Middlesex University London

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London inspires me very much It’s really lively, especially in the Quad It’s always a nice hum of people talking and catching up They really provide you with exceptional support and motivate us to better ourselves When I came here, I was really happy because it’s a blend of history and modern They keep making changes and they keep improving the facilities and that is what you expect from good University I want to learn by using the best equipment and facilities and that is what they provide here at Middlesex The facility created for us shows that Middlesex is investing in students It’s new, it’s fresh, for future generation and for now as well They are really engaged with us and you can tell they enjoy their job and it makes us enjoy being here as well What else, I love this place, I love to be here I love the coffee I love the atmosphere and the people Sports facilities are really good I use the gym regularly The library is huge It is a bit confusing when you first go in there, but once you get to grips with everything, it gets really easy to use It’s just everything that you would hope University to be It’s just really nice, happy place There is only one word about this, awesome Awesome


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