1. They're cleaning now before just to make sure but what if a student or another student tests positive they're gonna have to clean it all over again and again if this keeps happening, Ugh my prayers are with everyone please stay safe!!

  2. All early childhood grades (3k/Pre-k -1) should be cancelled. They don’t have the immunity to fight this. I do feel for the parents, but health comes first.

  3. yet mayor wants the school open…. so the medical people can go to work to fight virus…. instead of taking care of their own kids…… so…….. the mayor holds children hostage to make the medical people put themselves in danger ???? was this the intention of cuomo's dramatic interview this morning????? what are these idiots thinking???? oh wait… yeah …. we got the sanitizers …. yes….

  4. My school is shutting down starting March 16. We aren’t returning until April 14. I live near Middletown, but I’m not saying my actual home town. I live 20 minutes away from the COVID-19 virus. Yes, it’s in Middletown.

  5. Close all school, waive house rent for a month so that people can stay at home while government is disinfecting public places

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