Nancy Pelosi’s Strategy For Getting Democrats To The Polls In November | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

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  1. F*****g democracy is more dangerous Nancy…try telling the DNC to stop screwing candidates who are true progressives. You want to stop Dump or just jeep the lobbyist money lining your corrupt pockets?

  2. Lets impeach that AH again, for retaliating against witnesses in the impeachment trail and using his office against the rule of law

  3. "IF only Trump will let them" Are we not responsible for our own actions. The democrats can't ignore Trump. He is the one thorn in their sides. Now that you have wasted 3 1/2 years on him you will pretend you have something going on. You think we are not paying attention?

  4. Mitch McConnell and his wife both in government positions out of control and look at all the immigrant that have made their way to top positions in Washington

  5. Can't wait for the meltdown videos. 2016 had some real gems. Who could forget TYT's snobby arrogance to shattered dreams video? Countless 1st world babies trying to convince us the world was gonna end. All the people who were threatening to move to Canada yet didn't lol. It's gonna be a fun ride.

  6. Oh, you mean like Bernie's been fighting for non-stop forever.
    The moderator's approach to health care is a bucket of crap, and Gump's is a bucket of vomit. What a difference.

  7. Youd think that because its election time and hes running for reelection that hed want to button up any checks or possible doorway from people to interfere.. well I say this.
    Trumps not worried about anyone interfering in the election because he knows who's coming in the back door AND he knows they are in his side. They've got his back.

  8. You politicians better start thinking about protecting our American Citizens from becoming sick, infected with this monster CORVID 2019 Virus, instead of worrying about the election right now. Human Safety and Human Lives takes priority over this election. And not even one has addressed this urgent emergency pandemic crises during these debates. They need to get their priorities straight and in order.

    Most people that don't vote feel (correctly) that their vote won't matter,  because of the electoral college. Tell them this: "Your vote still matters, because it shows the monsters in charge that WE ARE OUT HERE.  There is a tipping point, where our side can eventually win, despite the electoral college, gerrymandering, etc.  LET THEM KNOW YOU EXIST, AND HOW YOU FEEL. – VOTE! "

  10. She's right! People need to know that the republicans are doing nothing but trump can be dealt with at the same time! It's up to the American people to stop listening to republicans and trumps lies and think about who is holding up legislation in the Senate!

  11. Obama, George W. Bush, Reagan, Nixon, Johnson, Eisenhower, Truman, and Roosevelt all had one advantage over Trump when they ran for a 2nd term. People weren't sick and tired of them.
    Trump never shuts up and everyone of his legal problems are all unforced errors that came directly from his Big Stupid Mouth. Americans are willing to vote for anyone so we don't have to listen to Trump.

  12. Didn't the American people just get over the Russian thing?d ont do it again.what can the dems do for us…cause problems for the world…dems have nothing goid for america

  13. Soooo now its dangerous, but if Trumps investigate things like that.. Its a no go!! Im not gonna miss a thing if dont watch the news agains, but its just soo fun to watch them squirm

  14. Blah, Blah, Blah, The Democrat Party would be better off if they would run her out of WashDC! Dumb ole Nancy wiped the Democrats out this year with her hair brain crap she comes up with. The Old Nag of the Stables. MAGA Ditto's All you Democrats! See Ya in the unemployment line!

  15. Bernie getting screwed again by the DNC, their corrupt superdelegates and our disgusting mainstream media should force most Americans with more than one brain cell to abandon the democratic party and vote Independent or Green.

  16. Is this American Democracy that Americans preach to the world? What frigging joke it is!!!! Trump will get reelected as he got elected in 2016 with less than 50% of the population supporting him and with Russia's help. Land of the free? Land of Laws? Equal Rights? NOT! America is a joke and in another four years a laughing stock of a country! I wish the Canadian Border Patrol would screen Americans on IQ and EQ because we do not want them diluting the Canadian Gene Pool. America has a population of about 367 million people and the world's population is 7.8 Billion people so they are slowly becoming insignificant. Leader of the free world? NOT!

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