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subtitle glee Hurry here’s Mills penetrates in the curry misses the shot that a foul is called And the Jason Phillips who made the call from all the way Third on curry See yeah, but it’s a foul it’s a foul Down Which meet absolutely explaining it to Gary szalinski, but who’s doing I thinks he That’s disgraceful That’s not only ejection that’s going to be a suspension and should be One of the stress a Leo and Horford got foul as he goes crackling out JR Smith because I think what smart believes that they pushed Al Horford while in the air And they quickly walk him off Mart still jawing sticking up for his teammate which you’ve got to be careful Push someone who’s vulnerable up in the air like that It to me those are under cult Whoa Spitzer Look like eBay contact LeBron James a day our Smith made significant contact with Spencer Chalmers lost his cool and reached up and grabbed See James is trying to get back in play. You’ll see Chalmers down hold the Chalmers was kicking at his ankles James takes a city the Chalmers just kept kicking at his heels There’s a better look at it The official stepped in good job as he made the call Fall away to quit So for the fourth time in five meetings the bastard beat the Celtics Play datum comes off. I Know I think I think they went a little early on that look like Kyrie was setting up Get that full head of TV at all Well defended here come to jail and then team hammers Rubio Rubio gets up and discussed and Then Crowder in the face of Teague Taj Gibson steps into separate Does teeth just bodies. Oh, yeah. I mean, I know he’s frustrated at the non-coffee Well, it could be interesting here dorsal And really slow mo doesn’t do it justice right because he was going full-speed that’s why Rubio is so upset when you see Epic gunas reaching for the bar. It almost looked like a hack We should be at the bar after the war yeah, yeah Nonna’s gets fouled with the offensive spark It’s called with the offensive foul and looks like Bradley is trying to get the ball to take it out and Rihanna’s takes obsessive exception to it, but To the bearded one already came clean his take We expected trickiness perhaps within a minute seventh I Don’t know why Tremont is complaining here He’s done for the half when we’ve seen him go ballistic and get upset in situations like this because cousin snails only played 11 minutes, it’s gonna get a team. I got a T cuz you just punched the chair. Yep They’re going the other way Hey, John Goble saw him punched the chair He kicked it lunched it woo duck’s back meghanadha for the factory four seconds to go draymond Green is a knocked away at on the floor time will expire but we’re having overtime for the second game in a Real point lead slipped to their fingers in the final three minutes and thirty seconds at the end of regulation 106 106 You You Thompson misses his third free throw of the night Tristan Thompson able to get that deflected rebound Curry and curry he’s better get it with a technical. He throws his mouthpiece after fouling out of the game Carrie finishes with 30 points I Swear to keep it alive and gets bailed out by by Patrick Beverley Every we all know we don’t who he is or what he does same type of plate that same type of playa that Beverly with some words for Westbrook He didn’t like it. They started chirpin and of course Officials stepping in issuing the technical fouls Westbrook under trying to figure out What the low blow was all about Beverly?


  1. Draymond Green has to be one of the worst players in the NBA, idk why the hell he would ever try and take the last shot ?

  2. Meta world Peace squared up with Serge Ibaka…..crazy look in his eyes….Serge was scared. But I remember Ron Artest wanting no part of ben Wallace

  3. 5:45. Change the name from Draymond Green to Nikola Jokic and he's ejected for contacting, and cussing at referees. What a bunch of bullsh*t lol

  4. Teague: clearly bumps into him as there running
    Doris burke and announcers : did he just body slam him ?? bitch what

  5. I just love seeing nba players having to get carried away by their gm or assistant coach like little babies

  6. 5:38 at back the poster "i am indian… even i don't like curry"
    Imagine curry scoring n public chanting -sachin sachin..!!??

  7. Ron Artest Metta Whatever should have gone to jail for that elbow. That was criminal. It could have done serious damage to Harden.

  8. More athletes trying to look "tough". They would all walk away with their tales between their legs if they played the late 80s Pistons.

  9. Patrick Beverley had to be the cause of at least one of these?, worst asshole in the game, always trying to get everyone ejected cause he can't beat them

  10. At 7:28 I translated everythiny curry said, he said wtf when he threw his mouthpiece, thats bullshit homie, thats bullshit bruh, and thats bullshit. Lol im lowkey dying now??

  11. If I was Kyrie I'd be tight also. Gordon Hayward had a wide open lane and waited until Jayson Tatum was setting up a fadeaway to grab a rebound with just 1 second left. What a bozo

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