“More serious than we thought”…New Rochelle under partial lockdown due to COVID-19

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Nurik has the second highest number of
cases in the states following in Washington with the majority of the
infections concentrated in a suburb of the city and the state government is
deploying the National Guard other nearby areas are taking precautionary
measures Eagleman has the full story schools canceled community centers shut
down and large gatherings suspended for two weeks starting Thursday this is how
things will be in the containment area of New Rochelle New York that’s the town
just north of New York City that has confirmed a hundred and eight cases of
kovin 19 as of Tuesday more than half of the state’s total it is a partial
quarantine so people will be allowed to travel and leave their homes but the
announcement has clearly changed the city’s atmosphere I could seem like a
week ago people were kind of I don’t want to say taking it casually but it
didn’t seem that big of a deal like okay there were somebody who was sick but now
it’s you know everything’s kind of cleaned out everybody’s really taking
this seriously a lot of stores are empty of kind of disinfectant wipes everybody
seems to be working from home now the containment area is confined to a
one-mile radius surrounding the young Israel synagogue the local outbreak
Sepik center but now he seems nowhere feel safe he’s just staying home it is
also affecting people who leave the city given the proximity universities in New
York City have voluntarily moved our classes online even if it makes learning
less efficient as fear art school we have to meet professor by face-to-face
and we have to talk about our work if we turn into online class cannot get a good
professors nearby in New Jersey the situation isn’t as bad
but anxieties also gradually building especially in Bergen County which has
reported the state’s first fatality and the majority of his infections I do you
think a lot of churches are encouraging other members to stay home if you know
they’re experiencing any kind of illness or any kind of sickness so there’s
definitely more caution be spread to prevent a surge in the state health
authorities on Wednesday advised people to practice social distancing jung-in
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  1. Wow at least in 3 countries the religious places have been the spread centre for the disease. Iran. South Korea and USA.

  2. Only immigrants were interviewed, maybe NY only has immigrants now. Or maybe they're the only ones quarantined.

  3. N just like that the govt took control of ur life over night it was that easy.. open your eyes see the bigger pix of this…

  4. I don't usually comment but get the facts & reporting right 🙄🙄🙄 this news made it seem like the presence of national guards in New Rochelle are there to create more "panic/fear" in people. The National Guards are there to provide support/helping hand to those in need of supplies such as the elderly or disabled who cannot leave their houses/apartments to buy food & household supplies . They are also there to distribute bag of foods that contain items such as rice, soup and pancake mix, cereal, milk and cereal bars as well as water. In addition, National Guard members are helping with cleaning and disinfecting facilities in the community.

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