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Hey, you there ! It’s been so long fuck ! Wow, you are in shape in any case I’m alright sorry for being late but, I have an excuse I was in…Los Angeles Damn I love this country huh, I wasn’t born in the right place Why did you borned me here ? I’m an american And one day you must tell to Wong that he’s been adopted I’m telling this for the sake of the family But who’s this guy ? You’re not like us Wong It’s the fifth time that i go there And everytime it’s the same thing Buildings Cars Chicks The landscape Everything is awesome there woooh ! Ok, sorry You need to know, i’ve went alone there, to the USA Without anybody Alone like a big boy I packed up my bags and baggages And what ? And what ?! Little shit of youtuber We do what we can ok ?! And Bang ! Go to USA But then The company is sorry to tell it like that But we’ve got big informatic issues That can’t let you take the Eco class *sigh* So you gonna go into the business class I SAY THANK YOU TO THE LIFE THANKS Due to an informatic issue the menu of tonight has changed it’s not anymore salad of tuna But tacos cutlat double meat merguez with biggy burger sauce I SAY THANK YOU TO THE LIFE THANKS Due to informatic’s issue every movies and series were erased from your tablets In return we offer you to assist a live showcase with Gradur (french rapper) Ok ! when i say “PLA” you say “NE” PLA NE ok I love my sheguey *laugh* Due to an informatic’s issue you’re girlfriend is not anymore jealous and possessive If only So don’t forgot your condoms and the lubricating gel
*laugh* And we go in, we go in the jar I gonna hit a Nazi Oooh Strike ! The Marseillaise is officialy replaced by the song stick to the girl Stick to the girl Donald Trump got his GCSE (general certificate of secondary education) Good job Dodo farting has become a sign of nobility *fart* Oooh Cannabis is legalized in the whole world Multipla never existed The L5 (girls band) is formed again Squeezie (youtuber) gives you his chanel Thanks Squeezie Ah and we’re not going to the USA anymore we’re going to Limoges Noooooooo Hmmm what Here, you gonna enter in the baggages’ area *sad music* AH ! so already there are a lot of things which differentiate the americans from the frenchs just the concept of the kiss doesn’t exist ah yes, it’s too much hardcore when you meet a girl for the first time Hello my name is Yvick nice to meet you *Twerk music* There it’s really hard for a guy like me who is called Yvick to introduce yourself to people, Let’s say that Yvick isn’t really famous in US so I change my name and I say I’m called Mike But in reality it makes me a bit weird Hi ! My name is Yv… MIKE My name is Mike Yes just MIKE My real name is Michael Mike means the demon in cosmic language My ass *satanic laugh* I’m the i’m Satan’s descendant well , my name is Donatien I make Waterpolo in club since 2008 Nice to meet you Donatien ! I buy you a coffee oh let’s go ! 1 coffee for donat *spanking sound* *screaming sound* Hey the guys who do vines over there , the viners They have the good life , not like me , they don’t drive a fiat panda *clash reaction* yes but me at least i haven’t a start of baldness *clash reaction* I don’t care, Gérard Jugnot is a really good actor… The viners over there , they have a amazing life ! All the biggest Americans viners live together in a fucking building in Hollywood It’s shiny , they have a pool , they have a fucking apart , they are handsome so when I arrived , I felt immediatly that we weren’t from the same world *excessive laugh* *awkaward sound* i have an American friend *shouts of fear* AH I’ve told you , i always loved us , since I’m young I remember i was making plated plaits , I would like to look like Lim Bow Wow well the truth I looked like more like a lesbian who listen TRIO And it was hard to be American when you came from a village in the Alpes *music* Oh Yo men , we’re getting a game of basketball um no sorry Yvick , we’re not really teams sports , no we are more ride you know ? last sunday we were at Alpe d’Huez We did a fat session puff it’s was Amazing it was up um yes it’s cool… marco doesn’t support the mulled wine it was so funny *laugh* I prefer the cherry kir so here we are , a little ”up” for the rock climbing , we take our harnesses and our snap hooks we take the corsa , 30 minutes of rocade , we arrive at the top of the Grésivaudan valley we take our little ham butter sandwiches , we look at the panorama , if that’s not beautiful what need the people ? Exactly No ! why you don’t dress yourself as everybody why you don’t dress with real brand as : Von dutch , little marcel , Pepe jeans , japan rags or the best of the best G-star / Kaporal seriously ? as if Kaporal is better than G-star. shut up Mélissa but what have you in your head ? how are you talking to me like that Well LA it’s killing ! It’s why I love America Peoples are so nice , they are really simple , when you walk in the street they… *telephone’s ringing* *gunshot*


    Disponible en pré-commande ici : http://bit.ly/PRECO_DOUBLE-V
    Premier extrait : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EKsUluITbUI

  2. SALUT ✌️ j'ai 16ans et je fais de la musique sur ma chaine,🎵🎧 dsl de faire ma pub ici dans les commentaires bcp vont me cracher dessus mais vous n'imaginez pas à quelle puoint c'est difficile de se démarquer su YT surjtout quand on fait de la musique 😔 et j'y passe énormément de temps 😌. Si vous pourriez allez jeter juste un petit coup d'œil et me dire ce que vous en pensez ça serait génial 😀 merci infiniment 🙏

  3. Vous avez vu les deux parents asiatiques s appellent Tran ce ne serai pas les parents du Rire Jaune par hasard (Kevin et Henry)

  4. la phrase mythique "drop your weapon.. oh its an iphone" cest un policier des usa jcrois qui avais filmer un type entrain de chercher dans ses poubelles pour un travail dans son ecole, cetait plutot du racisme car il etait noir, cest sa non?

  5. 3 ans après je viens de comprendre ( à 1:07 ) le “Air Kelly” qui fait ref à R-kelly putain quel génie ce Mister V

  6. Mon non est Mike et après il est partie dans des délire de démon j'étais mort 😂 et après et Bein moi c'est Donatien

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