New York City Harbor Lights Night Cruise

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(funky, bass thumping beat) – It’s a perfect evening here in New York City, so we’re gonna to take a Harbor Lights Night Cruise. What I loved is when we just left the Harbor and the sun was kind of golden ^and sparkling off the windows ^of all the buildings. ^It was like this “smash, smash, smash” of light. – Our sunsets are famous here, and it sets the whole tone for the trip. It puts you in a good mood when you see that great sunset. (boat passengers cheering) – It’s very exciting, very relaxing, the pink clouds are beautiful. (funky, bass thumping beat) – It’s so neat as you cruise along side Manhattan, right before your eyes you’ve got the Chrysler Building, and the Empire State Building, the new Tower One. It’s pretty incredible! – There’s something magic about getting on a boat and just sitting back and relaxing, let the breeze waif over you, and take in all the sights. – We’re coming up on the Statue of Liberty. Let’s go get the best view. – We came all the way from Italy, – [Both] and this sunset is very, very beautiful! – We’re back at the Harbor and I gotta say that was such a wonderful way to see New York City at sunset! It really did take my breath away! ^- [Both] New York City! Whoo!


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