1. Top D+++++ este canal ganhou mais uma inscrita ✨🌷💖🌷✨
    Love you ✨🌷🇧🇷🌷✨ (( O Que Fazer eletrônico ))


  3. Cavaliers offense stinks?? … after 1000 years of nba he still don’t understand a fuck… and even a children understand that 2017/2018 NY is stronger than Melo era.. now they’re are a team. Pff Sometimes I want quit with this show. Leigh Ellis is only one understand about Nba basketball

  4. The Draymond Green – Bradley Beal thing is kinda ridiculous. Fining and giving a tech to Green for something stupid that Beal did sets a bad precedent. Basically tells the league that hey, send a player to flagrant foul Green, he'll fight back and you can get him ejected that way. New strategy: send your unused bench players to headlock Green to get him out of the game. Hack-A-Dray strategy incoming.

    Green didn't elbow Beal beyond any normal boxing out jostling. Nothing happened until Beal decided he wanted to put his arm around Draymond's head. Then after that, you see Beal making a concerted effort to drag Draymond to the ground.

    Last point: What is Oubre Jr. doing in the NBA? That guy isn't play ball, he's just there to fight. This isn't even the first time he's done this. He ran in to jump into the dogpile and he punches Klay Thompson? How is this guy not heavily fined and suspended for multiple games? This doesn't even fly in the NHL.

  5. You guys have said that Fultz doesn't need this kind of attention to give him a bad start to his career a few times already. Yet you keep bringing him up. Still love the show, HEYOO! from

  6. To me Curry, Klay and Durant are all scoring the ball well. My question is who is next up. Is it Nick Young, Iggy, David West, McCaw or Livingston? They need bench production, we don't really expect it from Draymond and Zaza

  7. LeBron responsible for Cavs struggling? GTFOH! Though I understand where you're coming from, Leigh (team is looking to him as the leader), LeBron has had some fantastic games and done the heavy lifting logging heavy minutes.
    What might be interesting is looking back at DRose and DWade having signed for the minimum: Both haven't been great but if you look at it from a cost-efficient/salary perspective you really can't complain. Same goes for Jeff Green.
    The guys I'm really looking at here are JR SMITH who has been abysmal so far, TRISTAN THOMPSON being a complete no-show last game and not good the other games and TYRONN LUE who's looking pretty helpless so far and without a plan. He tried something, benched Thompson and JR Smith – their performances so far seem to have proven him right – nevertheless it didn't work for Kevin Love or the team. Furthermore it looks like it made those guys perform worse and JR Smith is back to being a starter – on the initiative, unselfishness and maturity of Dwyane Wade. Offense looks bad, defense looks bad but the roster looks freaking loaded. You'll get some time 'cause you got new pieces to integrate but I wouldn't be surprised at all if Lue doesn't make it to the end of this season.
    Sidenote: some people critical of Kyrie's trade request might wanna reconsider…

  8. Oladipo/Sabonis for PG: If you ask whether Indiana won the trade the answer should be about whether they took a good/the best offer for Paul George. Because there is zero doubt this was a winning deal for OKC. Oladipo wasn't a fit next to Westbrook whereas PG13 is the perfect player next to him, likely got you Melo and helped Russ to sign his extension. Sabonis was a good young prospect, well, you gotta give something to get something…
    From a Pacers view given their performances it's definitely a winning deal too. Whether it was the best, I'm not sure about that 'cause Pacers still aren't going anywhere in terms of contending. Nevertheless it's definitely a big step forward compared to losing PG for nothing, you either got good players to build for the future or players with high trade value to go in a different direction. Whatever they'll do in the future, Pacers look fantastic so far and Myles Turner isn't even playing

  9. Cavs just waiting for everyone to be healthy. Warriors just have championship hangover now. Both team will go on 15-20 win streak around Dec to Jan

  10. Im here again wondering wen u gunna mention me lol #thestarters im here every episode i watch them all ull see muaaaaahhhaaaa

  11. Cmon Leigh you are once again an idiot. Guess it's because of you rage… WHAT elbow? that was straight up basketball box out, what the f-in elbow u talking about?

  12. Leigh looking for any excuse to defend Bradley Beal's cheap shot. Draymond didn't throw an elbow, that's called "boxing out."

  13. The guy with glasses tells the truth, it's on LeBron. He is not playing defense and other guys see that. But the other 2 guys on the show are like "LeBron, it can't be his fault" LOL

  14. The Warriors having issues is obviously fake, the NBA finally told them to tone it down a bit or they are going to have to do something about it. So they decided to "struggle".

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