New York City Ballet Presents The Sleeping Beauty

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[instrumental music plays] – This is Princess Aurora, take one, mark. [camera shutter clicks] – That’s great. Can we see a few with the staff? [snaps fingers] Actually, lose the staff. That’s great. [metal clangs] – Mm. – Hi, can I ask you a quick question?
– Sure, but quickly. – What do we call her?
Aurora? The Princess? Her Majesty? And what is the deal with the spell? A witch cast a spell on her
when she was a ba– – Shh! When the princess is around,
do not mention the spell. – Oh. So, your Majesty, what are you looking
forward to most about turning 16? – Hm. Well, my parents are throwing me
a huge birthday party. Everyone in the kingdom will be there. And I’m very, very excited. [thunder rumbles] [unsettling music plays] [indistinct chatter] [all gasping] [muttering, whispering] [thunder rumbles] – Mm, do you think the spell you cast
was justified? – [scoffs] Do you? [camera shutter clicks] – Cheek to me a little bit right there.
Lovely. Kinda lifting slightly right here. Beautiful. Very nice. All right, all eyes on me. Lovely.


  1. Omg I love love love that Maria Korowski is gonna play The evil witch…. she’s such a great character dancer….. love her….

  2. I didn't get my invite. Must have gotten lost in the snail mail. Oh well Happy Birthday Ms. Aurora. Enjoy your most special day.

  3. I was like oohhhh mmhggg this is so cute and then Maria walked in like the boss bitch she is and I almost screamed MAAAARRRRIOOAIAAAAAA damn

  4. What a wonderful teaser! I bet you guys had so much fun making this video. I wish I could go to NYC and see the production!

  5. Fun, Wicked Witches, Disney Princesses, Princes and Parents – dancing as well. Great Costumes – tooo…………

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