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Welcome to New York City! I have visited New York like 15 times and when you’ve been here so many times you learn to avoid all the crowd and tourists. But for this video it was actually nice to visit some sights that I haven’t been for a long time. Best thing what you can do in New York is to put on a good pair of shoes and start wondering around the island. You might end up seeing amazing places. There is lots of people in the Manhattan island. About 8 million. In Finland it would mean that all the people in the country had to live in the capital (Helsinki). Oh yes… These neighbourhoods are starting to look familiar. One of the youtube champions Casey Neistat has his studio up there. You can see the “legendary” GoPro setup on the windowsill. There it is. That’s the place where the magic happens. Like I said. Just wondering around the city is the best thing to do. My next stop is the B&H camera and electronics shop. This has to be one of the most famous camera shops in the world. Let’s see how expensive this visit will come. 🙂 2 Hours Later… Hi! I went a little shopping. I found some new camera gear. But now we have to hurry cause we need to go to the ice hockey game. BRGR – these are the best milkshakes in town. That was soooo goood. Absolutely!! Adventure continues… Esterday we had a really bad snow strom. The whole city was in emergency alert. More than 3000 flights were cancelled. All airports were closed. Today we have great weather and -10 celcius and sun is shining. Now we are going to 30 Rock observation deck. Last morning in New York. Going to make some last minute shopping. Last night we went to see Dear Evan Hansen the musical. I have seen almost 50 shows here in New York. I have to say… that this show is one of the best I have ever seen. What did you say? I agree. Now we are heading to The Drama Book Shop to find if I can get a script of the show… and the sheet music for ukulele. Let’s go shopping. Found it. And let’s head to the next place. Next stop Macy’s. Shopping done. Now we have to go back to the hotel and pack our bags and head back home. Nooooooo 🙁 Thanks for sharing this trip with us and see you on our next adventure.


  1. Moikka ja kiitoksia teille taas uudesta videosta :)! Upea reissu teillä oli 🙂 ja odotan taas innolla uutta videota. Hyvää viikonloppua teille :)!

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