New York City 2018 | J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge

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[inspirational beat] ♪ singer: ♪ I’ve been waitin’ for the chance to prove myself! ♪ Kristin: J.P.Morgan Corporate Challenge is a great event that we produce it ourselves. It’s in 13 cities
around the world and it’s an amazing
opportunity for our employees to get out here and run together and all of our clients and companies throughout the world to run together as a team. Runner: There are cheerleaders there to pump you up. Kristin: My boss
is running! [laughs] Gordon: We’ll see
how well he does. [laughter] Announcer: Runners! Set! [air horn blares] [rock music and general
shouts of encouragement] singer: ♪ Can’t hold me down! ♪ ♪ Can’t stop me now! ♪ ♪ I’ve been waitin’ for the
chance to break it down! ♪ Announcer: We’ve got
Gordon Smith coming down! [excited shouts] Announcer: …Gordon Smith with a big smile as he comes through. Gordon: I just finished,
that’s all that matters. It was a great, great race,
I really enjoyed it. Well, I would just like to
say to people, just come out, enjoy the fresh air, have
some fun with friends. Get some exercise, it’s
great for your health. You’ll enjoy it.

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