New Patient In Chicago Isolated Amid Fears Of Deadly Coronavirus | NBC Nightly News

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  1. 2 things the totalitarian Chinese communist party will never compromise 1) absolute control 2) the economy. Putting cities on lockdown thus throwing a wrench in the economy means the Coronavirus outbreak is more severe than the government is admitting.

  2. Has anyone else noticed that every election year there is some type of serious outbreak. Timing seems strange. I guess we’re also about to be invaded by another Caravan around July maybe?!

  3. News US airport staff are carefully screening passangers coming from china
    Passenger I just got off a flight from wuhan china, I have a cou..
    Airport staff ight you're good, Next

  4. I am Chinese. I'm not in China but my family is. Fortunately, none of us has any contact with ground 0.

    This week probably is the most horrifying week I've ever experienced. Sick people in Wuhan rushed into hospitals in the last few days. Most of them are not infected by this. They now expose the high potential of cross-infection. Even they were infected, the hospital has no space for them because they need to preserve beds for more severe cases. Light conditions would be ask stayed home to treat by themselves with prescription… Fear and panic endangering people more than you can think, and exploiting medic's precious time.

    Hundred of frontline medical staff have no time to sleep, no time to eat, and even no dare to take off their protection suits to pee. They are using diapers… Not hard to imagine many of them are losing their sanity.

    Guys if you see this, please take this serious. Please put on a flu mask, take a flu shot, wash your hands, practice hygiene routine. It is never a bad choice to be cautious.

    And please let people know this is happening.

    Pay attention to this outbreak.

  5. While I'm not the smartest person in my apartment complex, who was rocket scientist who thought it would be cool to have people from Wuhan fly into the United States?

  6. Dont worry people; apparently the virus is only lethal to weak people, such as democrats and liberals. Fit and strong Republicans have nothing to fear.

  7. What do you mean every possible measure is taken to keep it outta the states? It’s already in the states.. 😂

  8. Public health risk is low? Here's what's happened in only 1 week: Initially, Chinese officials confirmed a dozen cases contracted from eating unsanitary animals at Wuhan market. They thought the virus couldn't be transmitted between humans. Next, China confirmed human-human transmission and reported hundreds of cases and dozens of deaths. They said it's only transmitted by direct contact like kissing & fluid exchange, but that seemed odd given how quickly it spread. China locked down 30 million people with armed guards, cancelled its biggest holiday even in Beijing, & started building a new hospital. Footage shows Red Cross workers in hazmat suits & bodybags filled with corpses in a Chinese hospital. Cases are reported in Asia, Europe & US. Next, global experts confirm 2nd & 3rd level transmission, meaning that a person who got it from another person can give it to others, and they also confirm it can be transmitted by sneezing/ breathing. There's def a health risk. China wouldn't take such dramatic action if the situation wasn't dire.

  9. Everyone in the US that has come in from China over the last two weeks should be isolated asap.
    Though and fast action is the only thing that can stop this from spreading, that is if its not too late already which I think it is. The US FedGov won't act tough until its too late to do any good.

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