Move to New York on a Dime – 5 Tips for 2020

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Hey, what’s up guys welcome back to my channel today. I’m actually in New York where my brother at London He wants to give you guys some tips on how you guys can move to New York on the budget Hey guys, so we’re gonna jump in to tip number one so the first thing you want to do before you move here to New York is to make sure you have shelter a place to Eat drink and dress. That’s extremely Extremely important now I know if you’re moving here on a dime It’s almost seems virtually impossible because the rent here is so expensive in New York But make sure you might can couch-surf or we have hostels or you can also rent rooms here So before you here do their research? On where you’re gonna stay and get a vibe of what neighborhood you want to find something That’s within your budget because money can run out pretty fast Jumping in to tip number two You want to make sure speaking of money that you have a steady flow of income coming in? Like I said until 1 New York is expensive rent Especially so you want to make sure you have money coming in so you can feed yourself Now if you’re an artist and you’re moving out here to focus on let’s say art. It could be painting photography whatever medium you might not want to hold a nine-to-five that takes you away from something that Spiritually feels you so you could do other jobs like we call them gig jobs out here like it’s the card GrubHub or you know uber something to free up your time, but also You’re able to hit the streets and make a lot of money that might be in a separate video because there are tons of ways You can make money here without being strapped to a nine-to-five Number 3 I would say make sure you come in here with a strong sense of self knowledge and confidence This is a city for of many people different personality types. It’s a conglomerate of energy. He suggests just Pout on top of each other and I’ve seen people get lost trying to navigate their way way through this city So if you know who you are deep down inside, you know, you’re more rules Know what you came here for and have a great sense of self. I disguise the limit But that is extremely extremely important Speaking of that coming in to number four you want to make sure you have a support system On whether you have family members here whether it’s friends or whether it’s just groups You meet up with off of Facebook New York is a very energetic city. You could be burnt out really quickly And yes You could do it on your own but it’ll be harder over say it’s really important to have that group you can kind of collapse on because you will have those moments that you want to need them in to rest and you’re gonna need another person’s perspective So try to build a support system once you get here, if you don’t have one it will come in handy and it’s always nice to nice to have a friend by your side and the fifth and final tip I have for you guys this moon peer with intentions When I first moved here six years ago. I was young. I was younger. I had an intention though. I’ve since seen people move here Without the same like without intentions just a party Like I came here to start my business black balloon 17 calm which is the t-shirt. I’m wearing There’ll be more info in a box and a link below So that’s why I came here. So when I came here, I started, you know networking meeting people designing um it was my driving force for being here because without that what was I really here for it wasn’t really to like party, it was part of the Reason I came here but not the main issue There are people that love New York because we have this patina of being a grittiest city, you know You see these? documentaries from like like artists and you come out here you starve to them you make it no you party and you come out here with notes like Sense of like guidance or where you gonna go you’re gonna crash and burn really really fast So be really really intentional if you’re coming out here for modeling like my brother fresh pepper You what you want to do is hit the ground Look at modeling agency see what days they have walk-ins because a lot of modeling agencies I’m pretty sure you know You can’t just walk in so they do have three days use. It’s Tuesdays or Thursdays You want to make sure you’re there on Tuesday? Thursdays on the free day because you’re in New York tomorrow not to just sit there and hang with your friends if you’re here to Be a chef which we have a lot of shift start visiting different food trucks even when you’re not working say, okay This is my competition. So have some sort of guiding system as to why you’re here. And yeah, that’s pretty much it It’s simple you want to come make sure you have hustle drive and hard it says London Yeah, love you guys. Alright guys, so that’s it for this video If you guys like this video hit us with a thumbs up always Appreciated if you have any questions hit London up in his DMS. I’m gonna leave his Instagram account in the description box down below Let us know what you guys think, you know if you guys have additional tips Feel free to drop them in the comments who would love to hear from you guys. So until then, we’ll see you next time, please


  1. Nice! I travel to New York for fashion week it's dope, and very crowded. I currently live in LA and the costing of living is just as expensive as New York city, awesome video! thanks for sharing !

  2. This was great advice, thank you! I actually working on that move from California. Can’t wait, I absolutely love New York!

  3. I just realized you have an Instagram I’m so slow 🤦🏽‍♀️ anyways keep up the good work can’t wait to see more!

  4. Always have a plan and find support…stay focused, blessings to everyone 🙏🏾 Def checking out the website.

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