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I was able to take something
terrible and make it into a creative work. And really it was creativity
that saved me in a significant way. My husband had just started
working for Cantor Fitzgerald, and it was his second
day of work. And at the time of his death,
we were living in a studio apartment in Chelsea, and I was
seven and a half months pregnant with our son. The book came about after I
received this condolence card from NASA in around June 2002,
where they had sent 6,000 US flags to space and back, and
then put it on a card among other images to present
to the families who’d lost loved ones. And I found it very moving what
they wrote, but I found the whole project absurd. And I blurted out, my life
is like a comic book. And then, because so many
surreal things were going on, I said, I should write
a comic book. I like that the book
is full of things that aren’t very pretty. There are certain spots where I
said to my artist, you have to make me look really
bad here. And I dreaded looking
at these images. But I was grieving about
my dead husband. I was very pregnant. I was very unhappy. There are images of our
apartment in the book. They’re a complete mess, and
they’re pretty accurate. I wanted to show that we were
just regular people. Now, looking back, it’s almost
like, did I really have this husband named Eddie, and I knew
him only for three years? My son’s almost 10,
and I’ve known him for a whole lot more. So it seems like Eddie wasn’t
real, except he was. And that’s why I also like the
page in the book of my husband and the whole collage. It’s all those ID cards,
all these banal things in our lives. They’re all moments. And they’re all the things
we take for granted. But they all add up to
somebody’s being.


  1. How can anyone possibly "dislike" a video or book like this???
    Thank you, Alissa, for sharing your poignant story and for your creative spirit.

  2. that is not something that a pregnant person can live with forever! I will read this book because this has inspired me to strive to be a paramedic to help those harmed by accidents and acts of terrorism!! RIP Eduardo Torres and you are in my prayers Alissa!

  3. three of the most obvious reasons you know 9/11 was a false flag operation:

    1 – Israeli Mossad were arrested that day near the George Washington Bridge with a truck full of explosives (then later released back to Israel)

    2 – jet fuel (kerosene) doesn't melt steel in oxygen

    3 – they fell like controlled demolition

  4. @hookywooky i can answer that question but most of you will just refuse to believe it first off i dont think our government was entirely responsible for 911 i think they at least knew about it and let it happen. osama bin laden is dead well osama didnt really kill anyone he ordered others to kill people but who ordered him? is it not sickening that the perosn responsible for 911 is very well likley to be alive. the world trade center bombing was a planned attack if you dont remember 1993

  5. @Ahern22198 In reply to what you said to @hookywooky. Though i wont comment on your explanation of events on that faithful day. Your explanation to why people would dislike the video is questionable. This is a video regarding a LIFE taken on September 11, and not about any conspiracy theory. How can anyone dislike a true story, a sad one indeed, of a tragedy to america, and to this world is beyond my belief.

  6. @scaremengaviation why would we wait a day to tell the truth? It was an inside job, people have to deal with the truth. You don't see people grieving over how many people died in Iraq because of americans.

  7. @sezuor Excuse me? How could ANYBODY, let alone Americans gather up the gall to say something like that. Karma will find you my friend.




  9. @rizwanmahmud93 let us go out and dance in the street and burn your flag then threat retalitation when you get pissed and say you will do somthing about the flag burnings

    let us stand out in the street death to pakistan death to lyibia death to the middle east


  10. @lKerpluunk sure must be nice to say open your eyes and your argument is instantly so valid when all the experts even say yes things went down the way that was said

    steal union workers said it reacted like expected to that much heat
    no one said they heard bombs just loud explotions and cracks coming from twc as it feel (btw its been explained as well massive weight creates massive pressure that makes a bomb as it falls)

    if yall would stop and think back you would remember we saw it all.

  11. @sezuor your a scumbag you really are. No one deserved anything there and theres certainly no reason to "get over it"…keep your dumb comments to yourself cuz you might think there clever or something while you sit on your ass in front of the computer but no one else thinks so

  12. @EverLivingWriter
    How did it serve us right? It wasn't a glorious day. I want to know what you would think if people flew planes into one of your honoured buildings?

  13. The saddest part is that it's OUR GOVERNMENT'S fault!

    9/11 was an inside Job. Please Pray for our Government that they would stop having such selfish minds!

  14. The saddest part is that it's OUR GOVERNMENT'S fault! And then they start a 10 year war that IS STILL going on which killed even more people!

    9/11 was an inside Job. Please Pray for our Government that they would stop having such sick and perverted minds! don't trust in everything you see on CNN and NBC because that is the news that the government chose to tell you. If you want truth to what our government is doing than go to user/thellght this channel is posting the REAL news, & proof.

  15. @Ryan200666 Okay I know what your saying. I was also thinking that when I was writing that thinking "10 years ago 3,000 million people died, does me saying this really fit in with all the griefing comments?

    And, I decided that i should post it, because (and I know this metaphor might be a bit messed up, bear with me)
    It's like a family with 10 children, and the parents make a plot to kill 2 of their children, and because the other 8 children trust their parents, (continued in my next comment)

  16. The parents decide to blame the horrible murder on their neighbor. This is WRONG! People really must know what our government is up to!

    If you were those childrens parents, mourning over your 2 lost siblings, wouldn't you like to know that it really wasn't your neighbor? but your dad?

    People are putting their full trust in the government, thinking they are "protecting them" but really they are killing their own citizens for their own selfish gain.

  17. @hookywooky Terrorist scum who have no respect for those innocent civilians of our country who died on that heartbreaking day, thats who.

  18. Second day of work. Pregnant wife. God bless his soul let him rest in peace like the other loved ones that we lost on this horrible horrible attack. God bless your soul dear Alissa Torres and god bless and help you and everyone else who lost a loved one that day. I still cant believe that this actually happened.

  19. @Citzen92 a war is different from a terrorist attack. go live in your shit euro or where ever the fuck your from country cause you know what? your a low-life piece of shit. theses are innocent civilians not soldiers from yugoslavia. if you dont give a shit about american then get the fuck off this american made website and probably american made computer fuckin idiot

  20. i like the concept but not a big can of the art work on some of the pages (Mitch match styles and poor anatomy/perspective).

    RIP all of those that died on that day and any other day. TY heroes

  21. @protpvpWoWgaming The reason for that is that we're detached from those people in another country in the same way you and I are detached from those who lost their lives on 9/11. We certainly do not feel as emotionally invested in 9/11 as those who did lose loved ones. I would only grieve for my family or friends not people in another city, but we'll mention them since it happened in the same country, but that's it.

  22. @GodTheFag Or I can dance on the 911 victims graves… Your country has no hope with people like you. The point of this "theory" is what I first said. Inside job. 'Nuff said. Are you stupid? Is it my turn now? Oh yea, so if youtube is not a "trustworthy media" source, WTF are you watching? Go monkey… DANCE

  23. @malmalspur It was a request, not an order. You have a mountain of information at you disposal. This comment box is too short to convince idiots.

  24. @GodTheFag Proving 911 was an inside job to an idiot is like proving god doesn't exist to a creationist. You should understand that… unless YOU are mentally retarded. LOL. "RIP to all the victim." Crybaby… WAHHHH.

  25. -R.I.P. to the 2,976 American people that lost their lives on 9/11 and R.I.P. to the 48,644 Afghan and 1,690,903 Iraqi people that paid the ultimate price for a crime they did not commit. Oh and the hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who experience this everyday. Your 9/11 is their 24/7

  26. @malmalspur What comes through your mind when you think of "terrorists"? I think about the CIA, FBI, police, and Americans. Let me guess, when you think of "terrorists" you're thinking of brown people right? Yea, silly kid brainwashed by mass media and I'm a moron. What a world.

  27. @gpiggielover6781 Do you remember the 1 million iraqis that were killed by your illegal incvasion that had nothing to do with it?

  28. We have heard enough of 9/11. What about the over 1 million iraqis that have been killed, for example? They are, by extension, victims of 9/11 as well. So their names should have been read aloud on 9/11 2011.

  29. RIP to the palestinians that are murdered by Israel everyday, RIP to the over 1 million iraqis and thousands of afghanis that have been murdered by american terrorism, RIP to the murdered pakistanis and people of Yemen and Libya. And RIP to all the hundreds of thousands murdered before 9/11 by american imperialism.

    9/11 is their 24/7.

  30. Uh…They auctually sent 4 planes.I dont know if im wrong but one hit the first tower the second hit the 2nd tower the third plane hit the pentagon & the fourth plane was supposed to hit the white house but instead it crashed into P.A.

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