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Imagine every piece of hardware you
would need in order to deliver, manage, and enjoy an enterprise-level wired and
wireless network, supplied in one software-based solution.
Imagine SLICE; an internet gateway controller built from
the ground up to deliver powerful networking solutions
ideal for all industry types and sizes. Whether used to manage bandwidth in a
densely populated stadium, generate revenue in a
residential deployment, or deliver marketing features at event spaces, SLICE will be your stimulus for success.
SLICE is a gateway controller,merging the industry’s best network technology to boost profitability while decreasing
the cost of implementation. In other words, SLICE will simply cut
costs while simultaneously increasing your company’s revenue. SLICE
is a complete network solution that includes a vast amount of features granting maximum control over your wired
and wireless network. Easily deployed, versatile for both indoor and outdoor
use, scaleable from temporary to permanent set up, and
designed to manage all your network needs. Originally created to be used by major
ISPs and telecommunication providers, SLICE has found a new calling in various
industries such as hospitality, events, education, and many more. SLICE
is not just a piece of a network puzzle. It’s the whole solution. Manage your
entire network through a simple user interface. Expand your brand reach through a whole new,
untapped marketing channel. Manage security proactively instead of
dealing with the aftermath. Support more users at more reliable
speeds while spending less money on delivery. Does it get better than this? Oh yea! Our WiFi solution starts at core
networking making a right turn at security and goes
all the way up to user experience. Check out the full list of specs
available on our website. What makes SLICE the best network gateway available is its
ability to manage densely populated environments with
thousands of simultaneous connections on one single unit. This is precisely why we
feel safe enough to tell you that SLICE is the most complete and
integrated network gateway on the market today! We have our clients’ backs! SLICE is a
full-service technology company. We monitor the condition of your system via our 24-hour network operations center and
provide various levels of IT and networking services such as
network design, project management, installation, training, and procurement for your
WiFi needs. SLICE is the WiFi solution you’ve been
waiting for. Visit us at or call 646-467-9630 and discover WiFi again.

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