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hey hey to mba today’s topic the new york knicks in melot melot has been on a tear lately he has brought the knicks from a nice c 27 c and a lot of people say wow it’s here franchise players those people don’t know anything about mellow baby when time carmelo step up to the plate he they’re not from ninth position night at seven and also thanks to mike would say they have brought it to his defense his scheme his plan something that they didn’t do with the with dan antonio the defense we move mellow to a powerful now teams have problem in mitcham at category mellow just come off a triple-double against the boss itself did what can New York achieve the Knicks achieve in the playroom hmm I don’t see them going to east comfort finals but I show us see them getting a lot of people headache you got types of challenge that’s happy he’s bowling you got by on Davis which got a lot of more turnovers but he’s orchestrating the offense everybody is happy you got Junior junior Smith shooting threes they just made 19 threes against the Boston Celtic one from the NBA record so that’s telling you that they have bought into Mike Woodson system any player buying to your system they don’t give you everything that you need and the Knicks Wow one starter my comeback they’re going to be a teen of force to be reckoned with but as winning the conference nah they don’t have a prayer not a hope not a dream of winning the conference you got to go through Miami or they got to go to Chicago and those two teams are no joke to play with people so I just want to let you know stay tuned to the New York Knicks keep your eye on there’s no Jeremy Lin no more Linsanity is over with its buying Davis house now and violence of veteran point guard and that’s all you need is a veteran point guard when it comes to the playoffs and also like give a shout out to my people birmingham alabama and jackson Nolan the class 8a file of Mustangs loves you and see you soon

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