1. Ahhh the weather seems so nice over there. I would definitely love to visit!! New Zealand is so boringggg. The food porn thoughhhhh O_O, so hungryyy! Vlogs always on point Joan! Love ya!!!

  2. omg the food looks amazing especially the salads and the egg bread ㅠㅠㅠ your vlog makes me hungry! hahaha

  3. I couldn't help but wonder when comparing the Title to the video…Did you go to these places because they are your favorite, or are they your favorite because you just went there?

  4. Not a good idea to watch this video when I just woke up, now I'm hungry 😓 All the places you go to is so pretty & Janice's voice is beautiful!

  5. Wow, your friend has an amazing voice. So truly beautiful. The food in this video looked glorious. So happy to see you having such a great time, with great friends.

  6. Aww I wish I woulda have run into while you were here! I'm happy you got to do so much while you were here in sf, hope you're having fun in SoCal right now!!

  7. JANICE IS BRILLIANT AT SINGING!! 🙂 And love the sights of san fran, you should totally do more of these videos! <3 <3

  8. The Blue Bottle Café you went to was much bigger than the one I visited! Love the video and your friend's voice is amazing!!!

  9. LOL your friends are fun indeed. Hope you're having a great time, ty for taking the time to record all this!

    Your friend Janice sings AMAZING! Really cute voice.
    PS: Who was that last "look at my arms" guy? His laugh was loud and contagious hahaha.

  10. Hello Joan! I've been loving your vlogs, I'm so happy that you're posting vlogs more frequently now, so nice and fun to watch ! 😀 Have a GREAT day, love you xx 😀

  11. Your friends are great!! And no shame, Janice! I've lived in the bay my whole life and I've never been to the palace of fine arts either!!

  12. Hi Joan! I absolutely love your videos (I live vicariously through your skincare and makeup hauls)! Just wondering, but where do you get your hair cut in Korea? I'm going to Seoul in a couple of months and think my hair is in dire need of a makeover. 🙂

  13. I love all of your videos so much Joan! You're such a talented person and I know so many more people are going to find this channel and appreciate your hard work and dedication! ♥️

  14. All those foods look delish! Plus every places u go looks amazing! Even the cafes n restaurant hahahhaha

  15. ah SF is somewhere i have dreamt of going for years!! It was super cool seeing all these different areas!

  16. Ahh all of your videos are so so wonderful! Especially because of your great personality T^T/ Please continue to make vlogs heh

  17. SanFran is so beautiful!! All of those food places are killing me – looks delicious!! Nice vlog vibes :))! 💕

  18. I'm really appreciating your daily vlogs! I'm just back from holiday and bing-watched them through and it's sooo much fun ♥
    You and your friends are all so fun, pretty and amazing!

  19. Can I ask a silly question? Why is a Caffe Latte more expensive than a Cappuccino? I was told OZ caffe latte is equivalent to US cortado. Then is US caffe latte bigger or sth??

  20. I'll be in San Francisco for 4 days starting tomorrow, so helpful. Definitely trying that coffee place <3

  21. 한글 제목인데 한글 자막이 하나도 없네.. 재미있어 보입니다 ! 샌프에서 대학이면 스탠포드다니시나요?

  22. 조안님! 매일 영상보면서 느끼는게 많아요!! ㅎㅎ 이렇게 좋은 영상들 업로드해주셔서 감사해요!! 앞으로도 조안님만의 특별한 영상부탁드립니다!! ㅎㅎ 오늘도 행복하세요!!

  23. I'm a born and raised San Franciscan living in the UK currently and I miss a few things about my homeland this time of the year. In 15 years it's changed a lot. thanks for the vid

  24. Your Soulva link is the same as the Blue Bottle Coffee! Just wanted to poin that out so you can fix it. Nice video by the way, even natives like myself like to see what's happening in the city! 😛

  25. i watched this before going on a vacation to this year all that food looks! wholesome content u-u and sf looks super windy :0

  26. I just realized that Janice unnie do really have a beautiful voice!! Can I use it tho for my vlog in the future tho with credits on my description box?

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