My First Day Back in San Francisco ❤️

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Yay! San Francisco! Good Morning San Francisco! Good morning San Francisco! It has been almost a year since I came It has been almost a year since I came. I’m so excited to be back. I’m so excited to be back. Right now I am waiting for my friend to pick me up. Right now, I am waiting for my friend to pick me up I apologize, it is Friday again because I didn’t want to… When I go back to Seoul, I’m going to miss a day So, I didn’t want to separate the two. So, I hope that’s okay. I know yesterday’s vlog was a lot shorter. and I’m like wearing the same thing but And I’m like wearing the same thing, but please still watch. First meal in America! Suho picked me up! You guys remember him from my winter vlogs. And then his friend Rishi, or our friend Rishi is here too. Alright let’s try the In-N-Out burger. Alright, let’s try the In-N-Out Burger! It’s better than all the burgers I’ve tasted in my life. I’m biased. I like to get mine cut in half because it’s easier to eat this way. Is this your first In-N-Out since you got back? – It’s actually my third.
– Third!? – When did you get back?
– You’ve been back for a week! I’m pretty sure I ate this yesterday. In the car now. – Rishi needs to go back to work.
– I do. It was great catching up with you. And then he’s gonna drive me around. -I’m her chaperone for the day. No we’re gonna hang out. It’s joh-eun (joan) achim Joh-eun (joan) achim yeaaa~~~~ I’m not starting my vlogs with ‘Joan Achim’ while I’m in America because I’m gonna start with ‘Good morning’. – Okay.
– And then I started with ‘Selamat pagi’ while I was Malaysia. So I hope you guys liked that. But then now, good morning! Oh my gosh we need to go to Target. – We dropped Rishi off.
– I made it. Byeee. When am I gonna see you again? – But look at how nice this…
– Tonight. For the dinner. Oh yeah! Are you gonna, are you… oh no? Okay. Um, but his place is so nice. She’s just staring, she’s like stahp. Rishi’s working, we gotta leave. At target, one my favourite stores. I need to buy the memory card converter, heh, converter because I forgot mine. So sad. My Macbook uh, thin, air, pro, whatever you call it they don’t have the SD card jack so I have to buy the converter thing. I’ll come back for the beauty section later. I think there are like three new Korean brands that came in to Target. – Really?
– Mhmm! Yay… okay let’s go look for the electronics. They have it! Okay now I’m just gonna check the figures section because my brother begged me to get him some figures. So if they have the ones he want I’m gonna just pick it up for him. Yeah! Found the Marvel section and Abe you already have Nova, Iron Man and Star Lord so, nope. Oh these are like smaller Marvel Legends, that’s cool. So excited for this movie. Such a pretty mall. – We both really need some coffee right now.
– We do, I really… – But we don’t wanna basic and get… uh yeah
– Or tea. But we don’t wanna be basic and get Starbucks. But it’s everywhere. gotta be hipster…….you’re in the bay area gotta be…….right definitely !! David’s tea. Thank you, look how cute it is. Now I’m on my way over to see Joanne, my old college roommate, and then we’re gonna grab dinner together. Should be fun. – I’m here with Joanne!
– Hi! My roommate from college, we’re finally reunited. She’s been in my vlog once. Once right? -Was it once? I don’t know. -I think it’s once. But it was so long ago. It’s only like one year. But we’re in Chinatown in San Francisco. San Tung. One of my favorite places to eat Chinese food. They’re famous for their dried chicken wings. And their green beans. So we’ll show you everything 🙂 The only healthy thing I like. I’m with Edward, and then Joanne. I met him in Yonsei. Don’t ship anyone of us. because nothing is going on Joanne is making us walk 30 minutes always….yeah always….. but we are at TPumps. It’s apparently like a really famous boba place Joanne: They have a lot of different flavors, you should take a picture of that. Joan: Okay, I’ll take a picture of that right now Joan: TPumps!
Joanne: What’s your flavor Joan? Joan: Uh…Rose…I forgot…Rose, Vanila, Green Tea. Joanne: Mine’s Strawberry, Guava and Watermelon Joan: This is SO good Okay Joanne, It was worth the 30 minute walk.
Joanne: It was a 10 minute walk! Edward: ?? (Joan was talking over, I couldn’t hear what he said) Joan: what do mean- Joanne: Look at Ed’s girly drink Joan: It was worth the 30 minutes.
Joanne: …10 minutes Joan: That was NOT 10 minutes
Edward: Not 10 minutes… Joan: That was like 15 minutes Joanne: I have Google Maps to back me up Joan: Okay but we walk slow
Joanne: That’s true, I forgot about that Joan: She walks like a…
Joanne: New Yorker
Joan: Yeah Alright so that’s it for my first SF vlog, I hope you guys enjoyed it, I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s. Have a Joan Day ~~ Annyeong ^_^


  1. ive been to san tung 😀 the wait is sucky but its super good c: it's so weird seeing you in the places that i hang out at o:

  2. Omggg I can't wait for all the vlogs of you showing us San Francisco!! How long will you be there! Love seeing the world out there through you! Way to go Joan! ❤️

  3. omg I had to pause the video and comment UR IN SF OMG I just came back from visting my cousins there I live in Oakland :), omg its like so weird seeing Joan go from Korea to my hometown and in Tpumps that I go to sometimes with my cousins😂 ahahha

  4. Omg I recognize the background of every scene, and yesssss love San Tung and the Bay boba!!! I love tpumps, pekoe, boba guys, and tea lyfe haha, try it out! 🙂

  5. OMG you were in all the places I usually go!! lol to think I couldve bumped into you yet i didnt XD I hope your having alot of fun in SF Joan! btw if your looking for any cute cafe's theres this one cafe called HOME cafe my favorite is their lavender latte, but for aesthetics you should checkout the "happy birthday" latte which is essentially a rainbow latte lol


  7. Its crazy to me to see you in places that I go to! I'm just so use to seeing new places when you are vlogging, but now that your in SF your going to all these places that are very familiar to me! lol Can't wait for the rest of your California vlogs!

  8. I'm planning to go to SF this summer so I'm excited to watch your vlogs for places to go to. Btw, are you coming to sd?

  9. joan, it turns out i have 오설록 tea in my house and i've been drinking that since before i started watching your vlogs but i didn't realize but yes, THEIR 제주 녹차 IS SOOOO GOOD (my friend bought them back from korea, the cold sticks one) but yeah, they're really good!!

  10. when I saw this video, it had 7222 views, 444 comments and 888likes. I don't know if it's just me or not, but I am obsessed with numbers.

  11. I went to San Tung so many times when I was a Postmate. Hope the weather isn't getting you down. It's been raining like this for what feels like forever, with occasional breaks. Hope to see you in Berkeley. If not, have a wonderful time out here.

  12. Aww I love it when you change your greetings depending on where you are! <3 Show us some of your old hang out spots in SF!

  13. hi joan, have you tried gong cha? its available in US and korea i think ! do try the original milk tea, its good ! 🙄🙄

  14. you know where I always go to right after I get picked up from the airport, in&out then target! hahah I live near santung also.

  15. Omg omg I'm going to SF this Saturday for the start of spring break!! Hopefully I can catch your meet and greet up there 😭😭

  16. M late today …😭😭😭😭

    Is ur fren Rishi from India ???

    Anyways much ❤❤❤❤

    Come to India someday 😘😘😘

  17. Weird thing, but i can feel the heat or cold of the places you are by watching your vlogs!
    To have a roommate with the same first name (spelled) must be kind of funny, or?

  18. omg i cut my innout burger in half also!! its so much easier! my friends thinks it weird that i do that hahaha

  19. hey if you're still in sf you should go to golden island. the desserts are really good there, like the mango sago. also tpumps is probably one of the more mediocre (but more famous) boba places in sf. i think super cue, tfm, and boba guys are a lot better.

  20. this is sooooo freaking weird !!! seeing you film around my hood ~ after school when I have time I literally pass by T-Pumps ~ OH GOD hahahaha … Hope your having a good time so far and looking forward to more of your vlogz in SF ^_^

  21. Omg… That's the T-Pumps by my grandma's house! 😭❤️
    I love the small change in your greetings depending on what country you're in 🙂 it's subtle, but very thoughtful.
    Have a wonderful time in SF! 💕☺️

  22. l o l that innout was not in sf though! and l o l your friend is right its a 12 min walk hehehe are you still in sf for the super nice weather these past few days + this weekend !!

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