1. So… you can get very good authentic Mexican food in L.A. as well as other parts of the US, you just have to know where to look!

  2. love the video Mole is good depends on the color there is a black, red, and green i repfer the black mole cause it contains chocolate in it but it also depends on where you go to eat it if you are still in california or planning on coming back may i suggest the coyote cafe in old town San Diego not only they have good mexican food but they are the first mexican resturant in california i really enjoy your videos

  3. You guys made my mouth water with the delicious food you ate. My favorite is refried beans and mexican rice. Shinichi you had my favorite taco and you ate like it was suppose to be eaten. Come back and try more dishes!! Have a great day!

  4. I never understood why people say you can’t get authentic Mexican food in LA? half of LA is Mexican community and they bring their delicious recipes from their homeland💕

  5. simple pronounce Sepulveda as seh-pol-vida https://www.pronouncenames.com/pronounce/sepulveda "Pronunciation: In Spanish, there is an accent on the "u" which would make it seh-puhl-ve-duh. You don't pronounce it with the accent on the second "e", rather on the "u"." You can make enchilada chili sauce real easy, "Authentic enchilada sauce is basically chili powder simmered in a broth with garlic, onion, tomato paste/sauce and thickened with flour." YOU made me so hungry to go back home and eat there!

  6. You're supposed to squeeze the lime on top of that monster taco 😉 Lime on everything. Yum.
    Also, were it me, I'd take half of the meat off the taco, and put it on the second tortilla. That's what I always do.

  7. As a Mexican, I usually have an issue with these 'sit-down-and-drown" dishes. The main dishes are always drowned in sauce, served with beans and rice and OVERPRICED. They are also usually catering to tourists or family gatherings, which allows them to charge a lot. Cielito Lindo seems more authentic; it's best to hit those smaller stands/restaurants so they won't serve the most simple/basic foods with an inflated price. Gracias!!

  8. I think the last place was the best! Of course the taco didn't come with delicious beans & rice! I want some now, my mouth is watering! Yum! 💜

  9. So excited to see you in my hometown and enjoying my culture too!
    In Grand Central Market I would also suggest trying the tacos at Tacos Tumbras a Tomas, but the stand you went to is also very good. I'm glad you tried the mole at Olvera Street I think it's one of the only good spots to eat there, but Cielito Lindo is a legend and a must-try. You can find very good mole in all kinds of variations at Guelaguetza. Another old school Mexican place to visit is El Tepeyec in Boyle Heights.

  10. That taco looked delicious. I would take half of the filling and put on the second tortilla. Shinichi, love how you describe the flavors and the taste of foods! Thanks for a fun tour! As always, take care and Happy Travels! ♥️🛫🗺

  11. LA / Olvera Street is deffinatly Authenic. & Delicious. Thats my Favorite Resteraunt. The shrimp Tostada is SOOOO GOOOOD to.

  12. The best way to eat a taco is to hold the taco parallel to the table and then tilt your head to bite it. So move your head instead of the taco.

  13. Used to live in SoCal, and how I miss the Mexican food! I love the complexity, freshness, and depth of flavor–and as a vegetarian, I really adore the number of dishes that are meatless (or easily can be). Thanks for another yummy food tour!

  14. Oh my gosh all that Mexican good looks amazing! Those taquitos ana the tacos looked so awesome lol those tacos were massive

  15. That salsa on the side isn’t salsa it’s pico de Gallo. It’s a type fresh salsa that is mostly tomatoes, onion, cilantro, maybe a hot pepper, salt, and lime for acid. It’s super common in Mexican restaurants and spooned over tacos or whatever as a garish or a hit of something fresh. True Salsas are usually prepared ahead of time and act as backup sauces or an main event depending on dish but are entirely red or green depending on the peppers used. Mole is one of those sauces in the Mexican culinary database that is the hardest to pull off unless you are super familiar with it as it can contain over 100 ingredients depending on recipe plus every household has its own version of mole very similar to Japanese curry as every household has a recipe for it. But every mole has some form of Mexican chocolate which sacrifices sweet flavor for more of a smooth texture and more chocolate taste but no sweet flavor.

  16. I wish you both had tried mixing the rice and beans with the mole chicken in a tortilla, that way you cut down on the spiciness and get all the good flavors together. I think you both would have liked it better that way.

  17. im not a fan of tacos made like that with too much on top…the stand should just make a second taco and prop it up to eachother side by side its more enjoyable that way imo then having to mess with that mess.

  18. Mole' can have upwards of 26 different ingredients and is extremely time consuming to make. Ive never had it before but I would love to try it. It's just not something you find in the southeast very often and I'm afraid that the store bought paste wouldn't be authentic.

  19. The worst place to eat Mexican food is Olvero Street its a tourist stop. Mole is a very complex sauce with a lot of different spices and chillies.
    Chicken mole is classic Mexican dish. The central market is a good choice for food. Good choice for that one. The best area for Mexican is East LA just outside downtown area.     East LA would be like going to Chinatown in Yokohama in Tokyo for Chinese food. The sauce is called enchilada sauce its a chile / tomato based sauce.

  20. So fun to see more of your LA adventures! I’m glad you get to explore Mexican cuisine with each trip here. Thanks for the fun video!

  21. A good test of the quality/authenticity is the mole, it’s a very intensive process to make the mole sauce, most places use boxed, but if you can find a place that makes mole in-house, you have found the real deal imo

  22. My favorite dish of all time is my mom's homemade pollo con molé y arroz! The one he had looks delicious! I'm happy you enjoy our dishes 😊💗

  23. Come back and we will take you to our local favorite Mexican restaurants, boys! We love King Taco for their carne asada tacos and their carnitas sopes! Pepe’s for their shredded beef and chicken hard shell tacos. There are many awesome taco trucks, scattered all over as well.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures! I have yet to go to the Grand Central Market. Your carnitas taco was massive! As far as Olvera Street, we haven’t been in years. I had no idea about the taquitos at Cielito Lindo…..I don’t care for saucy guacamole. We only drive by there, whenever we want a French dip/lamb dip, at Philippe’s……yet another place that we need to take you to. Oh, and Johnnies Pastrami. ☺️

    Love you both, and your LA videos! ♥️♥️

  24. People.. You do realize that California was part of Mexico before statehood. Settled, governed, and the culture based on mexican values for centuries. From being settled by mexican land grants ie: Rancheros, the mexican lifestyle, food, and style has been entrenched in California since day one. Especially mexican cuisine, from taco carts to haute gastronomy.

  25. I have close to no experience with Mexican food,so this was very interesting for me. After I'll have recovered from my surgery,I must give it a try! Nice video,bringing back a hint of summer to cold North Germany now 😊👋😉

  26. 4:30 usually it's that color because they put some spice called Saffron 🙂 a very expensive herb that grows only in the deserts of some Arabian countries! mole by the way, is chocolate sauce!

  27. Omg Olvera Street! My childhood! My family loves to go there once a month to buy lunch and taquitos ❤️❤️❤️

  28. Super busy day, hope Satoshi is having a wonderful evening and Shinichi is having a great afternoon in Amsterdam. You’ll soon be back together boys ☺️☺️☺️☺️

    Edit! Brilliant, I love seeing your actual reactions, you seem very genuine about literally everything you eat. The mole sauce looks bloody awesome.

  29. That was quite the taco at the Grand Central Market! The food looked good. There so much to explore in the LA Mexican food scene. 😊

  30. Theres a mexican stand next to that sit down restaurant thats sooo much better. Tastes alot like homemade mexican food!

  31. The taco from grand central market is bigger than a usual taco, so eating it is a little more difficult. Who said there’s no authentic Mexican food in Los Angeles is crazy. LA probably has one of the highest amounts of Mexicans outside of Mexico. Granted there are the CHAIN Mexican places, but you don’t go to a chain for authentic food. Mom and pop restaurants are where I love to eat.

  32. The green sauce is not made from avocados, its made frokm tomatillos and peppers. Perhaps the people you say claim LA has no authentic Mexican food, they are thinking of Olvera Street since most restauarants there lean more touristy (even considering thatt, its still more authentic than most of the USA), LA definitely has authentic Mexican Food, its one of the best places to go aside from Mexico to get it! Also the rice is made with tomato sauce and chicken stock… thats generally how mexican rice is cooked, with some alterations depending on who is makjng it. Fyi, i have a video that shows you how to make it vegetarian style 😉 thanks guys for sharing Mexican American cuisine with your audience, please try to do a bit more research next time! Thanks tho ☺

  33. Just discovered tabieats on amazon. When you’re stuck in a very small town, this is the solution to my cooking adventures. Thanks!

  34. Great tan, Lawrence…makes me miss LA. Poor Satoshi, missing out on all the fun. I know Justin will show him extra love, instead.

  35. My introduction to Mexican style food here in New Zealand was in the 90s. We had a Canadian next-door neighbor who learned to cook Tex Mex style food in Texas. He had a food cart in the city center. As well as Tex Mex style chili dogs, he did enchaladas and taco.

  36. Go for a Mexican food tour in Mexico. As a brit who spends alot of time in Ciudad Juarez and Toluca ..You can't breat real mexican food. 🙂

  37. You’re not missing anything authentic. What your are eating in LA is 100% authentic Mexican food. The menu at the first restaurant it’s typical homemade Mexican food made by our mothers and grandmothers. The second restaurant or eatery you can find what we eat out mostly for dinner on weekends. Here in Osaka “El Pancho restaurant” in Shinsaibashi it’s a friendly and tasty deal. Whenever you guys come back here please give it a try !

  38. What I love about meals like this is that there are so many ways to enjoy it. You may order one meal but its like 5 or 6 in one on combos and flavor

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