MUSEUM OF ICE CREAM SAN FRANCISCO! Vlog / Museum Tour/ FULL WalkThrough 2017

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there goes the museum of ice cream guys
hi everybody I’m here at the Museum of ice cream San Francisco so excited let’s
see what’s gonna happen inside all the beautiful ice cream things come on
here’s the door everything’s all pink in the lights of the inside and we’re in
here here’s the pink stairs down to the ice cream this is where the ice cream
facts are history of ice cream here we go next room look at the floor this is like here a
wallet ticket let’s see what country eats the most ice cream for a capita
it’s probably yes I was right USA New Zealand Australia Finland Finland and
Switzerland here is the next thing whoo look at this room when you got kids
can you smell my screen looks so good album let’s see maybe I’ll write my name –
Isaac – illustration breezy loves an ice-cream I do I do boys cigarette coming it looked like
cotton candy oh my god cherry on top and I think this is my
favorite there’s a gummy bear and the lollipops
Islands all right so here’s another room this is
that ice cream and truck it reminds me of my childhood it’s huge this is got the Rainbow Room here’s the
rainbow magic thank you miss you guys but don’t tell
anybody Jerry was eat chocolate unicorn ice
cream and apparently it’s a mirrored box I’m
not gonna get in there yeah but that’s cool let’s see the climbing area she’s
crying she’s way up there professional
according to Chris all right here we go this is very San
Francisco now we are approaching this sprinkle bull this is like the main mother Oh Rigo
going in here I go I can’t even move
Oh and the ice cream shop Chris is over
there getting some ice cream there’s lounge area
Oh ice cream ice cream art okay so I just been closed
thank you guys for watching epic don’t forget to like subscribe
comment share enough you guys next time bye

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