NBA “That’s Rare” Moments

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We roll See it’s unanimous at the table those guys on the truck aught to stick to church league Thunder has made the adjustment in half time as And as he was talking to the coaching staff as they….. that was an intentional Stolen by LeBron James..A Pick 6 …Oh but he missed it! Not the same throughout so a lot of questions from the shorthanded Cavaliers… Curry from deep Feed and the MVP everything went for him this year; not tonight after three, Memphis leads by 15 He’ll go to Randolph and Turiaf is there The bump, the roll…the follow What’s it gonna do, whatcha gonna do, it’s gonna stick You could try to do that move a hundred times, and that would never ever happen This kind of leap, Ginobli spreading a pair Curry, around Kawhi Leonard, he lost him and hit a 3! Replay that they said a foot on the line Finds Durant, Durant down the lane misses the jam; see Kevin Durant trying to make a statement I haven’t seen one guy really bust out as they go through Point 7. Yeah, this is exactly where he lost he lost his whole concentration on that layup They go right back Here’s Howard, he’ll take a jumpshot, a three… And it’s good! Dwight Howard Downtown his first three of The year, I’m glad we showed the bench because everybody is up waving and screaming How many times in his career? Jordan Did he call it? Look like he shot it hard but he’s smiling. He’s trying not to smile. I think he meant to bake it In Vegas and the crowd loved it Yeah they’re into it This Celtics get it;…. that’s that’s a Larry that will be on every show tonight no doubt Brogden picks it up, to Teletovic, ahead to the old man and it’s rejected By James Harden; good defensive effort here by James to get back into the play He was the only man back and he returns that Center… as he finds Jason Terry Away by Wade Here’s James, drives past Belleneli Blocked from behind by Robinson Robinson gets it cleanly and I remember when he blocked Yao Ming’s turnaround jumpshot in the Garden Indoubetedly (laughing) Coming up on a minute remaining Bryant looking…Artest that’s a three..BANG! Just down the stretch, how about Ron Artest with his second three-pointer How about the truck Bryant makes the play instead of trying to go for the home run? Takes the double-team and gets the ball to Artest and he does the rest Attack and pass and still was Kobe Bryant. You know and he trusted us, and he may feel so good you made us feel so good, and he passed me the ball and he never passes me the ball! HE PASSED ME THE BALL! Kobe passed me the ball! And they dropped 11 No pass, off the legs of Dirk Oh DeAndre Jordan HITS A THREE, I don’t believe it At The end of the shot clock DeAndre Jordan just drilled a three-pointer in desperation.. well obviously not a three-point shooter, but anytime you don’t have a lot of time It doesn’t give you time to think


  1. When they had the clip of james harden blocking the layup I thought it was saying its rare for him to play defense 😂😂

  2. For those of you who dont know he tryna say kobe passing the ball is rare lmaoo just helping the ones who dont know

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