [Joe] There’s a foul, cutting inside with the best move of the
night for Dutchess right there was Morton. – [David] The joke I made
about DeNardo being the least. That wasn’t a knock on him, – [Joe] He’s very low key – [David] Not one technical
foul in 35 years of coaching that’s pretty low-key. – [Joe] Just to finish the
story about Mike Brown, he came over from West Virginia where he was assistant
coaching to Gale Catlett, pretty good coach, and
when he got to the CUNY, people were saying, “Why did you come to the CUNY? “What are you gonna make, “like a couple of thousand dollars here?” He said, “I just wanted to be a head coach “so I had the opportunity here at Hunter and I want to do it.” and then he brought in Division I players. – [David] Lee all the way to the basket had his shot blocked from behind. – [Joe] It’s a great story, Dave. He coached, he won the
first year he was there, he won the CUNY championship. – [David] Loose ball, Karyme
Paul picks it up, two on one. Paul swoops in and a
blocking foul is called. – [Joe] Blocking as they got in the way of the glide to the basket by Paul. That was Garcia getting in the way. So, he won his first year there. He brought a kid in from Indiana, I think he was on the bench. Brought in another kid
from a junior college to mix with some of the
players he already had. Then he had guys who
could go over the rim. And then the second year,
he lost all those guys and he made the finals again and he got disqualified because
he had an ineligible player. I think it was a guy who
was on his practice squad and he didn’t register for the tournament. So, the trail was just the
trail of real fire over there. – [David] Relyea going inside the shot is sent away to Chateau Karyme Paul left alone
the lone two is no good. That would have put Queensborough up by 20 as it stands it’s 23-5. – [Joe] 7:46 to go in our first half. Queensborough with a rather
comfortable lead here. Tough pass could not be handled here. – [David] Five points in
the first 12 1/2 minutes. – [Joe] The most intense besides Holford, community college coach
I came in contact with was Dan Nigro who coached
at Manhattan and before that coached at Kingsborough and he had the eye of the tiger also. – [David] Leite misses Ben Chobhaphand at La Guardia last year was very intense like that. He’s cooled it down a
bit this year though. – [Joe] Intense as a player too. The biggest coach who coached in the CUNY, biggest in size, there’s a drive, no good. Trying to hold that back was Stanback, Sorry to cut you off there David. (whistle) – [David] Blocking foul called on Dutchess if that’s on Relyea that’s number four. – [Joe] Lot of running huh? – [David] And Coach LaFaro
wants to stay away from that Four fouls in the first half. – [Joe] Anyway David, the
biggest coach, in size, was Hassan Duncombe. (laughs) – [David] By far. – [Joe] Who had played for
the University of Pennsylvania and he was big then too, but he was not, what you
would call super intense. He was just authoritative because when you came back to the bench and you looked at him you said, “Better do what coach told me to do.” (laughs) – [David] Coach LaFaro talking to the ref. – [Joe] Let’s say he
was the Wes Unseld type. – [David] Coach LaFaro was
not happy with that foul call. Not happy that Dutchess
trails 25-5 either. He was saying, “Well, you got to that spot first” the other guy knocked him
down, it was a turnover. Saying it should have been a charge. Kyle Reed takes a three, it’s no good. There’s a nice rebound. Wilkins is fouled underneath. – [Joe] Good rebound by Wilkins going in to get it then
he got fouled underneath. Now Carl Emengo, or Emen-go,
not one of the taller players in the CUNY or big beefy guys, but certainly an intense
competitor in his career and he is the coach now
here at Queensborough and trying to instill that same intensity. So far tonight they’ve
been up for the task. They’ve gone up and down with Dutchess and they have a big lead right now. – [David] About 27-5 that’s pretty good, if you’re Queensborough at least not good for Dutchess and how about two players on the Falcons with four fouls in the first half. Tony Robey has the ball. I’ve never seen anyone
foul out in the first half but he might do it. Here’s a three-pointer
from Boyd, it’s no good. Going out of bounds and Kyle Reed will let
it go out of bounds. Tiger ball. – [Joe] I think they’ve
taken about 12 outside shots and they haven’t registered one – [David] No. – [Joe] To this point, more maybe. – [David] Leite, back to
Wilkins and Kyle Reed to Leite Nice pass down low underneath it’s no good, got his own rebound and puts it in. It’s David Stewart who makes it 29-5. – [Joe] Good effort by Stewart
after he missed the inside got good position to get his rebound – [David] And Stanback
wasn’t expecting the pass and there’s a foul against
Queensborough only their third. Dutchess has already committed 10. – [Joe] And a long night has
become an even longer night for Dutchess to this point. Still 5:41 to go in the first half and they have five points. This may go down as one of your
lowest scoring first halves for any team that’s come
in here in recent years. – [David] 29-5, 5:20 to go in the half. There’s some nice ball movement, Boyd going inside and he is
fouled and will go to the line. These will be the first free throws of the night for Dutchess. – [Joe] In the end, I think
Coach is gonna have more candles on his birthday cake than Dutchess is gonna have on the board. (laughs) at this rate. – [David] Boyd is at the
line and makes the first. Foul was on Eric Leite. Makes both, it’s 29-7. Actually Dutchess had
been to the line earlier, that was not the first trip. 29-7 Kyle Reed a long two is no good. – [Joe] Score doesn’t sound right, right? – [David] 29-7 – [Joe] You said it, either
the Tigers don’t compete or they blow the other team out or- – [David] Not a lot of
close games for the Tigers. There’s a turnover Four and 1/2 minutes to play in the first. There’s a little shot no
good, rebounded by Reed. – [Joe] Drive in a lane by Boyd but he couldn’t settle
himself to get it to go and back the other way they pay. – [David] Nice shot by Eric
Leite who makes it 31-7 – [Joe] He had a little
lighter touch on that than the other one by Boyd and that one ended up in the basket. – [David] Garcia, Stanback, Stanback gets it back. – [Joe] Now David, the Tigers have already lost to La Guardia this year in the CUNY. – [David] Count it, and the foul. – [Joe] So they would get
a rematch with La Guardia later in the year but they
dropped one in the CUNY there. How many overall in the CUNY? – [David] I’m sure they lost to Hostos, they lost to Kingsborough, – [Joe] Now that’s three already, right? – [David] And that’s the
second foul on Leite. So Dutchess gets to double digits, it’s 31-10; a football score isn’t it? 3:40 to go in the first half. – [Joe] Manning looking- oh sorry. (laughs) – [David] Patrick Brown
facing the two-three – Oof!
– Fired it inside and it got there. – [Joe] Yeah I’m surprised. – [David] Eric Leite they’re
down to 10 on the shot clock. Three-pointer by Reed is no good and Reed rebounded by Wilkins And there’s the tie-up, it will stay with Queensborough on the alternating possession arrow. – [Joe] That’s just one
of those first halves where Queensborough just
can’t do anything wrong, even when they get sloppy it
doesn’t turn out against them. – [David] Inside. – [Joe] Playing with a
lot of intensity though – [David] Under three
minutes to go in the first. BoGregory Garcia ups and back, shot was blocked but the
foul was before the shot. – [Joe] Stanback getting inside one of the few times it’s
worked out positively for Dutchess in the first half with the 10 points on the board. – [David] First three throw is good. It’s 31-11 31-12 That’s five points in
a row for the Falcons. – [Joe] If you’re Queensborough you don’t want to start lettin’ up here ’cause we’ve seen teams come back before and even when they don’t look good. – [David] Wilkins inside
Reed couldn’t score. Queensborough going a bit cold now. 2:15 to go in the half. There’s a nice move but no basket but a foul called against Queensborough. – [Joe] Yeah last few times down Stanback going to work
and getting in that lane and making things happen and that time the Tigers were out of position and Brobey got in there
and got the rebound. – [David] Second foul by Kyle Reed. – [Joe] They fouled him and
he’ll end up at the line. – [David] 31-13, six points
in a row for the Falcons. – [Joe] Now they’re gonna bring
big Hunt back in the game. Try to close up that middle a little bit and stop the penetration
that Dutchess has started. – [David] 31-13 after he
splits the free throws. Leite it’s a three-pointer and it’s good! Eric Leite from downtown. 34-13 – [Joe] Good first half from Eric Leite! – [David] Leading all
scorers with 9 points. Making a move inside, it’s no good. Got his own rebound and
the shot is blocked. Sent away! Kicked out of bounds. – [Joe] Well that’s why
they put the big man back in for some intimidation and because Dutchess found a
little something going inside. They started to work in
the middle a little bit. – [David] Leite to Brown. Brown takes a three-pointer
and that’s no good. It will go out of bounds
ball to the Falcons 85 seconds remaining in the first. – [Joe] Now I still think if
Dutchess is even to get close in this game, or even
to get remotely close, they’re gonna have to shoot the ball from outside at some point. They haven’t hit anything
from outside in this game. – [David] Keeping in on the perimeter. – [Joe] Working on it right now. – [David] Now they go inside
and the pass is turned over. Karyme Paul takes it outside Leite another three, it’s no good. And Hunt flew in and
couldn’t get a hand on it. Under a minute to play. – [Joe] Boy if you would’ve hit that one, that would have been a hurty-hurt shot Really. It would have had Dutchess going back to the locker room heads down. – [David] That might happen anyway – [Joe] But at least they
have an opportunity here Trying to make it work. – [David] Count it, and the foul. Nice basket by Langhorn. 34-15 – [Joe] Stick-tuitive-ness
the word on that for Langhorn. He would not give up on the
play and you are rewarded when you put that extra effort into it and he was rewarded right there. What was a 21 point game he’s got it under 20 with that basket. Little bit at a time, Dave ’cause they’re not
knocking down any doors, the Dutchess team. Not even hitting the rim, in fact. – [David] Air ball on the free throw. Queensborough about a
one second difference in the game clock and the shot clock so they can basically
hold for the final shot if they choose. – [Joe] That free throw about
says it all for Dutchess in the first half. That one right there. – [David] And Paul goes to the basket and puts it in 36-15 so 15
second to go for Dutchess. Actually scored 10 points
in the last five minutes. – [Joe] They need to
score a basket right here to feel good about
themselves in some respect. – [David] And they don’t get it Hunt the rebound. (buzzer) And that is the end of the first half. Queensborough leading Dutchess 36-15. – [Joe] Just out-played them, totally. In that first half. – [David] Queensborough doing what they’re supposed to do tonight. Facing the team, last place in the region. Queensborough is not in
the top eight either. Dutchess I don’t know what
positives you take away, they’re not down by 25 so there’s that. There’s always hope as
long as the game’s not over but to get back in this game they’re gonna have to shoot the ball and they have not shows
us they can do that. So, at halftime, the Tigers
lead the Falcons 36-15 Second half is going to begin pretty soon Queensborough is up on Dutchess 36-15. Spoke to Mark LeFaro at half time, he was just shaking his head. Said he’s 45 today. I said, “That’s weird, “considering you were
37 when the game began” He said, “Yeah, I feel 90 right now.” – [Joe] Wow, I feel for him, but three’s a whole half
of basketball to go. Maybe his team can inch
into this game a little bit. – [David] I was gonna say, there’s a whole half of basketball to go; is that a good thing or a bad thing? – [Joe] We’ll see. (laughs) – [David] Queensborough up by 21 – [Joe] You think if I call
this game over I’ll be wrong? – [David] Well, if you
want to see a close game you should say it’s over ’cause that’s seems to be how it goes. (laughs) Come out with a little more
spring in their legs, Dutchess. – Another missed three
– Not in their jump shot though. – [David] And there’s Eric Leite
getting behind the defense. Leite has 11 points, it’s 38-15 – [Joe] Now remember this was
a 21 point game at the half – [David] There’s Leite again, they pressed and they stole the ball and a time out is taken
by Dutchess it’s 40-15. – [Joe] He can’t take seeing anymore. He just called a time out. Pete on the mic tonight doing
it the oppoite way tonight. Said Dutchess 15, Tigers 40. – [David] Guess he
saved the best for last. – [Joe] Tennis style. (laughs) – [David] Wild, we’ve had football scores and now you’ve worked tennis
in there, that’s pretty good. – [Joe] I guess Pete trying
to be polite tonight, because of all the meanness that his guest has received
here tonight in terms of score. Queensborough with one of
their best scoring games of the year, to this point anyway. – [David] Eric Leite
leading the way with 11, very even scoring chart, you have Leite has 11 points, Sven Hunt has six, Willis and Chateau have four a piece – [Joe] It’s been very evenly distributed. That’s gotta be a plus, gotta be a plus. – [David] And there’s traveling called, not what Dutchess drew up in the huddle- – [Joe] By the way, did you have a chance to
see that Kingsborough team? How did they look? – [David] I did not, I don’t know. – [Joe] Well, we’ll see
them later in the year here. – [David] Yeah. – [Joe] They use to stack them the deck with a lot of good players. – [David] Leite misses and
there’s a rebound by Hunt and Hunt misses. – [Joe] But it’s been severl years since they were able to
put it together over there. – [David] Since Hasaan was there. Won a few CUNY titles and a
few coach of the year awards – [Joe] And he didn’t do it right away. He had trouble winning in
the finals for several yeara, or even getting to the finals. – [David] I remember
he had Pierre Narcisse Here’s Lee all the way and it’s 42-15 – [Joe] Wee! That’s what it looked like. There’re having a good time right now. There’s a near-turnover Continues to get worse for Dutchess they can’t handle this background pressure at all right now. Six nothing run to open the second half. That’s not what they wanted. – [David] So some pressure being put on. And Chateau going for it but
Dutchess got to it first. – [Joe] Come here ball. – [David] Queensborough with the first six ponits of the second half as a foul is called. – [Joe] They’re playing
come-here-ball, come back. And into the lane that time with the drive when Brobbery and he got fouled, or Stanback who’s made
a few drives tonight and has been responsible
for some of their points. I say some of their points
because they only have 16. – [David] And he has two now. 42-17 Queensborough
under 18 minutes to play – [Joe] Playing a little
zone here for Dutchess – [David] There’s a
long two and it’s good. Patrick Brown with the jump shot – [Joe] And Patrick Brown says take that. – [David] Chateau fouled. – [Joe] Then Lee came
back, tried to swat it, fouled him. – [David] I’m sure if you
told Dutchess before the game that the leading scorer in
the league was going to have two points at half time, they would have been pretty happy Course they trailed by 21 at half time. And there’s a free throw
that is air-balled. – [Joe] They’re having trouble
getting to the basket period But that’s the way it is. With a team having a very
tough year, as you said, just about anything turns
into a negative after a while. Chateau he’s stuffed it before, he went a little easy toss en route there. – [David] Some of the fans
were a little disappointed there ’cause when they saw him go up there they were getting ready to go up with him. Decided not to dunk there’s a three pointer
by smith, that’s no good, rebounded by Hunt. Queensborough can go up by 30 here. 17 minutes left and Brown misses Smith, – [Joe] You know what’s
getting me Dutchess wears the Kingsborough colors but have not played the Kingsborough game. – [David] No. There’s a little floater
of Chateau, it’s good. 46-20 – [Joe] Stanback’s been
the most impressive of the Dutchess players tonight – [David] 48-20 Queensborough There’s a floater and it’s good. Stanback Clarnace Emangno was not happy with that, doesn’t want them to get lazy on defense. And there’s Joshua Lee making it 50-22. Mark LaFaro does not
typically like it like that up and forth game, likes a slower game. – [Joe] Well, he’s not
gonna get one at this ooint. – [David] There’s another
basket for Stanback – [Joe] All of a sudden Stanback has turned into Bernard King. (laughs) Nice moves in the lane. – [David] Eric Leite takes
a three it’s no good. Tipped and Hunt is gonna be
called for the reach-in foul. Dutchess in danger of being doubled up They’ve scored 24 points
and they trail by 26. Stanback who as you’ve mentioned, has turned into Bernard
King in the last minute. (laughs) Can he do it again? No. Rebounded by Chateau. Joshua Lee going the other way
and there’s a charge called. That will be the second
foul called on number two. Five minutes into the second half. 50-24 – [Joe] Bringing more
contemporary terms, Dwayne Wade, we can go anywhere we want with it but he got inside nicely
with it on these few plays. When Wade was at the top of
his game, that’s the way he- Look at that! He’s been about the show
tonight, for Dutchess – [David] Leite couldn’t score. Wanted to hit that one. Has 13 points on the night. – [Joe] Just letting
Stanback handle the ball now. – [David] Might as well. – [Joe] Let it be his ballgame. Gave it up that time. – [David] Two on one nice bounce pass, it’s Brown to Lee but
Lee misses the layup. Here’s Boyd in the lane and he is fouled. – [Joe] By the way, just to
look at the NBA for a moment. Did you think that the
Spurs could win that series last year when it started? – No.
– That was an amazing fun – [David] Especially the way they did it. – [Joe] That was amazing. Particularly because they
had lost the year before in such heartbreaking fashion. – [David] The Spurs last
night beating the Knicks without Duncan or Ginobli or Parker – [Joe] I really like the Spurs and I have to say if anyone
beat them the year before I was glad it was my man Allen Because I always loved Allen, even when I use to cover
him in Connecticut. He was a great guy. – [David] So you knew him
all the way back in college, when he was at UCONN? – [Joe] A real gentleman that’s the first thing
that stood out about him. But on the court he’s a killer. – [David] The Spurs and the Celtics don’t think he’s that nice of a guy – [Joe] Oh he’s not a nice
guy to play against, no way. – [David] He was a Celtic but
I mean once he joined Miami – [Joe] He was great on the Celtics, man. – And the Sonics and the Bucs
– Yeah, yeah. – [David] Wherever he’s been. 50-28 now – And UCONN
– And UCONN – [David] Eventually
will be a hall of famer. Karyme Paul outside Leite to Willis. 15 on the shot clock. – [Joe] I’ll tell you this, David, that is the most intense,
exciting basketball you’ll see When those two teams hooked up. It goes back to the old days. Really good. There was the putback – [David] One of those contrasting styles. – [Joe] That was a nice putback by Hunt – [David] Yeah, 52-28. Now if you’re Dutchess do you say, try to make it a 12 point
game with five minutes to go and see what we can do from there? Down to five on the shot clock, Corner three is no good, tipped and rebounded by Patrick Brown. – [Joe] Queensborough with the big lead and 12 minutes on the clock just having a little fun out there but they don’t want to get too free lance, the want to run some good stuff here. – [David] Hunt couldn’t score
the tip and it’s no good. Dutchess ball, 52-28 – [Joe] You know what
really makes that series and gives it the dynamic- and blocked by Queensborough, – [David] Patrick Brown couldn’t lay it in but Karyme Paul gives the
Tigers a second chance – [Joe] Is that LeBron James, although he’s a great guy
and most people love him, he’s the type of player
that you either rooted for or root against, there’s no in the middle. He’s just that good. He was. I don’t know about this year, we’ll see. – [David] Cleveland is playing well. – [Joe] There’s a near turnover it will stay with Dutchess,
last touched by a Tiger – [David] I have a lot
of respect for the guy ’cause he’s taken a
little bit of a back seat and that’s not easy to do. He’s like steering a little bit. – [Joe] Yeah. – [Joe] The Tigers send two
of their guys to the bench, Hunt played an impressive game, tonight. Couple of blocks, nice put-backs – [David] 11 minutes to go, 54-28 Stanback is fouled and will
go to the line for two. – [Joe] He got banged that
one, it hurt a little bit. – [David] Say “Stanback” quickly, it almost sounds like
“Stan Albeck” doesn’t it? – [Joe] Yes. – [David] Or a contracted
version of “Stan Albeck”. – [Joe] One of the fine coaches
in the history of the game. – [David] And you got to meet
him while he wore a cowboy hat – [Joe] Unbelievable. – [David] 54-29. – [Joe] Dave, just to
make that story short, or any story short, sometimes you meet people, it’s
hard to believe they’re the people you were watching because
they don’t seem like that, just a guy standing there and I was down in Manhattan in
one of those value stores and the guard was telling me
that Sylvester Stallone came in and he didn’t know it
was Sylvester Stallone, he was just talking to him about boxing. This guy you know, in a jacket. – [David] How did he know
it was really Stallone? – [Joe] He just figured
it out, eventually. (laughs) Some people go low-key,
they don’t make a big deal about who they are and it’s quite obvious you don’t want to do that because you’ll have people
flocking around you too. – [David] Queensborough
up 54-30, 10:25 to go. Baseline shot is good, it’s 54-32. – [Joe] 54-32, I’d be honest with you they’ve done a good job to get to that 32. – [David] It was 29-5 to begin this game. – [Joe] 10 minutes to go. – [David] Three-pointer is no good. – [Joe] Stanback there he is again. – [David] BoGregory Garcia
for three and it’s good, and the lead is under 20 it’s 54-35. – [Joe] They’ve gotten a little hot here and a good outside shot. – [David] Karyme Paul trying
to answer right back, he can’t, it’s tipped around. Loose ball going out of bounds and the ball will stay with the Tigers. – [Joe] I think that might have
been the second outside shot they’ve hit in this game. I’m not sure. – [David] 9:30 to go. Wilkins, David Stewart now in the corner- – [Joe] Tigers have to move the ball, they’ve called a time out to talk about it because
they’ve fallen into a little bit of a lull here. – [David] Time out is
called by Queensborough with 9:19 to go. Queensborough up by 19. They were up by 24, it was 29-5 I’m trying to think, have
you’ve seen any other games you’ve seen that have begun like that? There’s a game when
Denardo was coaching here and the Lady Tigers were up
35-4, something like that. I use to work a CUNY title
game that was 57-5 as a final. – [Joe] Ugh, that was brutal! – [David] Not for BMCC though,
that was good for them. – [Joe] No, not for BMCC. – [David] There was one NBA
game in the 80’s, the Lakers, when they had Kareen and Magic and Worthy – [Joe] I did a CUNY game when
I was announcing for Lehman, in college and they went up on Brooklyn, which was in the CUNY at the time, they went up on them like
20-4 in the first five minutes and then Lehman coach,
Norm Lefkowitz said to us, we got this game, I think. Then all of a sudden
Brooklyn just blitzed them and took them right out of the building the next 10 minutes of the
first half and the next 20. – [David] The Lakers Kings
game I was gonna reference, there was a Laker game when
they scored the first 29 points of the game against the Kings it was 40-4 after one quarter. There’s a foul called. – [Joe] And Brooklyn, by the way, was playing without their best player when they did that so they
must have been pretty good. – [David] And Garcia
throws it off of Paul. It’ll be Falcons ball I said maybe they’d tried
to get to a 12 point game with five minutes to go. That could happen. – [Joe] That could do it. It’s 19, ya know. – [David] Paul almost stole it. Under nine minutes to go. – [Joe] Their coach is coaching again. – [David] And a turnover. There’s a layup and the lead is back up to 21 just like it was at halftime. Each team has 20 points in this half. 56-35, 8:35 to go. There’s a three-pointer
by Boyd which is no good. Rebounded by Stewart. – [Joe] They don’t even have Stanback on the court right now. – [David] Queensborough misses a few shots and then commits a foul and that will be one-and-one for Dutchess. – [Joe] They fouled
Brobey on that rebound. Tried to get it back under 20. – [David] If Dutchess has any chance they have to make all their free throws. – [Joe] I would think so, and more. (laughs) They would have to make
more than their free throws. They would have to get
additional free throws. – [David] 56-36 This is the second Queensborough ball. – [Joe] This is what you call
scramble, scramble, scramble. BANG! – [David] Three-pointer by
Kevin Wilkins and it’s 59-36 with eight minutes to go. – [Joe] Wilkins stepping
up into that three. There’s Wilkins again. – [David] Paul had it
go through his hands, and then he caught it but was standing on the line. Dutchess ball. – [Joe] Now they have Stanback back – Stanback back, that’s not easy to say – [David] No, under seven minutes to go. Stewart with the block. Karyme Paul going to the
basket and he’s fouled. – [Joe] 59-36, one of those games you’re
watching the clock tick it starts to get a little
slow right around this point. – [David] Paul makes the first it’s 60-36 – [Joe] Kind of question how many points the Tigers can put up on the board now. – [David] Splitting the free throws, Queensborough still leads by 24 – [Joe] the one thing Pete
said to me about the women is they have to hit their free throws, Dave, he’s a little concerned
about that right now. – [David] You don’t win
too many games by 19 when you miss that many free throws. – [Joe] Yeah. – [David] That was an
impressive second half though. Especially for Grayson. He stressed though, he said if we don’t hit our free throws, we’re not gonna win anything though. We’ve gotta hit those free
throws.Gotta work on that. – [David] It could catch up
to them later in the year. You wonder if a team that’s
deep and has a lot of players can afford to commit intentional fouls and can keep putting fouls on the line. – [Joe] That team was not
deep that they played. – [David] No. – [Joe] Three-pointer is good
by Kyle Reed and it’s 63-36, 6:30 to play – [David] Lead is up to 27
and it hits the shot clock. – [Joe] At least it hit something, right? There were a few times tonight
it didn’t even hit the rim. 63-36 Coming down to the end
here at Queensborough It’s been a pleasure being
here with David again tonight. – [David] We’re glad to have you, I just realized I won’t
see you again until 2015. – [Joe] Boy he went too far
under the basket there did Paul, and that ball went off
the bottom of the basket. First they hit the clock, then they hit the bottom of the basket. What’s going on here? Yeah, I won’t see you til 2015. It sounds like a long ways. – [David] It is, I guess,
depending on how you look at it. – [Joe] Over the timeline. (buzzer) – [David] Some of the Queensborough fans in attendance are asking Coach Mengo to put in Sven Hunt – [Joe] And of course we’ll be
doing our few TV games again. – [David] Yeah, we’ll get
Hostos again as usual I guess? – [Joe] I gotta check the schedule but they’re gonna let me know. But it’s gotta be a couple of CUNY teams at that time of year, I gotta think. – [David] I think it’s gonna
be weird when we do pregame talking to the coaches and it won’t be Jody King at Hostos. – or Dr. Jody King, as
he reminded me last year when he was walking out. Is Jody doing well where he is? – [David] Yes, he is at Mercy
College now, a Division II. – [Joe] Always been a top place to coach. – [David] Dobs Ferry. – [Joe] So they got the
guy they wanted now. – [David] Won his first few games there. – [Joe] Still in the ECC I presume. A conference that got a little bit smaller but it’s hung around. – [David] Under five minutes to go here Queensborough leads 63-42 after
that basket by Marquis Smith – [Joe] If that was made in
the key part of the game, they call that the hoop du jour. (laughs) – [David] There’s a jumper, it is no good. Four and a half minutes to play. This is a much faster game than the one these two teams played last
year with 45 combined fouls. – [Joe] This is the
point of the game where you go around saying, “Yeah
I score six points a game, “I score 10 points a game.” ’cause you add on to
your total, of course. Whew! He’s lucky he didn’t get hurt there. – [David] Hits the floor hard
and is called for traveling – [Joe] Good to see that he got up, Wills, because he was off-balance fell right on the square
of his back three. – [David] We heard it here
at the top of the bleachers. – [Joe] That’s a young
guy, he got right back up. He might feel that a little later, might. – [David] Would you have
gotten right back up from that? – [Joe] Probably about three years ago. (laughs) – [David] Queensborough
up 63-42, 3:40 to go. Make it 65-42. It’s Kyle Reed with the basket. – [Joe] Yeah I score five a game. That’s what they’ll come out saying today. The big total is the one
that matters, though. – [David] That will favor Queensborough That’s right gentlemen,
I’m saying it’s over. You don’t do that before
the final buzzer but – [Joe] I think it’s kind of safe. – [David] Okay. – [Joe] Do you know who they have up next? – [David] Not sure about the men, the women are here on Tuesday against Bergen County, from New Jersey. – [Joe] Bergen is usually a
pretty good team aren’t they? – [David] Yeah, that should
be an interesting game. – [Joe] Whoa! – [David] The lead is up to 25 – [Joe] That was the play that kids use to make when they’d put the weights on their ankles
to get off the ground. That Stewart, powerful jump right there. – [David] Tigers by 25. – [Joe] Guys don’t do that
anymore by the way, right? – [David] And there, and-back again. – [Joe] I remember back in the old days the kids use to put
weights on their ankles to get extra jumping power. Now I think you run the
risk of getting hurt, so. – [David] They ran the risk of
getting hurt then too, right? – [Joe] It was a little
tougher game then, too. The game has changed a
little bit over the years. Not the college game at much though. – [David] Two minutes to
play, Garcia hits a three. It’s 67-48 – [Joe] You didn’t have threes back then, so you had to really play,
you really had to buy baskets. You couldn’t be taken out
by hot three point shooting like you could now. It’s really opened up the game. – [David] 100 seconds to go. – [Joe] I could think of about four shots Queensborough has hit tonight
that have been big ones from that three mark. Wow! Wills not showing any
ill-effects from before! – [David] Relyea that’s
gonna be number five if it’s on him. – [Joe] Wills hit the floor before and he was getting up there
to get that ball there. Alright, this game is over
now, what do you think? – [David] I’m going to agree with you. (laughs) – [Joe] Minute 26, no they
don’t have enough time, I don’t think
(laughs) – [David] Seven threes in 80
seconds, I don’t see it though. – [Joe] Have to be done
real quickly thought. Have to splice them together, I think. – [David] Tell you though,
50 points wouldn’t be bad for a team that scored five in the first 14 minutes. – [Joe] Yeah, and they
got their first two there. – [David] 69-50 One minute to play. – [Joe] Actually, not a bad
total for Dutchess at this point from the way they started. – [David] That’s why the final score does not tell you the whole story. It’s 71-50 Nice move and a pretty quick second half. Which I think everybody
was hoping for, really. – [Joe] I would think. – [David] It’ll stay with Dutchess. Nice win for Queensborough,
and a win’s a win. – [Joe] It’s one they should
have gotten and they did. Let’s put it that way – [David] And it counts as a
win in the Regional standings. – [Joe] Can’t lose the games
you’re supposed to win. – [David] No, when you’re
fighting for that eighth seed in the Region. – [Joe] And then you build
a little confidence and then you grab one you should’nt
win and then all of a sudden the season turns around,
like we saw it turn around two years ago for them. And that really turned around. – [David] That turned
around in the playoffs. – [Joe] Yeah they were
dead going in there. – [David] They had a nine
hour practice the day before, that might have had
something to do with the win. – [Joe] Just might have. – [David] Both free throws are missed. – [Joe] They’ve got a good
group of players here, it’s not overly talented
but they have a little size and they have a little ability and they should be in the
mix somewhere, in the CUNY. – [David] So, Karyme
Paul will dribble it out Nice win for Queensborough, they did what they had to do. They scored the first
12 points of the game. – [Joe] And they have to
win their home games too. That’s important – [David] They led this one wire-to-wire – [Joe] They let some home games get away, last year you remember. – [David] That’s it, the final score Queensborough 71, Dutchess 50. Any final thoughts as
you say goodbye to 2014. – [Joe] They won their home
game that they needed to win, it’s a success for Queensborough
and they will work on it. They are a work in progress
folks, and sometimes, before we go, Dave, a work in progress you never know when they’re just gonna become a
better team than they’ve been. – [David] No, well thanks
for joining us Joe Masi. It was fun, as always. – [Joe] It has been fun. It’s always fun in college
because you’re always watching different players,
particularly on this level. Every two years you’re
watchinga new group of kids. – [David] This is QCC alum
David Russell, the final score Queensborough 71, Dutchess 50. Thanks for watching.

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