New York City 4K – Brooklyn Skyscraper Drive

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Tour Highlights: Lower Manhattan Brooklyn Bridge Brooklyn’s Main Street Brooklyn’s Business District Brooklyn’s Main Sports Arena


  1. Turn on CC (subtitles/closed captions) to see the tour highlights at the video beginning! Is this helpful? Does YouTube automatically turn this feature on for you when you start the video?

  2. J UTAH I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS AND IM A HUGE FAN OF YOUR NYC VIDEOC. I subscribed to this channel when you had 30k subscribers and I hope ill be watching when you get to the 250k and 500k level. keep up the good work I love your videos. PEACE!

  3. Thanks for this video! I went on my first trip to Brooklyn in February and I love to see the streets again. I did the same trip, from DUMBO over the Brooklyn Bridge to Downtown Manhattan and Downtown Brooklyn. This day I spent lots of money at the Barclays Center 😀 I love Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan…. I spend the week in Brooklyn Parkslope, therefore I could explore the Brooklyn way of living =) I had a wonderful time there and I love watching the streets over and over again. Thanks for this! Greetings from Germany =)

  4. My dream ( Bucket list , like everyone's elses) Travel by car from the East Coast to the West coast through the US 🙂

  5. Like the song says, "If you can make it there, you'll make it anywhere." The problem is, making it in NY is one of the hardest things there is, especially in the arts. A handful become rich and famous while thousands of talented people essentially get nowhere.

  6. বাংলাদেশের ঢাকা শহরের রাস্তা এ-র চেয়ে সুন্দর আর ঝকঝকে, যানজট মুক্ত!

  7. Oh, man, Thank you! This is a beautiful video. I am an immigrant from Sudan an I have been living in New York City since June 1989 and in downtown Brooklyn since 1997. I have enjoyed each and every day I have lived in Brooklyn because I have lived through all the developments that took place in the city for the past 20 years.

  8. Унылый город, не дома, а коробки. Дороги хорошие, а строения и дизайн полный отстой. Посмотрите какие красивые города: Москва, Киев, Минск, Санкт-Петербург, Баку, Рига и другие.

  9. Всегда с удовольствием смотрю на NY/ Спасибо за качественное видео. Лайк.

  10. Didn't really see any of the Skyscrapers!. Dizzying Drive! U lost me several times–Exit BB, Left into Tillary, Right into Jay past NYC Tech Coll., into Smith> Boreum Hill? > St Marks>Flatbush Left into Livingston,Left into Court St. After hat U lost me. Must be the editing..
    Didn't see how U got to Clinton St from Court>.past Court St again. into Carroll Gardens. back into Flatbush?

  11. It is different while hollywood acts movies in Newyork.They re two different Newyork.This Newyork is natural nd hollywood's Newyork is another thing nd Fake.Same goes the natural L.A nd hollywoods L.A.

  12. I love the atmosphere and the professional way you shoot these. Also love the fact that there's no music, just the original city sounds. Watching from Ireland ?? I'd love to go to New York again someday, visit my family there and have a proper look around, I was too young the first time but it was so much fun. Keep up the amazing work!

  13. ong yo driving downtown is hell smh cars always double parked and too many buses. i drive but if i don’t have too im taking the train especially down there lol

  14. Atlantic Avenue Brooklyn, New York! Fulton Street… Flatbush Avenue…Livingston Street. Ahhh downtown Brooklyn! No place like it!

  15. Какие у них хорошие дороги.
    Не то что у Нас в россии..

  16. i Hear Bout Weeks Ago New York City New York Got 8 MiLLion PeopLe in The Town Right Now An No Other Town in America Got More PeopLe in it Right Now im From Panama City FLorida This information Might Be True

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  18. MateriaL WorLd Records And Tapes That Music Store Go Buy My First CD Out Of There Thats in BrookLyn New York OnLy 5 There So Far The Man Pose To Be Puting Them Out Where PeopLe Can See Them To Buy Them They Been There For Months

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  20. Buen video por cierto en el minuto 17:00 pensaba que solo existían los idiotas al volante en el tercer mundo pero ya veo que en todos los lados los hay.

  21. Thank you soooo much for posting this!! I used to walk these very streets every day when I was a kid. I lived on Fulton St., I had friends on St.Marks Ave, I went to school on Park Place, I used to walk downtown all the time! It all looks so different but the streets bring back so many memories.

  22. Born in the Bronx but raised up in Brooklyn left for Charleston SC. Because Brooklyn is being turned into another Manhattan it’s not affordable for people who r living on a fixed income! In Brooklyn I was surviving in Charleston SC I’m thriving!

  23. For some reason the city seems quiet in J Utah videos, I wonder if he silences some of the horns or noise. It’s a noisier City in real life

  24. Grew up in this city, but moved away 4 years ago. I didn’t realize how well I knew this city, I recognized every corner and every street in this video. Brought back a lot of memories, although I’ll never move back, it’s still home and I didn’t realize how much nyc pride I had until I left. Still love you Ny.

  25. Es hermoso yo tengo una ilusión enorme por conocer Nueva york debe de ser precioso y tan bien quiero conocer Los Angeles donde nació michael Jackson y ir a visitar NeVerlan

  26. City looks okay but much of the infrastructure like roads, bridges looks B class in comparison to those in cities like Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Beijing.

  27. Thanks for taking me home after all these years, St. Marks Ave, P.S.#9. I looked out my window each day before school to check the time on that red faced clock. I was in grammar school, I’m now a grandmother of 14. You brought a lot of good memories back.I really enjoyed this ride, I’ll be riding a lot more to see how things have changed in my hometown.

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