My TINY NYC Apartment Tour ! (350 Sq Ft in Greenwich Village, Manhattan)

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What is going on Members of the Barrio It’s Jon coming to you from New York And 4 months in Mexico I am finally back home And with all my travels I’ve always taken you guys to different hotels Different Airbnbs But today for the first time I’m going to be taking you guys inside My actual apartment In New York And give you a little bit of a tour Of what it’s like To actually live here Welcome to the inside of my building As you can see our doorman quit many years ago No we don’t have a door man We don’t have an elevator And the good news about that is you live in a walk-up apartment in Manhattan The price is definitley going to be cheaper The flip side to that is that your doorman will watch your mail And it’s extra security So.. I guess there’s a bit of a trade off Folks we are going up We are going that way 4 floors up When you live in the fourth floor of a building Without an elevator You pick and choose your trips wisely I don’t like just to go outside for no reason I always like to bunch things up Take out the garbage Go to CVS Stuff like that It also makes me humble When I travel Because if I get an Airbnb In another city And I’ve got to take stairs Usually it’s not as bad as this And this is where I spend Most of my year We have made it to my apartment And you know a lot of people when they come in here They don’t think it’s to small Until they turn right here And they realize well.. There isn’t a whole lot of space The apartment is approximately 350 square feet It is a 2 bedroom apartment I live here with my twin brother And yes we somehow make it work The bathroom.. there’s not much to show here The coolest part about the bathroom I think the shower curtain Being a travel vlogger Every day i’m just reminded Of places I want to go You can just.. kind of Look around Show you where i’ve been 4 months in Mexico The tub is actually a decent size I have no problem fitting in here I wouldn’t say this is like a Japanese style bathroom Where you can barely fit your feet.. on the toilet And then close the door It’s enough space for one person at a time to use the bathroom But it’s not big at all We’re going to start with my twin brothers room And this is actually not my twin How’s it going guys I am related though This is Mike Yeah he’s kind of related I guess somehow He’s actually crashing here for a night He’s my brothers room warm He can’t complain I don’t want to show his room to much He’s got a cool map here My room is pretty much exactly the same It’s almost identical to his
We’re going to get there in a second This is the living room
Slash kitchen At the same time I gave you a quick shot of it before A lot of things in this apartment Have multiple uses When you have a small space You’ve got to be creative Let’s start with the couch If we move these items You actually can fold this couch out And it turns into.. a bed We’ve had a lot of friends Throughout the years sleep here This couch can stretch down the hallway And yeah we can sleep people Another very important thing If you are planning a really small space Mirrors everywhere Mirrors are great especially when you have good light coming in It gives the illusion of space When you don’t have to much The refridgerator is a bit of a shrine To our traveling addiction We’ve got stuff from all over the world We like to collect money From different countries
My brother was in Japan We’ve got Singapore from a friend This is my favorite right here The Che Guevara Cuban bank note Three pesos Chile Poland Random photos from when we were kids You guys might recognize this girl right here We do have enough space to cook. We have a normal size oven. Plenty of shelf space For dishes Big sink The refridgerator itself Plenty of size We have a full size freezer here Back to the theme of conserving space This table.. i’m not going to do it But it can pull out Here And you can pull it out from this side to If we wanted to have a dinner party here For.. 4 or 5 people We could get this table to take up A lot of the kitchen here Again You always have to be thinking.. What can you put in a small apartment That will make a lot of sense And not take up to much space Now we’re going to go to my room Where I spend the most time It’s just enough for me To be honest with you You can see I have enough room for A little desk A full size bed Mirror.. great for projecting space When it’s really not here I’ve talked about how I used to be a broadcaster These are some old media passes That I’ve had.. different games Jets. Different places that I worked Bowl games All sorts of stuff Definitley nice to have Some shelves Like this We actually built this Here Got my suitcases up there Actually I have all of my shoes Here I can never travel with this much stuff That’s what’s cool My laptop.. That I used to edit with We’ve got some genesis playing before Greatest hits My television Adriana actually made that for me right there Closet’s really not to big I don’t know even know what the heck this is Was a masquearade party I went to a while ago Got my clothes here Suit that I never wear anymore I think I wore it to a wedding It was the last time I’ve used it In ages I bought these little.. shelf things For our clothes The bed’s pretty comfortable We’ve had this bed for.. The 6 years we’ve been in the apartment If you have an apartment in New York City There’s going to be at least one fire escape I have the fire escape in my room Theoretically I could go out here I usually don’t see a reason to We don’t really have much of a view It’s kind of one of the trade offs Sometimes you can’t even tell what the weather is like Unless you go out there And actually lean your head out This is my little room I’m going to take you guys to one more spot In the building And then we’re going to talk about how much You actually have to pay for this Welcome to the roof top Of our building We are in the heart of Greenwich Village right now When I talked about pricing Here. You have to factor in this is one of the most popular neighborhoods In all of Manhattan For very good reasons of course We’ve got an absolutely spectacular view of the Freedom Tower And all of downtown Manhattan You must be curious how much does this little apartment cost In the heart of Greenwich Village The answer is My brother and I pay 2700 dollars Combined… About 1,350 dollars each To live here When we actually move in It was only 1,000 dollars each The rent has gone up every year for the last 6 years Which is kind of the cost of living in New York City It is very expensive It is a lot more expensive Then almost any other place I’ve traveled In the world But I would not trade this location for anything I’m not going to live here forever In fact i’m probably going to be moving in the next year or two But.. To spend.. a nice chunk Of my late 20s And early 30s Living in Greenwich Village In Manhattan When i’m not traveling It’s such an exciting city You spend a lot of money You don’t get a lot of space But.. For me It is completley worth it I’m curious tell me in the comments Would you live in this apartment with somebody else Do you think it’s to expensive? Compared to where you’re from Do you spend more money? Let’s get a little discussion going Alright guys we’ve got a lot more coming up from New York City In the next month And then a trip.. To another country But I haven’t announced it yet Make sure to subscribe to this channel if you are new Thank you so much for watching Until next time


  1. Could you live in an apartment this size? Why or why not?
    THINGS To Do in NYC Playlist:

  2. Yep. Pretty pricey. Right up there with Hong Kong, Tokyo and San Francisco. I am lucky. I live in a 1200 foot condominium for $2000/monthly in Edmonton. More amenities than you can shake a stick at. Edmonton is a big Canadian City subject to extreme swings in housing and rental prices. We are currently experiencing a recession as everything is dependent on an oil economy so my lease for next year has stagnated. Our apartments and neighborhood is very safe and quiet. You can walk down a street at night and not worry about getting mugged. Came close to getting rolled by a black bear though that wondered out of the river valley.

  3. Too rich for my blood. I bought a new townhouse in Edmonton, 3 stories, attached garage, 2600 square feet, and I pay $1400 CAD ($1055 American) per month.

  4. Your apt is very nice. I like the shower curtain:)
    NYC is very expensive. I grew up in Brooklyn when rent was $85 per month.

  5. I chuckled when you said that your twin brothers room is “identical” to yours… with no pun intended lol 😊🥁

  6. In all honesty, not all of NY apartments in that size are that expensive.. Its the Village, of course your gunna pay almost $3000 to live in a shoe box.. I live in Queens alone, rent a big studio all included for $1250.. Manhattan is always extremely expensive.. Queens and Brooklyn (some areas) arent SO expensive..

  7. Dude I pay 300 for my room in a frat house at Newark…. literally right across the Hudson River. I spend weekends in nyc all the time.

  8. No, living in a broom closet doesn't appeal to me & who wants to live in a crowded, noisy, loud, politically correct shithole like NYC. Too many NYC assholes moving to Nashville.

  9. I moved from Dallas to Indianapolis and downsized from a 2 bdrm 2 bath condo 1100 sq ft to a 1 bdrm 1 bath apt thats 750 sq ft. This is as small as I can get. My living room – dining area is 400 sq ft. But you are living the life in NYC! Enjoy.

  10. A two bedroom in my state costs between 600 and 800 for an apartment for a duplex it's 500-700 for a two and three bedroom

  11. That much money for that tiny place in a place where it's dirty outside? It was fine at 2k but almost 1k raise each month and no new improvements in the apartment?

  12. not a bad price for a 2 bedroom and great location. hopefully you saved enough money in the last 6 years to buy a nice $1 or 1.5 million one bedroom or small 2 bedroom !

  13. i used to live in chinatown ny near soho for about 16 years…think we have 2 bedroom was going up..we have to
    do u pay bills water heat etc?

  14. Two roommates and I pay $1600 for a 3 BR ranch style house with garage in Kansas City. It also includes a basement with bedroom, bath, living room, laundry room and storage room. We have a fenced in yard with built in stone bbq grill and stone firepit with seating.

  15. Nice apartment, considering where it is – one the World's major cities, if not the most. Not too small at all. All you need for living. You still living there or moved already?

  16. Reasonably nice for Manhattan…but, wow, that’s small! About the size of a large-ish hotel room! Your place reminds me of my old dorm at SUNY Albany! Just for comparison, we pay $300 a month less for a nice ground-floor corner 3bdm condo in a nice complex in San Diego (the antidote to L.A.!!) with a pool and a gym…that’s FOUR times the square footage…Just HOW much is being in New York worth to you, because I never looked back when I got the hell outta NY 28 years ago!

  17. I had a tiny house, it was 318 sq. ft. Not good if your a picker .ha,ha,ha. I owned it free and clear . I sold it to a developer. They built a duplex they sold each side for 600,000 + each. I made good $ I bought a duplex after that . I owned it for 2 years . Made $ . Now i bought a 2,232 sq. Ft 1930 Tudor home . Own it free & clear . I rent 2 bedrooms out … 😀

  18. Our (my wife and me) apartment is about the same size, but we pay about 500$ in Berlin for it. Paying 2,700$ for a flat like that seems ridiculous.

  19. I dont care what no one says About how good is the USA and how you can make so much money, Im good in my country and happy wouldnt trade happiness for stress for nothing in this world, people struggling to pay rent out there barely making it

  20. I pay 950 for a 2 br 1200 sq ft in rural Maryland. 5 yo building. Sprinklers and modem great room circular flow.

    People who live in the 10 most expensive cities because they have believed the media hype are….

    2700 for 350sq ft is unwise.

    You can buy a house here for 600/month.

    You pay 7.70 per sq ft.
    I pay o.80 or 80 cents.

  21. You think this is TINY, you should come check out tiny London apartments/flats. They have people living in broom cupboards.

  22. I would only pay that in NYC in Townsville Australia we pay $1200 per month for a four bedroom, two bath, two lounge rooms, three patios, and four car garage plus garden shed ,all air conditioned.But Townsville is not NYC and I would move there in a heartbeat.

  23. $400 each for 2 people per month in greater metro Richmond, VA… and we have a yard and can have chickens and pets. Endless freedom with fun stuff to do. Richmond, VA is a "big" Little City with lots of 4 season charm. Southern but pretty far north for "southern". I don't know how to fathom $1,350 just for my share…

  24. So more than $2,000 for the tiny place would be a HELL NO for me. I live in Honolulu Hawaii for less than $1,000/ months per person and I can also go to the beach 10minutes away and work on my million dollar tan. Yeah Manhattan is priced off. Screaming rape up your ass.

  25. New York is definitely an exciting city and probably best to live there when you are young and don't mind the shortage of space. I'm too old for that now and live outside of Denver in my 3,500 sq. ft home with four bedrooms, 3- car garage and mountain view for 2,250 mortgage & taxes. I don't fault you one bit for living there because priorities and circumstances change all throughout life. My best to you and thanks for the video tour.

  26. I pay $1,000 a month most utilities included i.e. power, water, trash (not TV or internet) and I live just a few miles outside the city of Raleigh, NC. I think my area is known for being the most affordable places for what your money gets you.

  27. A dream of mine has always been to be able to spend a month in NYC First choice, an apt like the Cosbys, or The Nanny….second choice, Seinfields apt wout be nice. But in realty it would be a smaller one….similar to yours…of course, i would want money to be no object for this dream. Ive lived or rather spent 90% of my time at the time in a ocean front condo in SC….it was less than 500 sq ft, 3rd floor, no elevator. You make your space work for the moment. Cheers!

  28. hello and yes, you do live in a pretty kool area of manhattan. I was born and raised their. im from the upper west side. I love sammys noodle shop in the village. the food in nyc is so good. and those are my thoughts. I live in florida now. cheers.

  29. There's nothing in NY that makes this worth $1350 each. Nothing. Not even close. I'd feel like a sardine in that.

  30. around 600 for a 2 story apartment with a living room, and 2 bed rooms which one is my studio. a kitchen, toilet, bathroom. at the top of the building in the middle of my city in NL. prices vary for the other buildings around me. my rent got reduced last year haha

  31. These people are brain washed! $2,700 for that? I could never justify such a waste of resources. You can attain a great quality of life with the same amenities and spend far less elsewhere.

  32. I live in London so I get crazy rent prices. For what you're paying there in rent in Greenwich village you could buy a 2 bed 1,000+ ft apartment in upper Manhattan with outdoor space. I went from renting a tiny apartment to buying a huge apartment further out of town and my mortgage was less than my rent and the commute isn't crazy. I think I would really struggle to go back to living in a box however central it was.

  33. You enjoy that apartment so it's worth it. However, the older you get, you want more space and an ease of living

  34. Born and Raised in Hudson Valley NY, which is 45 minutes from NYC. I would never live there for that price. Your apartment is not that bad, it actually looks roomy for 2 people, but not for that price. I moved out to central NY, pay $800.00 for my house( Mortgage),fenced in backyard, 3 rooms, 1050 square feet. I guess that's the price you pay for NYC. but damn. I was thinking you were going to tell me it's no more than 700 to live there so you and your bro could split rent… that's outrageously expensive.

  35. Wow Actually pretty big I can't believe you got 2 bedrooms in A350 ft² I live in Los Angeles expensive city in yes you do pay too much

  36. We live in an average sized house in your average American suburb. We have a room we don't use that's about 350sqft and mortgage is about half that. I'm from NY and like to visit and see family, but living there is way too expensive.

  37. I live in Berlin Germany and our rent is not expensive I pay for 380sq ft 320€ (live in suburb of Berlin former GDR) but I get expensiver every year and in the heart of Berlin the rent is very high but not so high like in NYC. The appartments here are much bigger. I would love to live in NYC even if I have to live with someone else.

  38. When I hung in the Village during the 60’s, I met a guy named Bruce Whos grandmother owned a place in the village, but she passed away. He was going to stay there while going to NYU. Bruce and I used to go up to the roof and smoke and eat and just enjoy life going on below us. Whenever I hear the song, Up On The Roof, one of my favorite songs, I am flash-backed to my nights with Bruce on that roof. 4 to 5 stories above the street

  39. no wonder the tiny house movement in America is so huge. most of those tiny houses are actually bigger than your apartment. craziness abounds. I own a 1300 sq house on its own land, beautiful backyard, treed and lawn, school two blocks away, grocery three blocks. and all that for 20,000 Canadian dollars. was paid off in five years.

  40. I like that apartment. The view from the roof is stunning. A friend of mine used to live in an apartment that was modified from a three bedroom apartment. It was cramped in there. There was no room for a kitchen table. It was very hot in the summer. One window, and it faced south. It was in Edmonton, Alberta, in Canada. I don't know how the building owner was able to make a suite that way. Are there actual houses in your vincinity, or are they all just apartments? Cheers!

  41. Yikes! It is super expensive compared to AZ… I see why people love NY but I would not be one of them to live there.

  42. I just posted a tour of my apartment on youtube which is only 130 square feet. Your place is almost 3 times the size of my place I feel it is possible to live in small spaces as me personally I do not know what I would do with more space if I had a larger apartment.

  43. Wow amazing! And to living in the village, uuggghh. Spent my twenties living in the Castro In the other Cory, and this would go $4-5k a month for rent.

  44. Wow amazing! And to living in the village, uuggghh. Spent my twenties living in the Castro In the other City, and this would go $4-5k a month for rent.

  45. I don't know how anyone can live in a tiny cracker box like that. I knew that New York rent was astronomical, but 2,700 dollars for a small place like that is absolutely CRIMINAL!!

  46. I have a love and hate relationship with NYC and the main reason is the cost of living and I agree that there is always so much to do and discover in the Big Apple. I honestly believe that if you love NYC that much in order to save you some money you should live at another borough that’s not too far from downtown. The price you pay for such a small space it’s insane. You may be surprised if you get to discover fun things on the other side of manhattan too.

  47. The first thing I thought was all that money he pays for rent that could be going to a house that he could be owning somewhere else.

  48. As a Native New Yorker, I have a few questions to ask you. Is your building Rent Control or Rent Stabilize? How many tenants are in your building? Have you ever heard of "DHCR" (Division of Housing Community Renewal). Every apt in the 5 Boroughs have to Register with this Division. With that being said, all you have to do is go there with your lease ask for a History printout of your apt to make sure you're not being overcharged with your rent. If you are, the Landlord will have to: 1. Reduce your Rent to the correct amount, 2. Give you back any overcharged rent that you've paid. Google the Division to find out where the office is located at in Manhattan. I really believe you're being overcharged Big-time and if has nothing to do with living in New York City. It's the LAW!!! To keep Landlord's in line. Unfortunately, a lot of people don't know about this Division or their Rights. Thank God I do. Caring/Sharing New Yorker.

  49. I don't understand this? This isn't that small. Try to live in a Studio apartment in Ireland. Literally one room. You're lucky bro

  50. guys, the price is based mostly off location. in new york city, you’re surrounded by everything, there’s everything around u. good food, stores, basically anything. the city is expensive

  51. Don’t worry, I stuff my shirts too lol. And I live in nowhere land now. Wish NYC. But not many roommates in the 40 year old range. Although no one guesses im close to 40 :/ May have to lie about my age if I dare make the move. But back to shirts. Yea, I dont have time to fold a zillion T shirts. So T shirt draw is just stuffed always.

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