Most Expensive Homes in the World – Los Angeles – Beverly Hills – Bel Air – Holmby Hills Real Estate

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with I’m duck Hi I am Christophe Choo with the Chistophe Choo Real Estate Group at Coldwell Banker in Beverly Hills
today we’re gonna take you on a tour the most explosive most expensive was
legendary status here in Beverly Hills Bel Air and on the hills and show you the world
but Southern California high-end luxury real estate sold about about a production company Rep
interactive still getting my producer an enemy the on my production
coordinator and I’m so excited to take you and the world on a store on the most
amazing property here in Southern California hi guys it’s already
happening airborne good awesome guys should go the first home on our tour is the
William Randolph Hearst to stay I’ll this gorgeous home was recently
listed below 160 million dollars lobello be currently listed for $53
million was modeled after French Second Empire
architecture it includes a private clinton sweet
which was home to President Bill Clinton during his Los Angeles visited next is the infamous Playboy Mansion
home to some of the hottest parties in the world purchased by Hugh Hefner in
1971 this English Tudor style manner was
originally built by more through much junior the spelling Manor is currently listed
as one of the most expensive homes in the world and $150 million and 56,000 square feet this crown jewel
sits atop nearly 5 acres of land I like to play on their Beverly Hills westbound
but held on the Highlander the join right here Southern California floor duly currently listed for $125
million the impressive limestone listed provides
41,000 square feet of living space and includes a pool pavilion known as
the Weber Hilton Murdoch is staying this home was
sold in 2002 Gary Winick for a whopping 95 million making it the
most expensive residential sale today in the United States The Last House on
our tour is the palatial Kirk obviously and is
most famous for being the home of the clampett family in the 1970s TV sitcom The Beverly
Hillbillies hope you enjoyed it finally here Beverly Hills field Miller and your the No 0 no


  1. @mrdboy08 I understand your point, however I can tell you first have the super rich that own these homes are generally major philanthropists and donate tremendous amounts of money to support those less fortunate. Everyday I thank the universe for all of my blessings and do what I can to help those that do not have what I do. 🙂

  2. Actually it was loaned to us from O'gara Coach in Beverly Hills, the best luxury automotive dealership in Beverly Hills, they are the best.

  3. Thanks for organizing the tour Christophe Choo! Really enjoyed it, seems like a lot of work to put together once you think about it.

  4. Christophe, could you please make a video of the 1 Electra Ct. estate in the Laurel Canyon area. It's a beautiful estate listed at $19,800,000. Thanks!

  5. When I become a billionaire im coming to you( working on it), your videos have motivated me 🙂 You will be seeing me soon.

    All the best, UK

  6. ITS BEVERLY HILLS>>tony amore plays Chopins FRandes ETUDES>>LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN>>ON PIANO FORTE!<<IN stoke on trent England!

  7. Fleur De Lys is without a doubt the most aesthetically pleasing home in this bunch. Balanced, ordered and proportioned. Perfectly executed, Fleur De Lys truly inspires. Why then put columns at the entrance to the motor court, ruining the view of the facade.

  8. Mine too but if I were buying to live, I'd have to toss a coin between 10431 Bellagio Rd or 335 Trousdale Place . I really liked 1140 Tower Ln, but I think its had a face lift, new roof(probably needed) and cut down loads of flora.

  9. seeing all this ´nice´ "architecture" suddenly a bohemian physician comes to mind ? yes little axle ? the googlecencs have nothing on me sir..? 

  10. I like Christophe Choo.. He is great and makes a ton of great videos.. I would like to model my business after how he does it. Thanks for the inspiration..

  11. I wonder if Iron Man's Malibu Mansion would have made the list if it were real or it would not be big league enough for this list.

  12. AMAZING helicopter tour of some of the world's most expensive homes in Beverly Hills, Bel Air and Holmby Hills including the Playboy Mansion and the Spelling Estate via Mr. Beverly Hills himself @Coldwell Banker Christophe Choo Real Estate Group

  13. beautiful and I will like to take them all please haha but I would love to visit this area when I if ever I visit the U.S.Great work Christophe some beautiful buildings there.

  14. Hey I just enjoyed your channel. Great! Keep up the great work. Please check out my channel as well 🙂

  15. i rather prefer one of those mansions on the hills with views from downtown to santa monica. can't beat that. no one needs a home that big. even for parties.

  16. the contiguous area in west LA county of million$ plus homes (most worth far more than 1 million) is so enormous it is a larger area than most big cities in the US.

  17. my dream home is a cottage in the country near a stream and surrounded by hills and nature; these big homes leave me cold !

  18. Many homes (not all) are obscenely ostentatious …
    The Spelling home is one example …. Jerry brown should confiscate it & use it to help solve the homeless crisis
    In parts of LA……ha ha ha

  19. "The Beverly Hillbillies" was mostly in THE SIXTIES, NOT the seventies (except for 1970-71). Learn to use Google.

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