Mozart’s La clemenza di Tito performed by Manhattan School of Music Opera Theater

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We are here at Manhattan School of Music where the Opera Theatre is presenting La clemenza di Tito, the last opera
that Mozart wrote. I am proud about everything about this production. We have
a glorious set. We have gorgeous costumes. We have fabulous lighting, and we have a
student cast that is just so impressive. It is mature Mozart.
It is so gorgeously beautiful, and the orchestrations are just very, very
special—especially in the first act, there are some duets and ensembles that
just tear your heart out. I think people should come to see the performance. It’s
a rare opportunity to get to hear a masterpiece, and it’s not performed very
often. My name is Abigail Shapiro and I will be singing the role of Vitellia in La
clemenza di Tito. The challenges of singing Vitellia are quite a few.
I mean, it goes down to a G below middle C, and it goes up to a D above high C, so
there’s a huge range, but it’s also—I mean it’s Mozart—so it’s written in a
way that makes it easier to sing, which is nice. In the performance, I’m most
looking forward to getting to sing this beautiful music and getting to interact
with my colleagues on stage. We have such wonderful camaraderie among the cast, and getting to sing with them, and act with them, and really just delve into the
characters and the music, it’s just—it’s a dream come true.


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