New $24,000 Singapore Airlines First-Class Suite

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– I am on my way to shoot
a very special episode, the very first Worth It Lifestyle One Stop with my good friend, Annie Jeong. – I’m tired. – A few months ago, I shot a video with Singapore Airlines
with my good friend, Ben, and we checked out their
$24,000 double suite. Just last month, they announced that they have released the all
new future of luxury travel. We’re going to Toulouse, France
to check out the airplane and we’re gonna see the brand new suite. We actually got exclusive
access to the first ever flight that this airline will be taking. Annie, you wanna check it out? – Um, yeah. Fancy stuff. Cool. – So, here we go. To Toulouse. (upbeat music) Alex misses his cats. Wow. Wow. (upbeat music) (calm jazz music) (upbeat music) Alright, autobots. Let’s go back to the other factory. – Roll out. – I wanna be the first person
to poop on that plane, okay? I’m gonna save my poop for later. – Oh, my God. (calm music) – Annie, Steven, welcome. You are in Toulouse, France. We are going to take delivery of a brand new $400 million Airbus 8380. All the executives from
Singapore Airines are here and we are about to get the keys to a brand new $400 million
double-decker aircraft, the world’s largest plane. So, you’re getting a preview
of this brand new plane, the brand new suite, about
a week before anybody else in the general public would. – You know, I was not
even the first person to wear my own clothing
’cause I’m a middle child. – This is gonna ruin everything for me. (upbeat music) – Alright, let’s get on this plane. So, we are at the weigh-in station so we have to weigh ourselves
for the delivery flight because they wanna know how
efficient the flight is. – [Annie] Okay, this is personal. I don’t like these close-up B-roll shots. – So, what’ll happen is
we’ll board the aircraft, just like a regular commercial flight. After the seatbelt sign comes off, you’re gonna have free
reign on board the aircraft. So, this is a plane that
seats about 471 passengers and there are really gonna be only about 50 people on the plane. – [Steven] We’re each
getting business class? – [James] Of course. (swanky music) – This is nice. – It’s kinda like I’m in an egg. (laughing) – So, seating, entertainment systems, the bathrooms are new, the amenity kits. So, literally everything
that you’re gonna experience on the place that’s being delivered for the first time in this
aircraft is brand new. – [Steven] Oh, wow. That’s pretty good. We’re above the Swiss Alps,
like, in the mountains and it’s 13 megabytes per
second download speed. The upload speed’s pretty slow, though. I mean if you wanna post an
Instagram story or something, it would take you an additional second. (upbeat music) (calm music) Oh, ooooh. Go flat, baby. This is how I eat at home. – My name is Yung Han Ng. I’m the vice president
of Product Innovation at Singapore Airlines. So, we’re here at our new 8380 cabin. The economy class, the focus is really on more economics and
use of thinner materials, giving slightly more sheen clearance here and we focus quite a
bit on cushion comfort. (swanky music) – Ample leg room. Nice, soft cushions. This is the most important
thing on any plane in case you’re not sleeping on the edge, you can, oooh, cuddle your head. – You also have long legs.
– They fit. I don’t think it’s gonna fit. (laughing) Oh wait, what is this? Yo, what the? There’s a mirror right here for you. – No, I never look at myself on flights. – [Steven] Why? – It’s me at my worst. – Premium economy is a product that we launched less than two years ago. We will continue to have this on our 8380, but they are now located
in a very private section of the aircraft. – Look at those orange accents. – This is not business class? See that? Boom. You got little containers for your phone. – [Annie] This is very comfy. – 36 D and E marked by Steven and Annie. – Sounds like Steven peed on it. – Before we do the suite, I need to go do Steven’s Bathroom
Breakdown, inspired by Ben. What in the world is this? Holy! Okay, mirrors head to toe. I can see myself all the way
from the top to the bottom. How in the world is there a
separate area for a toilet. You got toilets. Sink. Toilet. Sink. Not even in my own house do I have leather padding on my toilet. Oh, man. You could do pushups here. Jumping jacks. Two thumbs up. We’ll put up a third and a fourth. (somber music) – [James] The (speaks
in foreign langauge), I had to say that ’cause we’re
in France, is the new suite. It’s about 60% bigger,
private cabin, separate bed, separate seat, a bigger 32-inch monitor for watching more than a thousand on-demand entertainment options. This is gonna be the future
of luxury air travel. – Whoa. Ahhh. – This is as big as my room at home. – How do I make it go back? This one right here? What? – What if I just did this for 12 hours? – You’re gonna experience
a lot of fine touches that really give a sense of luxury. Everything from the beautiful,
cultured marble surfaces to the detailing on something as small as a magazine rack that’s
designed to be beautiful in addition to functional. It’s all about the small details that really kind of communicate luxury. – Oh, yeah. Oh. Oh. And, it’s night time outside. For men, Lalique. Wait, how does this come off? You know when you’re in a fancy place and you don’t know what to do? I think you just pull it off. That’s really nice. It smells like the really
expensive department stores. – This looks like something
from Armani Exchange. – [Steven] Oh. Oh, that’s nice cotton, right there. Oh, my gosh. – [Annie] Think about how
many dinners you could eat. – I think the question was how many business deals
go down right here. Checks out, man. Okay, so the final thing is the bed. Quality of a good bed is in the pillows. You gotta just sink into it. Can you imagine actually
staying here for 12 hours? I wouldn’t wanna ever leave the plane. – Oh, easily. It’s like we’re on a boat. There’s a slight rocking. – I’m gonna go to my couch. Oh, you know what? Actually, I’m tired. Let’s go back to sleep. – That’s a lot of effort. – And then, we can also add the partition. – Yeah, let’s please add that. – Look, (mumbles) and
business class is insane. – I finally have some
motivation to become rich. (soft music) – Aahhh, Singapore. – Oh, it is humid inside. – What’d you think? You just can’t go back? – It’s just so fancy. I’ve never liked flying before. They’re so hospitable. – [Steven] And the service. – [Annie] Food was good, which
I have never experienced. – [Steven] Oh, like, on an airplane? – [Annie] Yes, on airplanes. – Thank you so much to
Airbus, to Singapore Airlines, to all the great people we’ve met. Hey, judge my body roll. – [Annie] Thank God I’m out of frame. (soft music)


  1. Thanks guys for watching! Really excited to spin off our One-Stop series.. Let us know what else we should cover! (More airplane seats? Unique luxury products? Traveling to new countries?!)

  2. I really appreciate the Asian American representation on this show. It casually has minorities in so many important roles, including in front of and behind the camera, which is refreshing on YouTube.

  3. Luxury gemstones, vacation destinations, jewelry, spas, resorts/hotel stays, clothing of any kind, purses/wallets, make up, accessories, electronics, pets, curry dish, soup, seafood, shall I go on? Lol


  5. Tbh Annie’s my favourite out of all in Buzzfeed. I don’t care what you guys say. Annie is literally awesome. She doesn’t need to be loud to be good. She’s literally a mood. ♥️Annie

  6. Now I miss my recent trip to Thailand ???? China Airlines gave us to our destination from home to Thailand and from Thailand back home… safely. I miss it! Yesterday we went to San Francisco for a new jumper, and I saw them flying over us ? ? I saw the blossom flower ?… I cried

  7. Steven: And we could add the partition in the middle
    Annie: Yeah, please do that
    Me: Why would you want a freaking partition when you're sleeping next to STEVEN !???

  8. i know i know i am impressed with the beds but what i really reaaally want is 7:41– i love these like hygiene bags they always have rly cool stuff in it – I WANT IT- just me?? haha

  9. Is there any openings for Steven's assistant? I am good at living luxury… at least I want to be…

  10. Pooping on a brand new house or plane is such an asian thing hahahha. It's like we want to baptist it by poop hahhaa

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