My Los Angeles Tummy Tuck Before and After

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I’m a mom. I have two kids,
ages four and seven. So I’m going through the mommy syndrome. I have a stomach that’s flabby and it won’t go away if I exercise or go on a diet or do any type of activities. That’s why I want
the Los Angeles Tummy Tuck and Breast Augmentation procedure. I want to look good in a bathing suit. Half of the clothes in my closet
I can no longer wear because before I had my kids I was small. Then my body changed when I had my kids. I know my kids will love me. They
love me the way I look now but they will love me even more cause
their friends will say “your mommy is fine”. That’s all I want. I had the opportunity to meet Bonnie a few months
ago and when she came to my Los Angeles office she basically presented with
complaints that her stomach was a little flabby. She’d had a couple of
kids. She had lost volume in her breasts. And despite diet and exercise she was not able
to really improve her abdominal area. When I saw her I felt she was an excellent candidate
for a Los Angeles Tummy Tuck procedure. In fact, in her case the whole Los Angeles Mommy Makeover procedure. Hi Bonnie. How are you? You ready to go? Yes.
Great! I’m just going to have you stand up so I make some
marks then we’ll take you back to the operating room. Having kids will really
radically change a woman’s body. Both in the breast area
as well as the abdominal area. Despite the fact that most women or a lot
of women can get back to their pre-pregnancy weight or pretty close to it their
bodies are forever changed. Enter the Los Angeles Mommy Makeover procedure which involves some form of Los Angeles Breast Enhancement
whether it’s a breast augmentation, breast lift or combination thereof
combined with some type of contouring of the abdomin. Usually
a Los Angeles Tummy Tuck. In some cases liposuction. Most commonly this procedure
involves a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck with some
liposuction of the waist area. I’m a little bit nervous but I know
that I can trust in Dr. Kapoor and i know that he will do the
best that he can do. We started her Los Angeles Mommy Makeover procedure
with the breast augmentation which we performed through the areola.
She’s a little bit bigger on her left side so we’re going to put in a little less volume in the
saline breast implant and see how everything looks. We’ll do that. Then we’ll sit her up to make
sure we get her breasts as even as possible. Four forty. We’re going to close the incisions now. Then we’ll get started on the Los Angeles Tummy Tuck. One problem that I’ve seen in a lot of
tummy tucks is the scars end up a little bit high. It’s a little bit easier to get the skin up that way, but I don’t think it’s a good thing for the patient to have a scar that’s high. If the scar is kept low she can wear whatever she wants, even a bikini
and the scar would be pretty well concealed. We’re all done with the Los Angeles Tummy Tuck. She looks great. Everything is closed. She has a
nicely defined waist and a tight, flat abdomen. I think she is going to be very happy
with her breast augmentation and tummy tuck results. So, that’s a wrap for today. I’m very pleased with my Los Angeles
Mommy Makeover results. This cosmetic surgery really helped my motivation and my confidence. I think my expectations for Bonnie have been
more than met and even surpassed in some ways. I’m very impressed with my stomach because I had a lot of flab and stretch marks. Now i can put on outfits and
my stomach is very flat. I am extremely satisfied with the
way she looks and I think over the ensuing months her results will
get even better as her swelling goes down, as her scars mature and as she is able to get back to exercise.
Dr. Kapoor made me feel very comfortable. He explained to me the Los Angeles Mommy Makeover procedure. He explained to me the results
I could expect afterwords. He showed me documents and before
and after photos. I felt very relaxed. I would recommend Dr. Kapoor to my friends and family and co-workers. The Los Angeles Mommy Makeover procedure is everything that I expected and more. I’m very, very pleased.

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