New York City Food Tours

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New York City is the capital of worldwide food We offer several different food tours and each one is in a different location and you have a diversity of menus. You can take a bite out of the Big Apple without spending a lot of money. Other food tours cost at least $45 and then, you only have a limited sample of food. But we know. People are vegetarians. People are vegans. People have preferences. We are all about choice. I am introducing customers to essentially a world full of food. from Polish food to Middle Eastern to Chinese to Italian pastries from a shop that opened over 100 years ago. We have lots of different kinds of pizza. There is not just one good slice in New York. There are many best slices. The history here is just as exciting as the food. And while people are eating, we can stand in one place and I can point across the street and explain at least 100 years of history We have had guests from all over the world. and of course, we even get lots of locals in New York who lived in this city for years but don’t know places to go to to get the best kinds of food for the least amount of money and have a fantastic time meeting other people on their tour In just 2 hours with me I think you will see a large amount of this city through my stories, the sights that I show you and all the delicious foods we eat on the food tours It’s great. I reccommend it to anyone that comes to New York.

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