NCIS Los Angeles – Sans Voir (3×23) sneak peek WITH CAPTIONS

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GUY: Rick, what’s going on ?? KENSI: Federal Agents !! [shots fired] SAM: We’re clear. *** captions brought to you by @ncislafanblog ***


  1. this is the best sneak peek evr! i mean as in sams nt goin to die renko is! i was so scared!!!! bt now im cool!!!!

  2. After watching the just released sneak peeks of tonight's episode of H50 and tomorrow's NCIS and NCIS:LA season finale…..I don't know when I'll be able to catch my breath. All three shows will be the death of me. Why must they kill a character from each!

  3. How do you know that Renko will die and not Sam? I mean, once I read that Renko was coming back I instantly knew and hoped it would Renko (that will die) because I definately prefer Renko to die instead of Sam but yeahh… :L haha

  4. I just watched this episode & I'm only going to say that Callen is a total & complete IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully there's a reason for his stupidity.

  5. Why is it that the villains in any NCIS episode always have the aim of stormtroopers with their first shot?

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